Josephine by Amos

Tori Amos – Josephine (Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, 12/17/11)

Tori Amos at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California on December 17th 2011 to promote her current album “Night of Hunters”.

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Tori Amos – Josephine – Philadelphia 2001

[Improved audio!] Tori Amos (Solo) 13 October, 2001 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby (Philadelphia), PA Video: From VOBs posted by 1970 to Alt.binaries.tori-amos A…

Please choose a name and a middle name out of these? Please first choose one name from the boys list aand one from the girls and give a middle name for the name you choose. Also suggestions for names you think i may like.BoysJettJaggerParrishBobbiJonahNoahJacksonSolomonOrsonParisAsaphRiverAmosHamiltonGirlsTulliaOliviaSeraphinaMarthaElsaMelroseAllieLilleEdenIndigoArabellaConstanceIvy OliveEleniAnd the middle name does not have to be on the list.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Josephine by Amos

Noah Jackson/Noah Alexander & Lillie SeraphinaSuggestions:MelanieMadalenaEvelinaSophiaAsherAbrahamConnor
Noah BenjaminIvy Josephine
Can anyone give me some names for my unborn son/daughter?
I named my kids Matthew Richard (my oldest) My other son was Austin Nicholas and my daughter Angelina Lynn ~ hope that helped best of luck

don’t let anyone else name your child you made you name it may god bless you and your child look in the bible there are some great names in there for boys and girls but please let it be your choice and not some stranger on the Internet if u have some older kids let them pick a name for you

Chandi(chan dee) means fierce goddessCheri (sheh REE) means Dear oneSarah means princessElla means Torch, bright lightRaina means queenHayley, Catherine, Sasha, Tara, ,Jollie, KatelynBoysBrendon meand PrinceRyan, Rian, Rex and regis means KingDaniel, Rory, Brodie, Aaron, Desmond, Dustin, Aiden, Jonah, Mycah, Ty, TravisUnisex namesAvery, Morgan, Jordan, Hayden, Harley, Jaiden, Cameron, Sky, Shea, Jaycee, Tyler/Taylor

I selected a few names for my cousin’s children from this list. Check it

Boys:Obediya AllenJuda TylerJonah KeithGirls:Mara ChristineTearza MaeSarah AnneSome names from the bible.the middle names I just picked out randomly.I wasn’t quite sure how to spell Obediya, but it is a really cute name!

Aiden Seth, Amos Micah, Asher Henry, Caleb Boaz, Cedric Noah, Elijah Jethro, Gabriel Wyatt, Jeremy Seamus, Ezra JosephAdele Naomi, Austen Marie, Caroline Tzipporah, Charlotte Delilah, Georgia Susanne, Judith Olivia, Leah Rose, Lydia Josephine, Rebekkah Simone

Xian (As in the Chinese city – alternatively, Sian)Zelka (Yugoslavian)EmilyMiaIsabelle (Princess Mary named her girl that!)AnnaLilyIslaDemiMatildaTillyAlexisZoe (this name is so pretty – i love it when they spell it with the two dots on the top of the o)AvaJamesMatthewDanielAndrewJoshuaCameronRyhsRyanSamSamsonZachThomAlexPatrickTimothyTraditional names are the way to go. People can spell them, they avoid ridicule, and they are beautiful!And you can be 100% sure that they will avoid being labelled trailer trash, or bogans etc., just because of their names!

Nathanial AustinAndrew RayLogan MichaelNicholas AlexChloe MarieSophia GraceAlexia NicoleChelsea DawnHilary Lynn

What girl name and what boy name would you suggest to go with these two names? Josephine (Josie) and VioletThanks!You can suggest more than one if you like, but please stick to the style!
Josephine, Violet and EdwardJosephine, Violet and LewisJosephine, Violet and HughJosephine, Violet and CharlotteJosephine, Violet and AliceJosephine, Violet and Emilia

Josephine, Violet & Edwin.*Josephine, Violet & Oliver.Josephine, Violet & Reid.Josephine, Violet & Simon.Josephine, Violet & Cora.*Josephine, Violet & Audrey.Josephine, Violet & Claire.Josephine, Violet & Daphne.

Love those names!Girls – EloiseEliseMargoAliceElizaMaiaJuneRubyIvyAmeliaLucyRosalieEleanorHazelStellaPhoebePenelopeAudreyAdelaideGeorgiaMollyNoraAnnelieseSylviaTabithaMelindaMatildaMabelAnnabelCoralieBoys -HenrySimonMilesOliverEliasEzekielSamuelMarshallMitchellLelandOwenThomasLyleTheodoreAbraham/AbramDermotSebastianAndrewMaxwellRossClarkByronCalvinLionelReidEdwardAlfieSethDexterNolanKaiPaulConradAmosRomanWesleyGregory

What would your child’s name be? You have 5 children, all born one year apart. You name each based on popular names from the early 1800s. One name from each list for each child! You choose the order, but you have three girls and two boys. Child #1 1801-1810: GIRL: Lydia, Jemima, Phebe, Esther, Mahala, Levinia, Almira, Charity, Millicent, Dahlia, MercyBOY: Hiram, Isaac, Jeremiah, Soloman, Elias, Silas, Luther, Ezra, Child #2 1811-1820GIRL: Melinda, Priscilla, Electa, Sophrona, Permilia, Christin, Ellen BOY:Cyrus, Reuben, Levi, Josiah, Caleb, Oliver, Perry, Lyman, WarrenChild #3 1821- 1830:GIRL: Cynthia, Angel, Cordelia, Josephine, Rox, Parthena, Elvira, Hetty, SabinaBOY: Edwin, Amos, Harvey, Nelson, Hezekiah, Pleasant, Oscar, Lameul, Gideon, Uriah, SethChild #4 1831- 1840:GIRL: Prudence, Minnie, Cornelia, Augustine, America, Hulda, Selina, Kesiah, ElvinaBOY: Ezekial, Horrace, Rufus, Obadiah, Ephraim, Julius, Asa, Sidney, Lafeyette, LeanderChild #5 1841-1850:GIRL: Dahlia, Missouri, Gertrude, Leta, Indiana, Arabella, Fidelia, Melvina BOY: Edwin, Jerome, Winfield, Marion, Uriah, Orin, Monroe, Lucius, Leonidas, Most interesting answers gets 10 points!Mine would be: Lydia MercyLevi OliverJosephine SabinaLeanader CyrusArabella Dahlia
Child 1 – Jeremiah SilasChild 2 – Levi CalebChild 3 = Josephine CynthiaChild 4 = America MinnieChild 5 = Arabella Dahlia

1 – Isaac – I LOVE this name, it’s currently my favourite boys name, so I’m totally happy with that :)#2 – Oliver – I really like this name too :)#3 – Josephine – I don’t love this name, but it’s ok.#4 – Selina – I like this name, but I’d spell it ‘Selena’.#5 – Arabella – This is very pretty, my favourite of the girls’ names!Zac, Ollie, Josie, Lena & Bella

1. GIRL: MercyBOY: none2. GIRL: MelindaBOY: None3. GIRL: SabinaBOY: None4. GIRL: SelinaBOY: None5. GIRL: ArabellaBOY: noneSorry for not choosing a name for any boys. But I didnt like any of the boys names

Child #1Girl: LydiaBoy: IsaacChild #2Girl: MelindaBoy: CalebChild #3Girl: CordeliaBoy: HarveyChild #4Girl: SelinaBoy: SidneyChild #5Girl: ArabellaBoy: Lucius

Isaac JeremiahLevi OliverAngel JosephineSelina PrudenceDahlia ArabellaThis was very fun && interesting(:

First names only:IsaacOliverJosephineSelinaDahliaWith middle names:Isaac SolomanOliver JosiahCynthia JosephineSelina AugustineDahlia Gertrude

Child #1- Lydia for a girl and Issac for a boyChild #2- Ellen for a girl and Oliver for a boyChild #3- Cynthia for a girl and Gideon for a boyChild #4- Cornelia for a girl and Julius for a boyChild #5- Arabella for a girl and Edwin for a boy

Isaac JeremiahOliver CalebCordelia JosephineSelina KesiahArabella Dahlia”Isaac, Ollie, Delia, Selina, and Bella”:)

• Ezra Hiram• Oliver Warren• Sabina Josephine• Minnie Cornelia• Arabella Dahlia”Ezra, Oliver, Sabina, Minnie & Belle”

Lydia MercyCaleb OliverSeth HarveySelina PrudenceArabella DahliaLydia, Caleb, Seth, Lina and Bella.~ A ~

1.Luther Jeremiah ‘Luthe’ for short.Luther sounds so handsome. And strong. And also because of Martin Luther-King. So that would be great with a name similar to him. And Jeremiah is cute, strong and so unique. If Jeremiah was a first name, Jerry would be such a cute nickname.2.Cyrus Oliver.I’ve always loved Cyrus, though I wouldn’t use it. It sounds really handsome, masculine and strong on a man, but for a kid it would also be cute. And Oliver is a bit overused nowadays, but it is still so smart and handsome.3.Harvey Amos.I LOVE Amos, and Harvey. Amos is so sweet, and cute. And Harvey is just. lovely.4.Selina Minnie.Selina’s nice and cute, and Elli or Ella is such a cute nickname. I also like its connection with the goddess of the moon (greek I think. Minnie is sweet, but I’d prefer it to be Hermione, Minnie as a nickname, but Hermione is too ‘famous’ you could say, to be used.5.Leta Dahlia. Don’t especially like most of them. Dahlia’s cute, but too unusual. Leta is sweet though.So. Luthe, Cyrus, Harvey, Elli and Leta. Cute.

• Phoebe Lydia• Levi Warren• Josephine Angel• Ezekiel Leander• Dahlia ArabellaPhoebe, Levi, Josie, Zeke, & Dahlia ?

– Mercy Esther- Reuben Oliver- Cordelia Josephine- Julius Sidney- Dahlia ArabellaI love these names! Thank you!

? Jemima Lydia? Oliver Reuben? Cordelia Josephine? Asa Julius? Dahlia Gertrude —- [Jemima, Ollie, Cora, Asa + Dell]?


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