Sinclair (Killer Of Giants)

The giant healer raid by killer 101

Awesome raid by fellow clanmate killer 101.

If you like this piece you can download Sinclair (Killer Of Giants) sheet music online in digital format.

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What are the most immoral things that people have tried to justify through capitalism and profit? Do you really think ethics are required only in your personal life?I’ll start: 1) tobacco and cotton industries used slavery.2) Mining and such used children for hard labor3) Car manufacturers fought the installation of seat belts.4) Factories of all sorts are polluting our air and dumping toxins into the water.5) Factory meat farming tortures animals and contributes to global warming.6) Meat packing industry had deadly working conditions until Upton Sinclair and Teddy Roosevelt came long.7) Various utility companies wound up as price-gouging monopolies charging a fortune for essential services like phone or electricity until getting broken up.Regulation is essential.All of you have lost your right to a laissez-faire market.

If you like this piece you can download Sinclair (Killer Of Giants) sheet music online in digital format.

Hello Howard;You forgot to mention .Tom DeLay having the industry Lobbyist write the Bill’s to be voted on.tom

1. Granted – but how long ago was that?2. Modern capitalist countries do not use child labor. Modern communist countries (China, Vietnam) do.3. Car manufacturers simply didn’t want to be bankrupted. 4. The US has the most stringent pollution controls in the world.5. “Factory farming” is more energy efficient than small farming.6. Ok well so what? That was how long ago?7. Yes, a few have. So?So your argument is. some crap things have happened. Therefore we should go to what – socialism?You want us to ignore the atrocities committed under communism while lambasting those of capitalism? Please. Compare the two and you will lose. Badly.’re right. We should instead employ peoples’ honest wishes to work for good feelings and heartfelt “thank you’s” instead of profit. Rather than Capitalism, we can barter goats and sheep for milk and butter. Way to cherry pick.

The other answers to this question have instead of trying to answer it decided to cheer for the corporate excess. How bold they are in proclaiming their chains are golden.All of these corporate crimes trace back to abuse of the commons, which starts in earnest at the enclosure of the commons. It is important to note that’s when all the poverty started and the related industrial excess. The loss of freedom by the commoners meant they could be forced into child labor, dangerous working conditions, 80 hour work weeks etc. Bone studies have showed that the enclosure peasant had a better diet and a higher standard of living.The essential nature of enclosure was that people no longer had the unalienable right to work or even live. In the United States the frontier provided the natural access that people needed for this right, but the frontier closed in 1890. It is not a coincidence that this was the first recession. And this is when poverty and the excesses of capitalism start falling on the Americans as well.Besides locking people away from the freedom giving earth, capitalism has allowed the quality of the commons to be assaulted in many ways. Its hard to find any nature that hasn’t been assaulted by pollution. If it can’t be packed up and taken, its dumped on.The answer is not communism like so many ignorant here think is the only other way. The answer is, like always, more freedom for all. But its pitiful how little many people who blabber about freedom actually know what it is. I have a starter essay on freedom;_ylt=AjNUF5JBl7W3AbETUXagDDTty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091022222616AAqDtsU&show=7To answer your question directly:Any theft of freedom is immoral, with causing death as taking the most freedom. Corporate control of agricultural policy has made corn and corn byproducts overwhelm the market. This causes obesity and diabetes, both of which are major American killers. I think this ongoing offense has its origin in the political favoring by the constitution of rural states. They think corn subsidies are good for them, because it makes their giant land owners rich. They are superstitious and easily provoked into culture wars against their own interests. They take their inordinate power as dupes and abuse our health with it.

Adding that ubiquitous poison, high-fructose corn syrup, to all possible foods (even meat), like it is an essential vitamin, or something. The way corporations act, you would think that high-fructose corn syrup was up there equally with nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol as one of the essential food groups. I’d better shut up right here before some corporate CEO decides that marketing a drink that contains all 4 essential food groups (nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and high-fructose corn syrup) is the next stage in increasing corporate profits at the cost of the health of all Americans.


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