Andrew Stockdale – Joker & The Thief

The Joker Pencil Trick &Mob Scene

Digital sheet music source: Andrew Stockdale – Joker & The Thief

Batman: Arkham Origins – All Joker Scenes

All of the major scenes with the Joker in Arkham Origins. If I included all of the small dialogue with him talking through a speaker the video would be super…

origin of the joker? im not a comic nerd or anything but it seems like every bad guy has some dramatic story on how he became the bad guy, how did the joker become the joker?

Digital sheet music source: Andrew Stockdale – Joker & The Thief

He fell into a chemical waste tank while trying to escape from Batman in an early episode. Later we learn that he was the same criminal who murdered Batman’s (Bruce Wayne’s) parents in a botched robbery while Bruce was a youngster. Of course, this is kind of messed up with the appearance in the new movie of the two of them being around the same age.

Depending on what era of time there are a couple variations on it. In the Killing Joke, he was a comedian that was trying to help his family (wife and unborn child) survive by helping criminals rob an old plant he worked for. But instead they try to frame him by making him wear the Red Hood costume. When Batman sees them, he goes after him since he’s wearing the red hood. He jumps in a river, that’s laced with chemicals. Which bleaches his skins, and turns his hair green. Also giving him a grin from ear to ear. His wife dies before accepting the job with the criminals, he continues to pay for a good funeral. He and Batman both had one bad day, that ruined everything.

The Joker was borned in the comics the moment he fells to a tank full of chemicals and emerges from it. In the “killing Joke”, the Joker was said to be a chemical ingenier (full name unknown, just we know he was called Jack) who quit his job in order to become a stand up comedian but ended up failing miserably. He had a pregnant wife so in order to support her and his future son, he decided to aid a bunch of criminals to rob the factory where he worked and gather enough money to start fresh. However, before the rob, his wife died on an accident and was forced to partcipate in the crime when he tried to back down. The robbers dress him as the Red Hook, a notorious criminal, in order to frame him but it all ended up bad and they all guned down except for Jack, who jump to chemical wastes when Batman apeared and came to catch him. When he emerged from the chemicals, his skin was bleached white and his hair turns green. His new apearence, plus the death of his wife and unborned child, made him go crazy and the Joker was borned. That is the main story of his origin. One of the answers said the Joker killed Batman’s parents, but that is completly incorrect since that never happens in the comics, that only happened in Burton’s film which was VERY inacurate. The Joker and Batman have always been around the same age in the comics which was kind of messed up by Burton who presented him as a generation older.It must be mentioned that even though the killing joke is the accepted Joker’s origin, it has to be taken in consideration that part of it might be just the Joker’s imagination (since the whole comic book was the Joker’s story), even the Joker himself says in regard to his past “Sometimes I remember it one way, and sometimes another way”. However if I remeber correctly, he did have a wife which died according to another comic, don’t know which one.This is the one of the reasons why the Joker is the nemesis of Batman since both share a tragic day in their lives which defined who they would become in the future: Batman a hero, The Joker a monster.

Batman One-Shots With The Joker? Please, could you list batman one-shot comics about the joker, apart from The Man Who Laughs and The Killing Joke? Thank you 🙂
Joker (Graphic novel)Greatest Joker stories ever toldBatman: I, JokerEmperor JokerJoker: Devil’s advocateBatman/Dark Joker: The wildJoker: Last laugh secret files and originBatman: Joker’s apprenticeBatman/Joker: SwitchDC 1st: Batgirl/Joker

New Joker for upcoming Batman Films? OK so the last person to recently play the Joker was Heath Ledger, and IMO he did a fantastic job at it. Anyways unfortunately life has it weird twist and turns and Heath Ledger died shortly before the film came out. So who do you guys think would play a better Joker if they were to Make a new Film about Batman! This does not include the Upcoming Dark Knight Rises, i know that the villains there will be Catwomen and Blane.But who do you think could play a new Joker, what actor right now do you think could play Joker very well? I believe that if Ledger hadn’t died, he would have replayed Joker and would have been the first actor to do it!PS: do you think that they should make a new Cartoon series where the Joker is based of off the Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight! Thanks!Bane, MY BAD!!
Honestly, I think the Batman movies will be up in the air for a while again, after “The Dark Knight Rises”, which is said to be director Nolan’s last film on the subject. The thing of it is: this whole current “realistic Batman” thing (which is evolving into a “realistic DCU” take as we speak, with Nolan’s overseeing the next Superman reboot), is Nolan’s idea.I doubt Christian Bale would stick around under a different director, ditto with the fight choreography and/or martial arts training, and a lot of the other pieces of it.So to put it politely, a lot of this is going to depend on the director and his vision of the film. Would the new director stick with a realistic, gritty take on the mythos, or would he “cash in” and go for the silly sh=t, in other words? The director ends up having a big say who the lead–in this case the Batman–is in the movie, so it matters. Ditto with the lead villain.And that’s one more catch–who says the bad guy in a Batman film always has to be the Joker? It’s an obsession bordering on a fixation really, on a par with Lex Luthor showing up _every last time_ in a Superman film. If a “realistic Batman” style take on the Joker can work, it can work for _Any_ of the other villains, yes, even Bane.But yeah, a _Lot_ of it depends on who would direct the next film after “Rises”. And I _do_ have someone in mind, one moment.I had to look the guy’s name up, sorry.Matthew Goode. The guy who played Ozymandias in the “Watchmen” movie. Him.I think he has what it takes to be the Joker in something like a “realistic Batman” scenario. He seems to have the right body for the role. In addition, he knows how to play the villain, how to be cerebral and slick. And at the same time he seems to know how to portray being totally disconnected, and dissociated from the consequences of his actions–crucial for a complete lunatic like Mr. J. Even if, say, the Joker had just walked out of the revolving door of Arkham Asylum a “new man” and “completely rehabilitated”. Whatever that means.Of course this presumes a “realistic Batman” scenario under a good director, and a person in the Batman role worthy of the cowl. That assumes a lot.I hope this helps though. Thanks for your patience. ^__^


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