King Arthur (Sullivan)

Culturally speaking.. What is the more accurate portrayal of White people? Which is the more accurate portrayal of White people:The Dukes of HazzardFriendsorFamily Guy?

King Arthur (Sullivan) sheet music is available online.

ughh well both are pretty poor choices to describe white people.but i would say more white people are similar to family guy
The Sullivans (Australian TV), Conan The Barbarian, King Arthur, Lord Of The Rings
The Dukes of Hazzard = Southern whitesFriends = All American whitesFamily Guy = Northeastern whites

None of the above are accurate pictures of real Whites. Any of them might be accurate pictures of the kind of idiot, white sheeplewho let jewish media moguls tell them what White culture is.

Anyone else addicted to “The King of Queens”.? omg i can’t get enough of that show but it ended already. (CRY CRY CRY CRY) Kevin James, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, Victor Williams, Patton Oswalt, Gary Valentine, Ray Romano, and Nicole Sullivan are like the best ever. but i can’t believe it’s ended . If anyone can give me a link to video interviews or anything related to those people plz do.Thankscouldn’t agree with you guys more
I’ve been watching mainly syndication of it for the past 5 1/2-6 years and it is definitely one of my favorite shows. I think it is the next TV show I need to purchase on DVD.

Doug, Carrie and Arthur are three of the most repulsive characters in the history of television.and I COULDN’T live without them!Love that show!!

I have several complete sitcoms .But right now I am trying to get season 345 of king of queens.I finally found them & am buying them today.this show is the best.It’s real the purple nurples lol.With Arthur living in the basement,only makes it more real.the cast is perfect.I watch it every chance I get.great show

Which TV character do you like better: Frank Costanza (of Seinfeld) or Arthur Spooner (from King of Queens)? Oh, and tell me your reasons, if you would, please, okay? Just for fun.Come back and check for my responses to your answers, okay?Thanks,Mike ChristensenHi, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,”Well, interesting: so you don’t think Frank is very funny, I guess?I guess I was curious about which people liked better because both of those characters seem so similar (loud, crazy old man–though Arthur does seem somewhat crazier), and they’re played by the same guy, so it seems like Jerry Stiller made them somewhat the same, maybe just naturally. Ya know what I mean?Thanks,MikeWhat do others of you think?Hi, Acid Reign 3000,Whow, yeah, that’s a pretty descriptive set of reasons that you like Arthur better. Thanks for your great response1Mike
Arthur (old yet funny) besides i love that show king of the queens and i also like 2 and a half men (a tv show no homo)

Arthur Spooner for sure. He’s a more three dimensional character. Frank Costanza is the same in every episode. Sometimes, Arthur Spooner seems to play the odd ball character like a Kramer in the King of Queens. Remember when he arranged for all the seniors in the senior Center to be carpool buddies for the Manhattan drivers? And then the would collect the money from the drivers and then paid the seniors like 1/4 of what he made. Stuff like that was totally Kramer like.I also appreciate his love for Carrie and his on screen chemistry with Kevin James. Arthur Spooner and his way with elaborate words and weird schemes is pretty unique as the old character of a sitcom. Below is his entry (yes, his character has an entry in wikipedia) I think it really explains the weird, yet three dimensional-ness of his character:”Sarcastic, brash, and always scheming, Arthur lives in the basement of Doug and Carrie’s house. Quick to take offense, he shouts frequently and often unnecessarily, and often comes up with absolutely absurd, irregular or illogical money-making scams.Arthur frequently makes bizarre claims (for example, that he invented the moist towelette, and claiming that Charles Schultz based Charlie Brown on Arthur’s life). He also steals change from Doug’s nightstand. Arthur is walked by a dog walker named Holly Shumpert (Nicole Sullivan), and his best friend is Mickey (Ford Rainey).Arthur is a steadfast socialist, and supporter of the communist nations around the world. In the episode “Steve Moscow” he claims that the Soviet Union was a “workers’ paradise,” and in the episode “Strike Out”, he says that he was once enrolled at a socialist summer camp. In one episode, Arthur and Spence hatch a plan to invent and market a revolutionary new backpack. When Spence suggests that they outsource the labor to save money, Arthur reacts angrily, stating that “Unipack will be made in America, by good labor union workers!” When Doug goes on strike, Arthur almost kisses him out of pride, and when Doug takes a scab job at a school as a substitute teacher, Arthur grows disgusted with Doug, saying “Whatever helps you sleep at night you douche.”Along with the banning of Halloween, Arthur also attempts to ban a long list of other things from the Heffernans’ house, including red pens, soft cheese, non-American VCRs (but not DVD players), mentioning Franklin D. Roosevelt’s paralytic illness, and miniature Kit Kats.”

The last episode of king of queens!? how did it end?
After Doug has learned that his wife Carrie has not given up the apartment in Manhattan as she had promised (in the previous episode Single Spaced), he is furious with her and does not want to attend her father Arthur’s wedding with Ava St. Clair (Lainie Kazan), which takes place in Poughkeepsie. However, his best friend Deacon Palmer takes him there anyway, during the middle of The Price Is Right (although the show’s name is never mentioned, Doug rants that “Ensign Curtis here just cost himself a trip to the Showcase Showdown”).When Ava St. Clair learns that Arthur is not gay as she thought, she leaves the ceremony. She had wanted a companion, not a regular husband. Arthur, who is upset because Ava left him at the altar, has his mind set on getting married and proposes to Veronica Olchin (Anne Meara) in the men’s room, and she accepts. Carrie and Spence, their respective children, are flabbergasted by the spontaneous decision. The ceremony is performed by Rabbi Feldman (Josh Cooke), because the original bride Ava was Jewish, although neither Arthur nor Veronica are Jewish. Veronica reveals to Arthur that she is Albanian Orthodox (to which Arthur replies: “What the hell is that?”), and Arthur lets the rabbi continue his prayer. The wedding ends with Arthur smashing a glass with his foot, while everyone cheers, “Mazel tov!”Immediately afterwards, Carrie is notified that the baby she and Doug wanted to adopt is waiting for them in Beijing. However, Doug does not want to have a baby with her anymore and they split up. A very pregnant Holly (Nicole Sullivan) also shows up at the wedding, as does the Heffernans’ neighbor Lou Ferrigno. At this point, it is also revealed that Holly’s husband has left her. When Lou tries to cheer everyone up with “Such a happy day,” he is greeted by very unhappy expressions.Doug, who sits outside in the back of the building where the ceremony is performed, makes an offer to Spence to become his new roommate, since he is divorcing Carrie, but later rescinds the offer when Holly tells him her story. Very drunk, he challenges each of them to a wrestling match, but falls asleep while fighting with Holly. When Arthur learns that Doug will not toast him as his best man, he pitches the role to Spence, who turns it down, and ultimately, Deacon is forced to make the toast.Spence tries to move back in with Doug’s cousin Danny because Arthur will be living with his mother Veronica now. He learns, however, that Danny has a new girlfriend Sandy (Jillian Bach) who is living with him. In the end, Spence and Danny patch up their friendship and become roommates again.Meanwhile, Kelly points out to Carrie that she shouldn’t feel so guilty about keeping a secret from Doug. After all, Doug let Carrie down a lot in the past. Carrie is convinced and tells Doug off.Both decide that they want to get the Chinese baby for themselves and board the same plane, although Carrie leaves the house first, and Doug has to find his passport, which Deacon finds in the vegetable crisper. Doug later surprises Carrie by greeting her with a gruff “Hello!” and showing her his passport in triumph. He also adds that “Deacon’s BLT was delicious, as is my revenge.”They use the long flight to sort out their problems, and eventually, they get back together. After getting little Ming-Mei from the adoption agency, Carrie finds out that she is pregnant. She is scared about the changes to come, but Doug is optimistic that they will be able to handle it together.The episode fast-forwards one year and shows Doug and Carrie with their two small children in their living room. Arthur comes in with a suitcase, announcing that “it didn’t work out”.The episode ends with a three-minute montage of scenes from the show’s nine seasons to A Million Billion’s song Milk & Honey. The final scene shows the words thanks for the ride…


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