Kindly Unspoken (Kate Voegele)

Kate Voegele – Kindly Unspoken (with lyrics)

Lyrics are in the video & here in the description. This song is INCREDIBLE. (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED – I do not own the song nor did I write the l…

Download sheet music pdf: Kindly Unspoken (Kate Voegele)

Kindly Unspoken – Kate Voegele with lyrics

This song is amazing! 🙂 Please listen and subscribe! Follow me on twitter: Follow Kate on twitter:

Kindly Unspoken by Kate Voegele? i luv this song but wut do other ppl think about it?

Download sheet music pdf: Kindly Unspoken (Kate Voegele)

i really like it. she has a unique voice and the lyrics are beautiful. i expect to see more of this up-and-coming artist in the future.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER AND THAT SONG and the rest of the album. i went to see her concert last night and she sounded even better live!shes amazing

What song is playing during the previews to tonights (1-22-08) one tree hill episode? the song jason (kevin federline) and his band is playing Artist / Band : Kate VoegeleAlbum : Don’t Look Away.
What are some songs that sound like “An Ordinary Day” by Vanessa Carlton? Just a day,Just an ordinary day.Just trying to get by.Just a boy,Just an ordinary boy.But he was looking to the sky.And as he asked if I would come alongI started to realizeThat everyday he findsJust what he’s looking for,Like a shooting star he shines.He said take my hand,Live while you canDon’t you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your handAnd as he spoke, he spoke ordinary wordsAlthough they did not feelFor I felt what I had not felt beforeAnd you’d swear those words could heal.And as I looked up into those eyesHis vision borrows mine.And I know he’s no stranger,For I feel I’ve held him for all of time.And he said take my hand,Live while you canDon’t you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your handIn the palm of your hand.Please come with me,See what I see.Touch the stars for time will not flee.Time will not flee.Can you see?Just a dream, just an ordinary dream.As I wake in bedEtc.
what was the song that kate voegele sang the first time in one tree hill? when haley came in and told her she had a future when she heard kate play the piano
Kate Voegele? OMG i absolutly love this girl.the first time she was on OTH i thought she sounded soooo good!What are your opinions on Kate?My friends make fun of how she sounds when she says “words” in Kindly Unspoken.
Do you like Kate Voegele? I like her song “Only Fooling Myself” and her voice isn’t too bad either.
i love Kate Voegele!! i like that song 2 i also like her songs: “It’s Only Life”, “Kindly Unspoken”, “Wish You Were”, “No Good”, and “Chicago”.

What was the song at the end of last night’s episode of One Tree Hill? I think the episode was It’s Alright Ma
Here are all the songs for that episode:It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) – 01/22/08 “The Take Over, the Breaks Over” : Fall Out Boy Central Park : Goodmornings Emotional Champ : New Buffalo Just to Be There : Chase Emery Kindly Unspoken : Kate Voegele Mahabharata : Radio America One Kiss Don’t Make a Summer : Lucky Soul Silver Lining : Rilo Kiley Something’s Got Me Started : Swingfly Time Won’t Let Me Go : The Bravery
“Kindly Unspoken” by Kate Voegele
Dance Soloa advice! Can’t decide!? I have been dancing for awhile now and have done a couple duos. but really no solos. I rather spend my money dancing in the studio usually then on the competing floor but I love to do group competition alot! But this year I really wana do a solo but I really don’t know where to begin. like is it more fun doing Lyrical solos? Or Jazz? Maybe ballet even? But I think I am better at lyrical and ballet though. But if so what kinda music would be a good choice? I know there is like a very VERY wide variety of music but does anyone have any good songs they have used before for there competitions that maybe I could use for mine? Oh and any other advice on solo comp. ? THANKS!
Songs:-Kindly Unspoken by Kate Voegele (Lyrical)-Come On by Ben Jelen (Lyrical)-It’s Only Life by Kate Voegele (Lyrical)-Breathe Me by Sia (Lyrical)-Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield (Lyrical)-Flying (From Peter Pan) (Ballet) -just type in “Flying Peter Pan” in and it should come upGood Luck!!


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