Just Walk Away by Hammond

“Can’t Walk Away” – Beres Hammond REGGAE

“Can’t Walk Away” – Beres Hammond REGGAE 2000.

Download and print Just Walk Away by Hammond sheet score

Hammond Organ Just A Closer Walk

Jen playing the hammond.

What is some reggae you’d recommend for a beginner? Now I’ve listened to and loved every Bob Marley album but I feel like you can like Bob Marley without liking reggae so I want to build a bigger base in reggae. What are some good artists/albums that essentially a beginner should listen to?Thanks

Download and print Just Walk Away by Hammond sheet score

Ring the Alarm – Tenor SawNo No No – Dawn PennMurder She Wrote – Chaka Demus & PliersLove is my Religion – Ziggy Marley (Bob’s son)Pride & Joy – Beres HammondWalk Away From Love – Bitty McleanLonging For – Jah Cure (LOVE his music.)Love So Nice – Junior KellyOne Blood – Junior Reidjust to name a few.i recommend just buying reggae collection cds like Reggae Gold and Strictly the Best..

Train From Hammond, IN to the Riviera (Chicago, IL? I am going to the Riviera soon. I can see how to drive there, but from what i hear it is all one way streets to get there. I know the Red Line runs a block away (by the Aragon Ballroom). I am trying to figure out how to take a train from Hammond, IN to there. Does the Metra come to the same tracks, or close to the Red Line at some point? There are a few Metra train stations around here. I was wondering if maybe i can get on a Metra here, then get off in Chicago and get on a Red Line. I would need to know what stops to get on/off at. I want to avoid the bus and driving.
take the south shore line to downtown chgolast stop will be randolphwalk 2 blks west to state st take the red-line subway to broadway

There is a METRA stop at Ravenswood, you would then have about a 1/2 mile walk straight East to the RIV

Take the South Shore train in either Hammond or Hegwish.call the RTA and they will give you step by step directions to your destination..the number is 847-836-7000 or 8000..

I can tell you how to get from Hammond to the Red Line only. Take the south shore line on Indianapolis Blvd. or on Hohman ave. North to Roosevelt St. (The ride is about $6.00 one way maybe less) If you want you can also take the Hegewisch South Shore on Brainard and Brandon. (It’s $4.50 one way there) When you get to Roosevelt St. station leave the platform you’ll be facing west. Head towards Roosevelt which would be the street on your left and walk to State. which is about three blocks from the station. Take the Red Line Subway station not the overhead green and orange line. (Its by the Walgreen’s on the corner.) Hope this helps.

has the footage of richard hammonds crash been put online yet?
Why would you wanna see that? The guy nearly died! Show some compassion and realise that just coz he is famous doesnt mean that everyone has a right to see what happened.

I am so sad for him, hope he gets better.That was such an awesome program – I often wondered whether some of the antics they do are safe though.

YOU ARE A SAD LITTLE PERSON! Get out side once in a while and meet people the guy nearly died. you are sick

why oh why oh why oh why oh whywould you want to see that?It’s like watching one of your friends in an accident!wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

Because if there is any, the BBC will own the footage! Can’t imagine they will want it publicised, especially if Health & Safety still investigating.Are you really that sick anyway?

Realise that somebody will want to see it in time to come.but amused at the ones who say ‘No Way!!’ – or ‘You’re Sick!!’ Methinks Mr. Hammonds’ hardship is bringing out hypocrites by the dozen! Do we face the other way while passing a crash on the M11 (or any other major motorway)? Thought not. Come.we all were eager to see the rest of the dash-n-crash pics of past episodes.get a hold of yourselves! Despite the surreality of your question, it’s not too bad to see a couple of them now and then to see what kind of returns you’d get!

yes. I got it off of a server in Germany. But Im not going to tell people exactly how to get it because that is unfair to Him and his family. sorry. I personally am someone who is fed up with how the News broadcast things and so if I can see something myself then I would rather see that than some fuzzy made up “ideas” from a news presenter!If you are clever enough to use the internet then you will find it really easily.For those of you who don’t but want a description of the crash that hasn’t been desensatised by the news:It’s a f’ing amzing crash! Got to the end of the run, paracutes came out, From the looks of it the paracute started spinning off to the right side of the car (due to a gust of wind maybe? or airflow over the car?), it pulled the back of the car to the right, the front then started following, it hit the grass and that started the roll and it rolled and rolled and rolled and as it was bouncing over the grass it flipped up and eventually landed on its roof facing the wrong way. you can see on the BBC news site a picture of where the car hit the ground on every roll pretty much. Im very glad there weren’t any walls about cos that would have been a 100% disaster.He’s a total legend – I’m amazed he’s actually alive yet alone up and walking about!!Im gonna add this after reading some responses to this question! – For all those that say it’s “SICK” etc etc. Yeah if he died it would be sick to a point. Think of it this way:1) Ever sat in a jam on the motorway due to a crash and driven past slowly to see if you could get a good look at the carnage! YEAH I BET YOU HAVE! Everyone does it. Its called Human Curiosity!2) What if it was a santa pod and he was in a dragster race, his car spun out of control and hit a wall. would you have looked away saying “Oh Oh don’t look it’s sick – they shouldn’t broadcast that in the news”? NO – The don’t broadcast things like that in the news becuse people complain!

Honestly dont really know why you would really want to see that the guy nearly died poor hamster hope he gets better soon,and dont really know why people would want to see the late steve irwins death either its just sad that people out there would like to see that and not think bout that familys feelings,put it this way how would you feel if it was one of you or your family?think bout it.have a heart

I saw it youtube, I didn’t know who Mr. Hammond was or that it had just happened. When I realized what it was,I turned it off. So, if you want to see it, I say go there I guess.I pray for a speedy recovery.

I hope no one would put that footage on, how would his family feel if they were to come across it?I hope our little Hamster gets well soon, I hear he is walking around again which is fab news!

I havent seen it and i’m not going to, but I’m told the video is on Youtube. I’m not sure if it should be watched or not, the same as the Steve Irwin footage really. i’m going for – if in doubt, dont.


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