Katy Too – Jack Clement

SLP 1240 Johnny Cash Greatest 1959 Side A

Greatest! is the fourth album by country singer Johnny Cash, released on Sun Records on 12 January 1959 (see 1959 in music). It was Cash’s third record on th…

Downloadable sheet music: Katy Too – Jack Clement

Jai Ho – Katie and Booke


Katie sue by johnny cash? I can’t find this song anywhere! I think it’s called Katie Sue, and I think it’s by Johnny Cash but I can’t find it anywhere. The lyrics go, “Katie Sue, Katie Sue, I still like old Katie Sue”. There’s another part that goes something like this, “I’d like to marry all of you, but I still like old Katie sue”. Can someone tell me the real name of this song and who it’s by because I can’t find it.It’s not “A Boy Named Sue”, I already looked it up.I’ve already googled the lyrics, no results. I must have the lyrics wrong.I knew I had it wrong! Thank you. That’s my boyfriends song to me. We always break up and end up back together.

Downloadable sheet music: Katy Too – Jack Clement

I bet someone is selling it on ebay.u can check for it there. the only song i know by johnny cash is “hurt”

It’s called “A boy named Sue” I think. Try that. But then again, I don’t think that’s the song that you’re thinking of is it?Google those lyrics and the song will come up for you if you’ve got the right words. Good luck!

dont think cash sang that..but i think the song may me peggy sue not sure who sang it. edit but i think it was buddy holly

You were so close- Katy Too by Johnny Cash(Johnny Cash – Jack Clement) I’m not the going steady kind I miss ’em all, all the time I told Annie I’d be true But I still think about Katy too Katy too, Katy too I still think about Katy too If you should see miss Mary-Ann Just tell her I’m her loving man Give my love to Jane and Sue But don’t forget ol’ Katy too Katy too, Katy too Don’t forget ol’ Katy too I like Sadie’s chicken stew And Suzie’s good at stitchin’ wool I like Mary’s barbecue But I still like ol’ Katy too Katy too, Katy too I still like ol’ Katy too Now, girls I’m not the flirty kind But I just can’t make up my mind I’d like to marry all of you But I still miss ol’ Katy too Katy too, Katy too I still miss ol’ Katy too To all the girls I make this toast I love you eveyone the most But don’t ask me to say “I do” ‘Cause I still miss ol’ Katy too Katy too, Katy too I still miss ol’ Katy too Cupid you bet you been good to me I got more girls than I can see But if you give me all but two Then let’s squeeze in ol’ Katy too Katy too, Katy too Let’s squeeze in ol’ Katy too

The Song is called Katy Too sung by Johnny Cash.You can find it on johnny cash collection cd. you can buy it herecduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/6674197/a/Johnny+Cash+Collection.htm

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