Just for Today by Abbott

Y&R-Was Adam release today from Jail? I thought i heard Micheal say he was.

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Adam and Victor met today at the jail.Adam was boohooing to Victor that he needed Victor’s help to get him out of jail since it now looked like he was going to be convicted and thrown in jail for a long time.He told Victor that he was ready to give him Jack Abbott’s head by telling the truth about the forgery deal in detail.Victor of course told him that since he had handed him everything (even more than he gave to Nick and Victoria) when he first came to Genoa City for Hope’s sake, and all Adam did was turn on him and made a deal with Jack Abbott (of all people), there was no way that he was about to help him.Adam kept on boohooing that he was Victor Newman’s son and should be treated as such, especially by Victor.Victor then grabbed him by the collar and told him that he didn’t care if he was his son or not, and that if he was truly his son he should find a way to be a man and get through the very long time he would be spending in jail as only a son of his would do.These are probably not Victor’s exact words, but are it least close to the point of what he said.Just as Victor was about to leave the room, Michael came in and said that all charges against him (Victor) had been dropped and he should be released soon.Hope this answers your question.

No, Adam was not released. I thought that too for a minute but he was talking about Victor. Victor got out and I think Adam will be there for a while. Victor is getting revenge, that’s for sure. ~*~Warmest wishes for the Holidayand may the new year bring the best of everything!~*~Happy Holidays everyone!

How is Tony Abbott polling today ? How would he go with this test ? . maybe you could put yourself in his shoes ? here it is > gizmodo.com.au/2014/02/find-out-if-youre-a-good-liar-in-5-seconds/..
Its not a good day for him – caught out telling appalling lies about Cadbury and SPC Peta Credlin will have to give him a good spanking tonight

Not good. I imagine him sitting in the confessional box with his pedo defender mate George Pell where he will be handed his penance (a few Hail Marys’ and Our Fathers’) after that he will be all good to go again. Bless his little heart and soul.

More like how are the Liberals polling especially after thisdailytelegraph.com.au/realestate/buying/foreign-buyers-are-cashing-in-on-nsws-new-home-grant-scheme/story-fni0cate-1226817098977?utm_source=Daily+Telegraph&utm_medium=em

Were Tony Abbott’s tears in parliament today genuine, or crocodile? heraldsun.com.au/news/tony-abbotts-teary-farewell-to-former-labor-minister-martin-ferguson/story-fni0fiyv-1226653220722
I don’t know why he would fake it – there’s no political gain in that because Labor are going to get smashed in the election – so I’d say they were real. Gillard’s tears during the NDIS on the other hand.

Sheila it is a sin to tell a lie, so therefore they would be real.On the other hand Miss Gillard would not know the meaning of the word sin, adultery, lies, you name it, shes not my favourite person

I’m sure they were real. But it doesn’t seem like something to get upset over, lol.Edit: Voice, take a look in a mirror sometime before you preach about sin.

Martin Ferguson, Prime Minister Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott all gave a heartfelt address to parliament today. Mr Ferguson after 26 years in federal politics and a lifetime inside the Labor Party has said goodbye to politics.

I think Mr Abbott must have a new speech writer and a new minder. It’s obvious that someone has told him to act like a caring human being instead of a school yard bully.

Ferguson has had Tony by the short n curlies for a long time . so it must be tears of joy to get get some relief .

False. Tony Abbott doesn’t have any emotion.There’s only one way for those tears to be true and that’s over his enormous ears.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and call them real, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t trample over any one or any thing to gain power

The fact that you have chosen to ask this question says a lot more about you than it does him .He was gracious , apologised for past errors of judgment & his remarks were accepted in that light .The question you should have asked is why Ferguson has chosen now to resign.could it be that he is ashamed to be associated with the rabble in government as hinted at by his aside about class warfare .

Genuine Labor Pollies are fast disappearing in Canberra, both sides of the house are sad to see someone of Martin Ferguson’s calibre go for ever.

Politicians of longstanding make friendships across the parties. I do not see that Tony would have gained much out of his response yesterday. I suspect the tears and words were real & heart felt. It doesn’t change my voting intentions one way or the other.

Who will Punch Drunk Abbott pick a fight with next? . He seems to be on some kind of loony mission to start WW III. ?.
I really don’t want to think about who that may be.Although today he seems to have had foot-in-mouth disease yet again when meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi.Tony Abbott: “I was an opposition leader myself for four years. I know that position has some exhilarations and some frustrations. Let’s hope as time goes by, for you and your country, the exhilarations are greater than the frustrations.”For goodness sake Mr Abbott, your time in opposition could never be compared with what Aung San Suu Kyi has been through.

.best for rabbitts > i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/01/12/article-0-0076822000000258-101_468x286.jpg.but then again he could do with one of these to help him along > labspaces.net/pictures/blog/4c75cef77b1aa_blog.jpg..

Its short man syndrome – he has always tried to be the thug & bully He should pick on someone who is of no consequence to Australia : eg jumping up and down & stamping his little feet about the penguins at Macquarie Island

being anti Liberal is so Funny don’t people Know that politicians don’t care what we think of them it is only the election that is Important


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