Duffy: Keeping My Baby by A. Duffy

Duffy – I’m Keeping My Baby HD 11/01/10 Hollywood The Roxy

Duffy performing I’m Keeping My Baby in live concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California on 11/01/2010.

Download and print PDF scores of Duffy: Keeping My Baby by A. Duffy


What are some good, modern, fast tempo love songs for a wedding? So we’re putting together our music list for our wedding, and we have too many slow songs already. We need more medium to fast tempo love songs so the whole thing isn’t all sappy and boring.Here’s what we have so far so you can kinda get an idea of the direction we are going:Fast SongsCrossfade – InvincibleTaylor Swift – You Belong With MeJay Sean feat Lil Wayne – DownBruno Mars – Just the Way You AreLos Lonely Boys – HeavenHeaven – DJ Sammy & Yanou – Featuring Do & AliaMedium PaceUncle Kracker – SmileUncle Kracker – Drift AwayTaylor Swift – MineJason Mraz- I’m YoursEagle Eye Cherry – Save TonightGoo Goo Dolls – IrisHoobastank – The ReasonThe more modern the better, but we are definitely open to good 90s stuff as well. Just nothing older then the 90s please.Any ideas?

Download and print PDF scores of Duffy: Keeping My Baby by A. Duffy

go here to find hundreds of great wedding songs from all sorts of artists, classics to modern. you can listen to them by just clicking on the song titles. weddingwire.com/wedding-songs

There goes my baby – UsherLet’s just fall in love again – Jason CastroOoh la la – Steel MagnoliaI want you – FeFe DobsonMercy – DuffyKeep on loving you – Steel magnoliaBetter Together – Jack JohnsonHope this helps!

“forever on the dance floor” is a good one. “Bubbly” is another good one. “Mine” by taylor Swift”Shes in love with the boy” -?”Don’t stop believing”- ?Don’t Blink- Kenny ChesneyLook how far we’ve come-?Made to love you-Toby Mac

Too be quite honest I could only come up with two songs that are recent. I love music but don’t feel today’s music compares to the music that I listen too. I love old music, rock & roll, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, country, jazz, etc. So for me it was very hard to figure out songs that you would enjoy! Michael Buble- Everything or I Just Haven’t Met You YetTaylor Swift- Love Story

Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer Beyonce – Crazy In LoveGuns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine The Rolling Stones- Sweethearts TogetherClose To You – The CarpentersPaula Abdul- The Way That You Love Me here are other romantic songs slow and some medium paced if you want to lookRobin Thicke – Lost Without USade – Nothing Can Come Between Us Michael Jackson – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You Never Tear Us Apart by INXSIron and Wine – Flightless Bird (American Mouth) Ella Fitzgerald – In a Sentimental Moodyoutube.com/watch?v=ayb6CFQQ5KoEtta James – At lastLeonard Cohen- Dance Me to the End Of Love.Chris Botti – When I Fall in Love The Rolling Stones- Sweethearts TogetherPaul McCartney- Maybe I’m AmazedSongbird by Fleetwood Mac.Michael Bublé-Everything Amel Larrieux – Make Me Whole Van Morrison – Crazy LoveAlicia Keys – No OneIngrid Michaelson’s – The Way I AmGavin Degraw – Follow Through Keith Urban – Only You Can Love Me This WayDavid Gray – This Year’s Love Van Morrison – Tupelo HoneyI Cross My Heart – George StraitJack Johnson- Better Together Edwin McCain- I’ll BeStevie Wonder – Ribbon In The Sky The Isley Brothers – Heaven Hooked Us Up Bright Eyes-First Day of My LifeTaj Mahal- Lovin in My Baby’s Eyes Beyonce – Dangerously In Love 2Elton John- Something about the way you look tonightPatti Griffin -Heavenly Day Anya Marina’s cover of “Someday My Prince Will ComeBook of Love -Peter GabrielGlady’s Knight and the pips – Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me the Goo Goo Dolls – Iris Lonestar – Amazed Etta James-If I Can’t Have YouLights” by JourneyAndy Williams – Moon River That’s All by Frank SinatraPuccini’s “Nessun DormaRighteous Brothers – Unchained Melody Over the rainbow – Shane Ward or Catherine Mcpheesmallville promise search on youtube

My guinea pig bites me when I hold him? When I pick my guinea pig,Duffy up he starts biting on my cloths and starts chattering his teeth :sBut when I pet him while hes in his cage he makes little rumble sounds..Also when I ruffle his hay he goes CRAZY and starts flipping and squeaking when I saw this I was like “WAO”
When a guinea pig’s teeth chatter, he/she is basically telling you to leave it alone – or else . (it’ll probably bite you, or flip out)Don’t hold your guinea pig, you’re scaring him.Stick with stroking in the cage, and maybe hand-feeding through the cage.If he runs away from you in the cage, its quite normal, i got my guinea pigs on Sunday and they still run away occasionally when I walk upto the cage.

answersfilled.wcmcompass2.comyou can get much information in this website,If you will check anyone link in website

when it chatters it means to leave it alone. Its getting used to being around you. Just pet him and hand feed him in the cage. If he still chatters leave him alone. dont worry he’ll get used to you. =( Good Luck!!

i have been a guinea pig owner for 4 years, i have 3, what you are experiencing is NORMAL. first, guinea pigs will always nibble on your clothes they are NOT biting you see, guinea pigs teeth are constantly growing so they always have the need to nibble or make a chattering noise with their teeth. When you ruffle their hay the jumping is called “popcorning” this means you have a VERY happy guinea pig, they may do this when you open bags too b/c they associate that with eating. So, i hope i solved your questions and if this matters my guinea pigs, all 3 of them, do “exactly” the same thing your does.

He just isn’t tame. The noises mean he is angry and it is best that you dont touch him. To tame him, start of by getting his trust by holding out food and let him eat it off you when you are still holding it, next move on to stroking him and eventually when he gets more used to you he will let you pick him up. When you do pick him up make sure you are supporting his whole body, guinea pigs do like freedom too, my guinea pig loves running around the couch and exploring lol. I havent had any problems with him, but it is very common for it being hard to tame guinea pigs, so dont be offended if you are 🙂

That is normal my is the same way just give him a while to get used to you and he wont bite but will be skittish. He will be fine don’t worry about it if you have any questions just contact me I get on once a day

I think he is tasting you and your clothes looking for food. I have a list of stuff I did for my baby piggies, I wanted to remind you that piggies have great hearing so please keep your voice down and no sceaming and such, soft pets and soft voicesPiggies love fruit and veggies!! Broccoli makes their pee stink so limit that veggie to once a week, make sure its all raw.. They love timothy hay and grass! THEY also have to eat guinea pig pellets made just for them, they can’t keep vitamin C in their bodies so they SHOULD NOT eat rabbit food, it looks the same so be careful when purchasing it!! If you have to in a pinch give him rabbit food give him a orange wedge daily with it.. Guinea pigs food has added vitamins in it just for them. I made the mistake of giving my guinea pigs some of those guinea pig sticks made from seeds don’t do that it got all stuck in my guinea pigs neck and cause a lot of problems inside, not pretty.. NOW TO KEEP THE CAGE ODER FREE! I use about 20 sheets of news paper at the bottom of the cage topped with this GREAT ORDER eliminator cage litter, called CRITTER COUNTRY, this is the BEST stuff for the piggies, so don’t forget the news paper lined up at the bottom it will help absorber the urine and the critter country will help with the smell its great combo. If your piggies misses the shavings, put some in a corner for him to sleep on, but you will be so HAPPY with the new litter there will be no smell.. it lasts for over a week if done right I also keep my empty tissues boxes for them to hid in they love it, also any toilet paper used rolls they love to have fun with. If you get a problem with ants getting to their fruit just use a fine line of Vaseline around the legs of the cage or base of the cage to keep the ants from crossing, and always, always keep them with plenty of water! THEY ARE THE BEST PETS I sure miss my babies. Anyway GOOD LUCK!! MORE INFO FOR YOU! mgpr.org/MGPR/Guinea%20Pig%20Diet.htm


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