Ball: Just for a Girl

Do girls/women think hitting guys in the balls is a joke? A girl in school said that she wanted to try something. I said sure and she told me to stand with my arms and legs spread and close my eyes. I did and she kicked me in the nuts! It hurt like hell. The girl and her friends just laughed at me. The teacher saw it and she just giggled. When I told my mother about it she just laughed and said that it was the oldest trick in the book and she did it to boys too when she was young. She said that young girls do this for fun and I have to be smarter to avoid it or get used to it. Is this right? Should I just accept that girls can hit guys in the balls for fun?

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Well, if you guys stop being jerks; we would stop kicking you guys.We have a reason why we kick you guys.And sometimes, yes, it is for amusement.

Ha – I can’t believe you were so gullible as to fall for that! I can understand why even the teacher couldn’t resist giggling. Goodness knows you will get hit in the balls enough times in your life without offering them up like that!Not every girl finds this fun, but many do, and maybe you will be a little smarter in the future. As long as you behave yourself and respect girls, you will probably avoid the worst of it.

Most older girls that have been hurt in their own vulva accidentally or otherwise at one time or other don’t find it funny. At a young age boys are more physically active than girls running, jumping, playing sports on top of that they have their nut sack just dangling outside making it an easy target and increasing the chances of hurting it during such activities so they learn young how painful it is when their nuts are hurt. Young girls usually play inside with their dolls and things, they don’t have any hanging nuts, their privates are more on the inside, so they never know how painful it is unless they hurt them later when they get older. So it will usually be the girls that have never been hurt in their own vulva and don’t know how painful it is that think hitting guys in the balls is a joke. Those that know how painful it is and still find it funny are just plain bitches.You need to get her back, she’ll keep doing it again when you aren’t looking, her laughing friends will probably join in too. Occasionally they’ll just come up and hit you there just for some laughs while you’ll be squirming in intense pain all embarrassed down on the ground. You won’t be able to pass by her or her friends without feeling embarrassed if you stay at that school while they snicker at you. Your friends will once in a while make fun and embarrass you reminding you how you got your nuts hit by that girl. Getting her back will save you face if you are going to feel embarrassed about it throughout your school lifeYour teacher and mom shouldn’t have been laughing, they should know better. If you get kicked right enough it may cause you to 1)throwup 2)blackout 3)Send your balls into your abdomen or rupture them which need to be surgically fixed 4)go into shock 5)internal bleeding and death. If u have asthma even more dangerous cause takes the breath out and you cant breath 6)It can cause infertility where you cant have kids later in life, heck you might not even be able to have sex.7) Torsion-where the nuts get all twisted up. Don’t forget the constant intense pain through out all this. I wonder if they would find it funny to see you in hospital for one of those reasons.It’s said guys shouldn’t hit girls because they are physically weaker and ungentlemanly which I strongly support but then the opposite is also true girls shouldn’t hit guys where they are weak and if they do that rule just gets thrown out the window. I believe guys should hit girls back in scenarios like for self defense where you maybe under attack from a girl trying to kill you or cause serious physical harm and also in scenarios like yours when girls hit guys where they might cause serious damage and pain like the testicles or even the eyes, brain, kidneys for that matter just to get some laughs so they learn not to do that to you or anyone else again. Same goes for girls they should hit guys back including the testicles in scenarios like for self defense where you maybe under attack from a guy trying to kill you, rape you or cause serious physical harm and also in scenarios where some guys hit girls where they might cause serious damage and pain like the boobs, vulva, ovaries or even the eyes, brain, kidneys just to get some laughs. Talking to or telling these weirdoes not to do it does not work they do it even more. But returning the pain and shame you felt will stop them, not only will it stop them from doing it to you but it will stop them from doing it to others, it will stop others from doing it to you and it will stop others from doing it to others. Cause girls will know guys will hit them if they hit his nuts and guys will know girls will go for his balls if they try anything on themFor your question – Should I just accept that girls can hit guys in the balls for fun, hell no. As I said above a girl should only hit a guy’s nuts when she is under serious physical attacks for example rape. Girls hitting guys in the balls is a form of sexual assault because it can cause physical and emotional effects already said above. Rape is also another form of sexual assault that causes physical and emotional effects to girls. So now think of it like this should girls just accept being raped for fun. The difference between the two is like the difference between murder and attempted murder both a no no and punished by law. Sometimes a hit to the nuts does cause death in which case it does actually become homicide.The teacher saw and you also told your mom and both laughed and did nothing. It’s similar to a cop knowing a crime being committed and doing nothing about it because he thinks the crime was funny not taking into account the effects on the victim. That’s when the victim will ask others for advice and tend to take that advice and apply it because the ones that are supposed to maintain law aren’t doing their job.Here’s my advice: Get her back, for all the obvious reasons I have mentioned above if you agree and also to let her know how painful and embarrassing that can be and see if she likes it when that’s done to her.Girls feel a lot of pain when their boobs get hit. Lots of guys don’t know but it hurts girls to get hit down there too except the sensation is different. Girls say it’s like a burning sensation when their clit gets hit its like when the head of a guys penis is squeezed between two hard places or when you bite your tongue accidentally hard except more painful. This is because all the pleasure and pain receptors that guys have on their penis head girls have it in their clit but the clit is way smaller and all those receptors are shoved into that little area which = more pain and more pleasure. When hit, girls clit are banged on to the pubic bone (cooter bone) causing that effect.Boys on the other hand, a tap to nuts is a throbbing pain the kind when you get hit right in the eye with a tennis ball at a good decent pace. Most of us probably know how it feels to be hit like that in the eye. A kick to the nuts will be like 10 times that pain and this kind of pain is felt all over from right below the chest to the knees which causes the wind to be knocked out of you and then you can’t breath and if someone pulls on them it gives you the added pain of as if somebody is also pulling out mid body (stomach, intestines, bladder kidneys) all at the same time, pretty paralyzing.Girls can feel partial pain effects of how it feels to get hit in the nuts (usually between 60-70%) if done right. Girls have 2 bartholin glands towards the bottom of the vulva. They have pretty much close sensitivity to that of a guys testicles. But harder target because of it being towards the back of the vulva.Take a look at the following about bartholin by a girl, look at jess08 girls that are into contact sports will admit that even girls can be badly hurt just like boys down there because they have felt a proper blow at one time or another the difference is it’s a harder targetTake a look at the irishman’s post MissBehavin’s post (partices martial arts) posts from those that practice martial arts from the above linked topic pg 1-25 and you’ll find girls hurt there too. It all depends on the way the hit is carried out.Take a look at these videos on youtube(put At beginning) more on youtube the above is just being used as referenceBuy a groin cup. It’ll become your balls best friend. I got one for sparring purposes but later I just got used to it as being a part of my underwear. So it turned out it went where ever I went. Later I got one custom made, a smaller open ended which would just cover the nuts and not the penis so that it wouldn’t cause discomfort if I got an erection and because a penis doesn’t hurt as much. I got it made from a really light but strong metal – aluminum at the blacksmith. It was lighter, smaller almost no bulging at all, more comfy for my penis at the same time giving the same required protection. Since that day no pain for my balls. Sometimes girls would come and hit down there but nothing would happen to me because of the cup and they would be like how come nothing happened and I would just ignore that question and say you tried to hit my nuts so I get to hit your boobs or crotch and they would be like please nooooooooo! Then I would say fine then at least I get to touch your boobs or crotch and they would finally succumb to that. I don’t know but I think the girls kinda liked that.If you decide to get her back read thoroughly what I have written above and remember all the reasons. You do not want to injure her just show her and others why there should be no groin kicking going around.Give her a hug and a kiss on the cheeks, say sorry, tell her now you know how it feels to be kicked in the balls so don’t kick there.You might want to buy her a box of her favorite chocolates next day if she’s still mad at you and also get the cup before doing this whole thing.If you do this your attack should be in the flick kick (kinda like the first video) and jabbing form and not a full force attack with a follow through, like I said your motive is not to injure her.If

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