Julia Says (Wet Wet Wet)

Wet Wet Wet – Julia Says (lyrics)

You can download the score from the video: Julia Says (Wet Wet Wet)

Wet Wet Wet – Julia Says

Music video by Wet Wet Wet performing Julia Says. (C) 1995 Mercury Records Limited.

wet wet wet? My mate’s rib me big time for liking wet wet wet(am 31) but i really think there a good band.i saw them at stirling castle thought i would be the only guy ,but i wasn’t (thank god)I would like to hear if any guys or girls likes this band.Also a good hun band.(lol sorry)regards,ja

You can download the score from the video: Julia Says (Wet Wet Wet)

The name is apt for the band – just my opinion, but I am with your friends and cannot stand them! Whatever floats your boat I guess!

listen to whatever you want 🙂 i’m not a big fan of them, but hey if that’s what you like, then great!!btw, i love rangers fc!

memories memories. I was obsessed with them when I was younger. Went all over the country to see them! There were always loads of guys there! They have done some good songs that I still love- temptation, Julia says, east of the river and sweet surrender. Oh the memories – off now to have a listen and sing my head off like a mad woman!


i think Wet Wet Wet are an under rated band?
The first album was great, but it was all downhill from there, and the play on words of the first album title is probably true. They sold out from the soul music they started wanting to do, and became another boy band doing to many ballads and cover versions.

“Julia says, she doesn’t know what it’s all about, she doesn’t seems to care at all. Open your eyes and see, LOVE HURTS””you know i love, i always will”. =)

God no way okay they have made a FEW great hits but they have also made some pretty awful ones IE wishing i was lucky come on that was definitely an awful song.

what is the name of the song with ‘julie knows’ in the lyrics?
julia says is the name of the song. It was sang by wet wet wet/marti pellow. That’s if the song is the one you are thinking aboutHave put link in bottem to the song so you can see if it is the right one or not

What single by “Wet Wet Wet” spent 15 weeks at number one in the UK charts in 1994? Thank you.
Love is all around.Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around (original clip)uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TQQ6SfPZggwfeel it in my fingersI feel it in my toesLove is all around meAnd so the feeling growsIt’s written on the windIt’s everywhere I go, oh yes it isSo if you really love meCome on and let it show, wohYou know I love you, I always willMy mind’s made up by theway that I feelthere’s no beginning,there’ll be no end’cause on my love you can dependI see your face before meas I lay on my bed, umI kinda get to thinkingof all the things you said, oh yes I didYou gave your promise to me and Igave mine to youI need someone beside mein everything I do, oh yes I doYou know I love you, I always will,my mind’s made up by theway that I feelthere’s no beginning,there’ll be no end’cause on my love you can dependGotta keep it movingOh It’s written in the windoh everywhere I go, yeah, oh wellso if you really love me, love me, love mecome on and let it show, ohcome on and let it showcome on and let itcome on and let it (come and let it show, baby)come on, come on, come on, come on let it show babycome on and let it showcome on and let it show, babycome on and let it showWritten by Reg PresleyProduced by Wet Wet Wet (Marti Pellow, Greame Clark, Tommy Cunningham, Neil Mitchell & Greame Duffin)Mixed by Bob ClearmountainPublished by Polygram Music»UK single Chart positions#6 Wishing I Was Lucky 1987#5 Sweet Little Mystery 1987#5 Angel Eyes 1987#12 Temptation 1988#1 With A Little Help. 1988 *#6 Sweet Surrender 1989#19 Broke Away 1989#31 Hold Back The River 1990#30 Stay with Me Heartache 1990#37 Make It Tonight 1991#56 Put The Light On 1991#1 Goodnight Girl 1992 *#19 More Than Love 1992#15 Lip Service 1992#38 This Time 1993#22 Shed A Tear 1993#20 Cold, Cold Heart 1993#1 Love Is All Around 1994 ************ **********#3 Julia Says 1995#7 Don’t Want To Forgive. 1995#7 Somewhere Somehow 1995#17 She’s All on My Mind 1995Enjoy.

Therapist says i have flat feet but i don’t? okay so i tried the flat feet test at home..runnersworld.com/running-shoes/take-wet-test-learn-your-foot-typei did it a couple of times and my feet shows a regular arch? here’s the picture: flickr.com/photos/98760320@N08/what do you guys think?i’ve already bought stability shoes a long time ago when my physical therapist said to get them.
You could have a flexible flatfoot, that would sometimes not show up in those tests. But if your foot does not hurt, then having a flatfoot is not a big deal at all

Hi Julia. Based on the results of the “wet tests” you performed, I would agree that you don’t have flat feet as it is defined medically. The footprints clearly show enough curvature to indicate that you do have arches, however, the arches are slightly low, and that means you definitely may need to continue using running with stability features to control the possibilty of slight over-pronation. But again, based on the footprints in the pictures, you don’t have flat feet. Best of luck.

Is it true sports announcers are banned from saying the name Santa Coloma coz it makes grown men wet themselfs?
Sant Julia is the best!Come back to the Andorra Football section where I bury you!, otherwise it’s just me and Pedro and you know Pedro is always talking crazy.

They want to keep Santa Coloma a secret because they are afraid all these none- top class footballers will start throwing themselves at us. Plus no one likes Gloryhunters! *shifty*

lolheeelarious ! ^_^lolz @ question and lolz @ answersSanta Colona ? who are they ? : ))yeah im shaking my boots already.the way we’re playing these days im shaking in my boots regardless of who the opposition is ! ^_^all the bestMR ANFIELD ACES~ ” the peoples choice ” ~


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