John Henry – music Folk

‘John Henry’ BIG BILL BROONZY (1951) Country Blues Guitar Legend

” John Henry ” (1951) The ” RED HOT BLUES ” (1925-1945) Texas Alexander Pink Anderson Kokomo Arnold Barbecue Bob Scrapper Blackwell Black Ace Ed Bell Blind B…

Downloadable music scores: John Henry – music Folk

Joe Bonamassa- “The Ballad of John Henry” (live) Bayou Music Center Houston Texas Nov 27, 2013

Joe Bonamassa ends the concert with this song.The Ballad of John Henry is the seventh studio album by American blues rock musician Joe Bonamassa. Produced by…

what is folk music and what are some examples?

Downloadable music scores: John Henry – music Folk

“Folk”=people. “the people’s music”. Based upon a tradition of handing down songs from one person to another that addressed the day-to-day concerns of working people, especially as expansion in this country happened, although there is folk music delineating the struggle of working class people in other countries as well which however is not always called “folk” as we do here. Basically—take a song like “John Henry Was a Steel-Drivin’ Man”, written in the 1800’s, or more accurately, handed from player to player in the 1800’s, since there were no record stores and working class people working menial jobs couldn’t have afforded records had they existed yet anyway. The song is played around a fire. Then someone that heard it there travels on and plays around a fire somewhere else. Soon, everybody has their own version of the song, based on the original. This continued for awhile. By the 1930’s, folk music found its way, as working class people had, to enclaves of hobos and homeless people affected by the Great Depression. They would play the old songs handed down, and come up with new ones, which were handed around. Woody Guthrie was one of the most famous. By the 1950’s, with the advent of widespread radio and recorded music, new artists influenced by the rich tradition of folk music started playing it with an eye towards getting a record contract. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez are big names there. Folk music became even more of a catalouge of social protest and stories of the underclass. Then it became big on the radio and on record. Radio and record, which led to our digital age now, monopolized the spread of music through corporate interests. Folk music became a “sound”, usually represented by a guitar without much extra instrumentation, although the old time folk singers sometimes even used handmade instruments, and the point was less how you played it, it was the fact that you WERE playing it and spreading the message of the song. Now, obviously, there is no folk music. Perhaps the crust punks and others who hop trains around the country or are homeless pass around new songs that the rest of us haven’t heard, but it seems doubtful. Sorry about length, but it needs to be clearly explained so that the answer can be–Folk music WAS a concept, more than a definable audio genre. Examples would include Guthrie’s “This Land is My Land”, the aforementioned “John Henry.”, Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind”, or any song from the founding of this country up until about 1970 that traveled its course mainly through word of mouth or players teaching each other the song and passing it down or around. After 1970, that paradigm pretty much ceased to exist.

What is Folk music ? What is folk music, Where does it originate from,what instrument does it typically use, are there different types ?Thanx 🙂
Here’s an song btw, that girl is very talented.

Listen to Simon & Garfunkel (they are generally considered folk music)I don’t really have a proper answer to your question though because I’m not too sure of the definition of it myself either.

folk originated from blues/ african american roots. it is characterized by being mainly acoustic with clean (un-tampered with vocals. the themes are ususally nature, love, politics etc

Folk music is music that is often used to tell stories about tribes or nations of people. For instance Danny boy could be considered folk, but so could yankee doodle. wiki does a good job describing it.

folk music is a large catagory, like jazz or classical. and it depends on what country you are from. folk is just that, themusic of the folks in a nation, the traditional songs of years ago before the recording of songs. America is like any other country we have our own folk songs, like ih suzanna, and the erie canal, they told stories of life, events, and human tragedy mostly, many are steeped in legends and facts as well, like John Henry or wreck of the old 97. modern folk often called beatnik or even hippy pop, is not true folk, it;s just it’s not country with the twang and southern influence, but mostly acoustical and with some traditional folk stylings added. in the 60s it wa very political, today it seems centered on self examination and confused personal views , pretty self centered. trafitional country, wa for all people, of all ages, and all regions of the nation, it wa a collective way of relating events and stories in song. Appalacia ws a bigsource of the folk msic, people in the tennessee and hills of west viginia , they came from personal experiences in hardships, from hrd times, and were from the heart. we really can’t make music like that today, no matter how hard things get, they will never be like it was, it wa a different time and people. and those smokey mountain people just seem to have the voice and insight, and that in a nut shell is american folk music.

Each country in this world does have their own folk music styles and instruments that are indigenous for just that area. It can be just anything from the tribal chants in Africa to salsa/merengue from Cuba and so forth. Many do call the music also “world” music, but that category also includes the various “melting pots” of music that combine various styles from various countries together.

To quote Louis Armstrong “All music is folk music. I never heard a horse sing.”Folk music is no more than the music of the ordinary people and has roots in every culture. There is no common root though modern communications have given us access to more sources throughout the world. It is the music of the hunting party, the victorious warrier, the farm labourer, the factory worker, the washer women, the drinking party. It is the music of festivals that mark significant events and the music of human relationships. It is a way of recording for posterity the stories of the people, their battles and their joy. It’s history is unwritten because it predates writing.Of course folk music has continued to develop over the years though was still not always written down even though literacy became common. Mostly, songs were learnt by sharing and listening and were passed on in much the same way, maybe changed a little at each transfer which is how we sometimes come to have many different versions of the same song.The genre of music known as ‘folk’ spawned modern variants, inspired by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Cisco Huston and many others. Perhaps the best known is Bob Dylan whose style went on to depart from what many would regards as ‘folk’ but there were many others who continued with the traditional style of folk music from their own (or another) culture as well as those who followed a more modern, mass media based approach.In any given culture, there may be particular instruments associated with the traditional peformance of the music of the simple people and there may well be rhythmic and tonal tradtions too. Since folk music has so many independent roots, it would be misleading to generalise. Some cultures might tend towards the easy comfort of a pentatonic scale while, to others, that would be too sparse and lacking in richness. Folk music predates guitars and banjos or any such complicated, expensive instruments. Originally it would have been the music of the voice and the stomping foot. Maybe, in more relaxed times, it would have included percussive instruments or basic plucked instruments. In modern times, it is easy to associate guitars, banjos, flageolets, pipes and so on with folk music though we have to be aware that is a very selective view of the world.That is the challenge of defining folk music. It has no agreed definition and it has many intertwining threads of tradition. You could describe the characteristics of folk music from a particular culture but it would not necesarily be an accurate representation of the music from all cultures. In the end, what is or is not folk music comes down to a matter of opinion. Were Fairport Convention folk musicians and, if so, were the Rolling Stones? You could make a case for both.

Folk music is music indiginous to a particular area or country , played on usually acoustic instruments , often story or every day life based.Example of English–The-Best-Of-English-Folk-Boxed-Set-?albumId=53485Irish–The-Rocky-Road-To-Dublin-Boxed-Set-?albumId=54707Scottish–The-Best-Of-Scottish-Folk-Boxed-Set-?albumId=54723


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