La boheme (Puccini)

what are some good works of music (in any genre, but would especially prefer classical) that tell a story? it could be a concept album, an opera or anything else. it just has to tell a consistent story. the more emotionally involving (and rewarding) the better. thanks!

Digital sheet music source: La boheme (Puccini)

La Boheme (Puccini) Romance, with a modern touch: Rodolfo tries to make love to Mimi when they meet, but she wants him to take her out first! There’s something troubling, though; she has a cough that won’t go away. Even Puccini cried at her death. Tosca (Puccini) Puccini’s most dramatic opera could have been a 1940’s movie — with Joan Crawford as Tosca and George Raft as the suave, sneering chief of the secret police, who snares her in his trap. But when he gets her alone, he forgets one thing…there’s a knife on the table… Madama Butterfly (Puccini) An American sailor abandons his Japanese child bride. Did he ever really care for her? Puccini seems to think so — he ends the first act with Italian opera’s most passionate love duet. La Traviata (Verdi) Verdi’s operas always probe the deepest truth. Here he starts with a kept woman who finds true love, then ends with her despair. Her lover’s family objects to her, and — to prove she’s really good at heart — she leaves him. Rigoletto (Verdi) A hunchbacked jester hates the noblemen who laugh at him. He plans revenge, but a flash of lightning shows him who he’s really killed — his own helpless daughter. Verdi knew the story was shocking, but he couldn’t resist the contrast between fatherly tenderness and crippling rage. The Barber of Seville (Rossini) It’s not the crazy barber that makes this opera so funny, or even the deceptive ingenue, who turns out to be the biggest schemer of them all. No, it’s Rossini’s score, never equaled for its portrayal of sheer nonsense. The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart) Count Almaviva likes to chase women; his wife and servants teach him a lesson. Pure comedy? Not with Mozart calling the shots. You feel the Countess’s pain, and, at the end, the Count’s profound change of heart. Don Giovanni (Mozart) Fate stalks the legendary Don Juan. Three of his women turn against him. Then — in a scene that would have been funny, if Mozart’s music didn’t make it terrifying — the statue of a man he killed drags him down to hell. The Magic Flute (Mozart) A handsome prince, a princess in trouble, a clown who’s half man and half bird…this opera starts as a fairy tale. But Mozart turns it into a haunting tale of spiritual growth. Carmen (Bizet) Bizet could have written Broadway shows; there’s never been an opera with so many good tunes. Really, though, it’s a tragedy — the story of a restless gypsy who looks for love, and finds only death.Ones I especially recommend: La Traviata,La Boheme,Aida, and Madama Butterfly

American Pie by Don Mc CleanOde to Billy Joe by Bobbi GentryThe Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by Vicky LawrenceDer Ring das Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle)by WagnerDays of Future Past by the Moody Blues

What piece make you think of Mom? Do you have a piece for Mom today? Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers!! I know of one who is a new Mother, So a special hello and Happy Mothers Day to you, Miss LimLam. I did not have the fortune of growing up around classical music. The smell of coffee, the sound of clothes clacking in the dryer, and George Jones singing how “he stopped loving her today” take me back to when I was a child. Do you have a piece that takes you back in time? If not, do you know of a piece that depicts Mom? Here is a part of Mother Goose by
Puccini.La Boheme was my mother’s favourite opera, we had booked to go to see it once more at the WNO, sadly my mother passed away prior to the performance.

At the church where I grew up, the organist alays played Songs My Mother Taught Me by Dvorak as the prelude to the church service on Mother’s Day.

“Vogliatemi bene”, the love duet from “Madama Butterfly” by Puccini. It was the first Puccini composition we both fell in love with. My mom was a Music Major in college, and I am an aspiring opera singer so we have similar music tastes. Although, I sing Broadway repertoire too, and her favorite song which she recommended to me was “Someone Like You” from “Jekyll and Hyde”. I saw “Phantom of the Opera” live with her for my birthday and our favorite song, albeit not my favorite song from the entire show, was “All I Ask of You”. I’m going to see “Madama Butterfly” in a few hours at the Dallas Opera today. :o) mom thinks that asking your neighbor to light your candle is a great way to meet someone, so I am going to sing “Si, mi chiamano Mimi” for her. ? My friend’s mother’s favorite opera is also “La Boheme” Mother’s Day to all mothers on Yahoo!

What The HECK Is “La Vie Boheme” ?
Yes- It means the Bohemian life. Living inexpensively/just barely getting by. Not sure if you’re asking because you heard it in the song, or just heard the song title. It’s a song in the show/movie Rent. Mark Cohen lists all the ways they enjoy life.

The Bohemian(bohemian SYLLABICATION: bo·he·mi·an NOUN: A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior. ETYMOLOGY: French bohémien, from Bohême, Bohemia (from the unconventional lifestyle of Gypsies, erroneously supposed to have come from there). )life, ora song:La Vie Boheme B – RENTMAUREEN Are we packed? JOANNE Yes and by next week I want you to be MAUREEN Pookie? JOANNE And You Should See They’ve Padlocked Your Building And They’re Rioting On Avenue B Benny Called The Cops MAUREEN That Fuck JOANNE They Don’t Know What They’re Doing The Cops Are Sweeping The Lot But No One’s Leaving They’re Sitting There, Mooing! ALL Yea! To Dance MIMI No Way To Make A Living,massochisms, Pain, Perfection, Muscle Spasm, Chiropractors, Short- Careers, Eating Disorders ALL Film MARK Adventure, Tedium, No Family, Boring Locations, Dark Rooms, Perfect Faces, Egos, Money, Hollywood And Sleaze ALL Music ANGEL Food Of Love, Emotion, Mathematics, Isolation, Rhythm, Feeling, Power, Harmony, And Heavy Competition ALL Anarchy COLLINS & MAUREEN Revolution, Justice, Screaming For Solutions, Forcing Changes, Risk, And Danger Making Noise And Making Pleas ALL To Faggots, Lezzies, Dykes, Cross Dressers Too MAUREEN To Me MARK To Me COLLINS & ANGEL To Me ALL To You, And You And You, You And You To People living With, Living With, Living With Not Dying From Disease Let He Among Us Without Sin Be The First To Condemn La Vie Boheme La Vie Boheme La Vie Boheme MARK Anyone Out Of The Mainstream Is Anyone In The Mainstream? Anyone Alive – With A Sex Drive Tear Down The Wall Aren’t We All The Opposite Of War Isn’t Peace. It’s Creation ALL La Vie Boheme La Vie Boheme La Vie Boheme La Vie Boheme MARK The riot continues The Christmas tree goes up in flames The snow dances Oblivious, Mimi and Roger exchange a small, lovely kiss ALL Viva La Vie Boheme

La Vie Bohème is a song from the movie Rent. which someone has posted the lyrics to one of the versions here.Rent and La Vie Bohème refers to Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Bohème.Lets put it this way.If you’ve ever read an Allen Ginsburg poem barefoot in a coffee shop and could only afford one cup of coffee. you might be a bohemianIf you’ve ever worn a yellow mini skirt, a red halter top, with a tye-died lab coat and begged for change while standing next to a street sign that says no loitering. you might be a bohemianIf you are white and wear dread-locks and a nose ring on a subway and sit next to a drunk, a crack user, and a guy in courdoroy pands with a tweed jacket while reading “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”. you might be a bohemian.If you’ve ever lived in a 1 bedroom studio apartment where you have 6 roommates and still cant get the rent paid. you might be a bohemianIf you practice yoga out side on a downtown sidewalk on a piece of cardboard and someone throws change at you. you might be a bohemian.If you go to a thrift store and they know you by name and give you all the stuff that hasn’t sold in a year and you can make a weeks worth of outfits from it. you might be a bohemian.want more?


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