Bruce Dickinson – Journeyman

Iron Maiden Journeyman

This song is the last track of the album Dance of Death and it was wrote by Adrian Smith,Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson From the red sky of the east to the…

See and download Bruce Dickinson – Journeyman music score

Journeyman (Vocals Only) [Studio Version]

Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death – Journeyman Original master voice track with the mighty Bruce Dickinson at the helm. P.S. You can also hear in the background t…

What are some songs that are sad, but soft and calming? for example like let me sign & never think by robert pattinson -storm (acoustic) by lifehouse

See and download Bruce Dickinson – Journeyman music score

dont jump-tokio hoteldecode-paramoreone of carrie underwoods new songs dont remember wat its calld thocoffee’s fr closers- fall out boymonsoon-tokio hotelforgotten children- tokio hotel(actually most tokio hotel songs fit this catagorie but ill list them./no i dont listen to tokio hotel my sister does and im looking at her playlist right now)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle by The SmithsHalf a Person by The Smiths Suffer Little Children by The SmithsPlease, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The SmithsThis Night Has Opened My Eyes by The SmithsMy Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion (I hate this song lol)The River by Bruce Springsteen No Surprises by RadioheadNothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor?Space Oddity by David Bowie?My Mom by Chocolate Genius

blowers daughter – damien ricedavid gray – this years lovefather and son – cat stevenstime of your life – greendayi’ll be your lover too – robert pattinsonthese arms of mine – otis redding

full albums in various genres that are exactly what you want, sad and mellow:No-man – schoolyard ghosts, together we’re strangerZakk Wylde – book of shadowsAnathema – eternity, a fine day to exit, a natural disaster, hindsightTiamat – deeper kind of slumberAlice In Chains – jar of fliesBuckethead – colma, electric tearsCure – disintegrationPink Floyd, division bell, wish you were here, dsotmLoreena Mckennit – book of secretsEnigma – lsdRaison D’etre – in sadness silence and solitudeAlison Krauss – new favoriteChicane – behind the sunAquanote – the pearlNine Inch Nails – ghostsShpongle – are you shpongledand for the individual songs:Dream Dheater – space-dye vest, wait for sleep, through her eyes, misunderstoodPineapple Thief – my debt to you, light up your eyesPorcupine Tree – lazarus, start of something beautiful, trains, .3, feel so lowQueensryche – bridge, someone else, silent lucidityDanzig – sistinasAngel Dust – beneath the silenceBruce Dickinson – omegaIced Earth – melancholy, blessed are you, prophecyIron Maiden – 2 am, journeymanKamelot – sailormans hymn, dont you cryManowar – master of the windStratovarius – mother gaiaOpeth – benighted, patterns in the ivy, for absent friends, hours of wealth, closure, hope leaves, ending creditsTherion – up to netzach, clavicula noxType O Negative – bloody kisses, cant lose you, wolf moonRadiohead, paranoid android, karma police, exit music

Which Iron Maiden albums should I get, and which of their songs are the best? I’ve heard of the band Iron Maiden, and I’ve heard that they’ve released their newest album, but I also wanna know what other albums I should get. I’ve heard they’re pretty good. Are they?
Simply put, Iron Maiden is the greatest metal band of all time, subject to opinion. The way they have combined aggressive thrash with epic melodies for decades is testament to their legacy. They are to hard rock and metal what The Beatles are to pop music. The answer to your question is that you should get your hands on all of Iron Maiden’s major albums, because their journey has been nothing short of phenomenal and you need to hear how amazing they were at every stage of their career. To make a Best Of Iron Maiden compilation would require about 8 discs full of material. If you won’t be flexible and insist on a summarized list of their greatest songs, I’ll work on it.Here’s what I came up with. the best of the best:Running FreeSanctuaryTwilight ZonePurgatoryRun To The HillsThe Number Of The BeastThe Prisoner22 Acacia Ave.Hallowed Be Thy NameFlight Of IcarusThe TrooperRevelations2 Minutes To MidnightAces HighRime Of The Ancient MarinerPowerslaveStranger In A Strange LandThe ClairvoyantHoly SmokeBe Quick Or Be DeadLord Of The FliesThe Angel And The GamblerThe MercenaryBrave New WorldThe WickermanThe Reincarnation of Benjamin BreegEl Dorado.and so on. I’m sure I’ve missed some.

Since you are not really familiar with the best band in the world.start with Edward the Great, it’s their greatest hits. Otherewise.all of the Bruce Dickenson albums are the best.

The best introduction to classic Iron Maiden is the album Somewhere Back In Time, which is a compilation of most of the best songs of their heyday in the 80s. It includes most of the stuff from their 3 best known albums: the Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, and Powerslave.However, Maiden has come up with a very new sound since reuniting with longtime vocalist Bruce Dickinson in 1999, so you ought to try Dance of Death, which is the best of these newer albums.If you can’t for whatever reason get those albums, try listening to any of these singles:Run to the Hills (widely considered their signature song)The Number of the BeastChildren of the DamnedRime of the Ancient Mariner (their longest song)Phantom of the Opera (one of my personal favourites)PowerslaveWasted Years2 Minutes to MidnightAcesFear of the DarkWasted LoveThe Iron Maiden (their closing number)Blood BrothersRainmakerMontsegurPaschendaleJourneyman (a wonderful acoustic epic)The Reincarnation of Benjamin BreegThese Colours Don’t RunEl Dorado (from the new album)Isle of Avalon (also from the new album)And BTW, do NOT check out anything from The X Factor or Virtual XI. These were their two worst albums, made with an uncharismatic vocalist and best forgotten.

Personally I like all of the Maiden albums with Bruce Dickinson. If he’s not singing there is something missing. Sorry, that’s how I feel. Don’t like real early Iron Maiden, and don’t like Blaze Bayley when he was singing. Thankfully he only did a couple albums.The only Iron Maiden album that sucked with Bruce Dickinson was No Prayer For The Dying. Just isn’t anything like the other Maiden albums. I think you should start off with the album The Number of the Beast. This is the first album with Bruce and work your way to the newer stuff. Skipping the albums without Bruce. I really enjoy more of older Maiden But am really starting to like Brave New World. This is the first album when Bruce returned to Maiden. Check out the songs Wasted Years, Caught Somehwere in time, Can I Play With Madness, Moonchild, Run To The Hills, Blood Brothers, 2 Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, Aces High, Sea of Madness, Paschendale,. some of my favorites.The best album: I really like Somewhere in Time.

Best songs:Brave New WorldDance of DeathBlood BrothersAfraid to Shoot StrangersFear of the Dark*Remember TomorrowRunning FreePhantom of the Opera*The Ides of MarchMurders in the Rue Morgue*Children of the Damned22 Acacia Avenue*The Number of the BeastRun to the HillsHallowed Be Thy Name*Flight of IcarusAces High*2 Minutes to Midnight*The Trooper*Powerslave*Rime of the Ancient Mariner*Here is my list. I starred the ones I absolutely love and could listen to all day on repeat.


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