Kyrie Eleison for Piano – Mozart

Survey for research paper? Ok I’m doing a survey for a research paper, and my third group of targets are ‘classical enthusiasts’. Since I couldn’t find any in school, I’m hoping you’ll all help me. (If you are interested, I’m 16)Ok so. Just answer A or B. Which piece do you prefer.1) Symphonya) Beethoven’s 5thb) Mahler’s 2nd2) Piano Concertoa) Rachmaninoff’s 2ndb) Grieg’s 1st (and only)3) Violin Concertoa) Beethoven’s onlyb) Tchaikovsky’s 1st4) Chamber musica) Schubert’s Trout quintetb) Beethoven’s Archduke piano trio5) Chorala) last movement of Beethoven’s 9thb) Kyrie Eleison from Mozart’s Requiem6) Pianoa) Chopin’s Fantasy Impromptub) Liszt’s 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody7) Violina) JS Bach’s 2nd Partitab) Paganini’s 24th Caprice8) Ariasa) Verdi’s La Donne È Mobile from Rigolettob) Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro from Gianni Schicci9) Operasa) Mozart’s Die Zauberflöteb) Wagner’s Der Fliegende Höllander10) Tone Poema) Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustrab) Richard Strauss’ Tod und Verklärung11) Liedera) Schubert’s Die Winterreiseb) Richard Strauss’ Vier letzte Lieder (4 last songs)thnx all ^^Anyway, the thesis for this research is ‘Classical Music in Popular Context’. In the survey are the more ‘popular’ classical music and those only known in the circle of classical enthusiasts. Examples I used are Beethoven’s 5th against Mahler’s 2nd, and two of Strauss’ tone poems, one being the famous fanfare of Also Sprach Zarathustra. For some sets, both choices are ‘obscure’, such as the case in the Lieder.My first group of targets are those aged 7 to 12. I let them hear a clip of each music, and they chose their favourite. As you can probably guess, they chose the more famous ones. ALL of them chose Beethoven’s 5th over Mahler’s 2nd.Second group are the teenagers w/o classical experience. They have a distaste for the famous pieces, dismissing them as ‘corny’ or ‘overplayed’. As with their emo culture, they chose the darker pieces, like the 4 last songs in the Lieder.4th group will be adults, not done have the results for the 3rd group for urself. ^^

Download digital sheet music: Kyrie Eleison for Piano – Mozart and play it off-line

1) – b2) – b3) – b4) – b((Geez! I seem be stuck on the “b”s))5) – b6) – a((About time; was beginning to worry there))7) – a8) – b9) – b10) – b11) – b You’re welcome, (trust/hope you will post the results of your research on here) Alberich

1) a2) b3) a4) a5) b6) b7) a8) a9) I cant pick.10) b11) aThis is a really random survey. The pieces youve listed are all rather popular, but otherwise arbitrary.

1) B2) A3) A4) B – some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. I prefer the original Lied for the Schubert.5) A6) B – I’m sick of A7) A8) B9) A10) B11) B – one of my favourite Lieder sets ever


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