RedOne: Judas

Vitani to Kovu-Judas (Redone)

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Download sheet music online: RedOne: Judas

Lady GaGa – Judas (RedOne Vocals)

BaphometJudas – “When you’re lonely, I’ll be lonely too” -Lady GaGa.

What Does The Song “Judas” By Lady Gaga Mean? Lady Gaga made a song called “Judas”, and a lot of people are getting mad and hate the song and stuff. But if you know what it’s about can you please tell me? <—— Link for the song "Judas" (Audio)

Download sheet music online: RedOne: Judas

idk, there was once a comment on theier saying jesus and judas was fighting or something. im atheist so i could really give less crap

It is most likely talking about the Judas of the Bible. Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus, handing Him over to the chief priests, ultimately leading to the downfall (death on a cross) of Jesus Christ. As you would see in the song about “bringing down the king.” And I guess Gaga is saying that’s the kind of behavior she would want to emulate.

Judas was a follower of Jesus long ago, and Jesus got ressurrected because of him, saving humankindThe song is a metaphor for how she has a lover who is a bad person, how much she wants to turn to good, but cannot because she loves him so much.

Judas wasn’t “people who spit and tortured Jesus” lmao! Judas was a person, and was one of Jesus’ disciples. He betrayed Jesus 3 times, the last time to the high priests for money. This eventually led to Jesus’ whereabout and got him crucified under Pontius Pilate. After betraying Jesus for the last time, he returned the money and committed suicide. It is very distasteful and disrespectful for Gaga to come out with this song right before Easter. Just proves the point she really is a “fame whore” and loves attention. She is merely famous for her “outrageous” clothes and controversial publicity stunts, I’m sorry, she is not original and her writing abilities are even worse. If it weren’t for her antics or had the help of Redone producing her beats, she would be under the radar. F.Y.I I used to be a big fan, before she sold her soul and became overexposed.

hahah your a dumbass. ^ gaga is famous because she is a good singer and she has writing abilities. so what if it’s right before easter? that’s not her fault.. you obviously don’t know what original means if you do not think she is original.

I agree with Dennis K. Lady Gaga is Cathlioc , so all the comments about the song being against Jesus are completely false. Even at her concert, she was all about God making everyone equal and how much he loves us. She’s very spiritual, and I doubt this song is against God.

Who cares if it comes out right before easter. ITS JUST A SONG! its not even saying bad things in the song. And i think that since Judas was bad i guess, she wants to be good but she cant cause she loves judas alot. Its basically telling a story about her love for a bad guy named judas and its compared to the bible. Thats all!

Who wants to redo Judas’ Avi? Sorry Jud, that hats got to go! same with the shades and the 5 O’clock shadow..WELL Duh he likes the way he looks!
Let’s redo the movie A Christmas Carol but star people from P&S OK?? Who would you cast as:1. Scrooge2. Marley3. Ghost of Christmas past4. Ghost of Christmas present5. Ghost of Christmas future6. Bob Cratchit 7. Tiny Tim??
1. Scrooge.Judas Rabbi(idk)2. Marley Me(lol)3. Ghost of Christmas past.Sawman4. Ghost of Christmas present.Dragon5. Ghost of Christmas future.You6. Bob Cratchit ?7. Tiny Tim.Absolsorry I can’t think of too many male people on P&S.=-(

Name some hard rock song that should be redone as country? Some ideas I have.Cowboys From Hell- PanteraIn This River- Black Label SocietyStone The Crow- DownRooster- Alice In ChainsMother- Danzig(Who acctually wrote 13 by Johnny Cash)Breaking The Law- Judas PriestRun To The Hills- Iron MaidenDown Payment Blues- AC/DCAce of Spades- MotorheadCemetery Gates- PanteraUnforgiven- MetallicaIron Fist- Motorhead
Songs that should be redone as country? Judas Priest- Breaking The Wall(would make a a good outlaw anthem)Pantera- Cemetery GatesI meant “breaking the law”. I’m to drunk to type.
Everything The Bangles ever recorded should be country. I only buy country music and have done so all my life. But I bought every Bangles CD there is. Their music has such a strong country influence in it. Especially Susanna Hoffs’ voice. She could have had a country career.
hahah.. imagine nin’s -last- in countryum..
how to remove multi-language audio in an avi file? I’ve downloaded the gospel of judas and it comes with multiple audio, (playing German and English at the same time), I’ve experienced this before but the file came with an audio plugin can remove that can remove other audio. and i forgot the name of that file. please help me out tia
I use Media Player Classic (from K-lite) you can fire this player up and choose your audio channel.very simple actually.Otherwise you will have to redo the ripping, taking out 2 of the 4 audio channelsbye bye

If you were around in the 80’s/early 90’s? Have to redo my playlist.theme being I Was Young Once. I need heavy metal/hair band suggestions. I’ve already got GnR, Skid Row,Whitesnake, Motley Crue,Queensryche, Faith No More,Anthrax, Soundgarden, The Cult, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden. (Also Skinny Puppy and Forgotten Rebels, I’m not rigid about genre)Not sure how this ended up in Polls and Surveys.can I move it or do I have to redo the whole thing?
What do Christians think of Lady GaGa? I know someone that won’t let me talk about Lady GaGa in front of her, like she’s evil or do you guys not like her? if so why?She isn’t a devil!so you don’t like her because she isn’t Christian?Well DUH she’s a girl! ence her name LADY GaGa
I’m Catholic Christian and I don’t like Lady Gaga because, even though her lyrics are okay, her voice seems so unreal and fake. Besides I’m not interested in that genre, mine is more of hard rock

Lady Gaga is a gross woman (she is a woman right?) who blasphemes against God and Jesus in all of her performances and songs. She may claim to be catholic, but she is worshiping the devil every time she says she loves Judas more than Jesus.

Let’s see, she mocks the faith (Judas), wears specific anti-christian clothing (see her latex nuns outfit with a huge upside down cross on it in the video “Alejandro”) and promotes all sorts of freemasonic and occult imagery. If it were any other group in society, we’d never question that Gaga hates them. But since insulting Christianity is acceptable in America, it’s a “debate.” Imagine if she was doing the same thing against Islam? Celebrating the enemy of Muhammad in a video (like she did in Judas) dressing up as a slutty version of a Muslim woman or having the key figures of the Islamic faith in her videos dancing around and sitting in a tub with her. She would NEVER do it. EVER. Not to mention her record company handlers and PR people would not risk their market share on something so offensive. So there’s nothing “edgy” about redoing what Madonna did 2 decades ago. But since the media says she’s “Revolutionary” most people believe it so. The only good news about Lady Gaga is that despite all her hate, disrespect and blasphemy of Jesus Christ and Christianity, God still loves her! She can still got to Heaven just like me or any other Christian. And I hope and pray that she realizes it. I would love to see her there! Romans 10:13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How to Get to


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