Jersey Girl by Tom Waits

Jersey Girl – Tom Waits

I got no time for the corner boys Down in the street making all that noise Don’t want no whores on eighth avenue ‘Cause tonight I wanna be with you Tonight I…

This title is available as instant sheet music download: Jersey Girl by Tom Waits

Tom Waits – Jersey Girl

How do i start up a paintball team? i have some friends that are willing to play paintball (btw im a girl) and we were thinking about starting a paintball team because were in love with it. its soo much fun. so does anyone have any tips on how we can do that or anything related to girls & paintball teams?

This title is available as instant sheet music download: Jersey Girl by Tom Waits

To be honest its a lot easier to join established teams to see how things work but if your adamant you want to create your own team this is what to do.Everyone on your team needs to have enough money to practice every two weeks, there is nothing more frustrating than having people pull out due to lack of funds.Get in touch with local sites that have sup air and ask how much it would cost for your team to train there, if they know your a team you will have reduced rates and cost far less. once your there you can ask the site owner to put you in touch with teams of a similar level.Because your girls you gotta be prepared to get some stick from some people as they think girls cant play. Just ignore them and show them how good you are.EquipmentIf you wanna look like a proper team matching kit is always good.Goggles- Dye i3’s and Dye i4’s are both amazing masks that ive previously used or a cheap alternative that’s just as good V-force Profilers.HPA- a hpa tank is very important and rather than getting a cheap steel one wait some time and get a carbon fiber one its much better trust me. Look at Ninja tanks there amazing.Hopper- If your in a Budget get the invert too its amazing for the price. If you’ve got some money to spend definitely consider the Dye Rotor The Empire Prophecy and the Pinokio all of them are fantastic hoppers.Marker- Id suggest the Proto PMR 09 i say 09 because they didn’t rele change the 10, or the New Etek 3 looks like a good solid marker.Also consider The G3 , vibe, PM8 , Azodin BlitzPants & Jerseys- as long as they match you will be good but you cant go wrong with the usual companies like Dye, Proto, Planet Eclipse. All there gear is top class.Pack- For packs i never really look to anyone else but NXE they make the best packs around for a good price, but most major companies make their own.You must be organized! if you want people to take you seriously be organized get there early, show people you are egar to play.When talking to people be polite , it gets you a long way trust me. If you lose don’t shout and scream just walk off, no one likes bad sportsmanship.Lastly the name, now don’t go pick a stupid random silly name cause if its silly people wont take you seriously. Look at all the top teams they’ve got serious names. Just think when they call your team over by Tannoy is Anal but munchers gonna sound that great? Pick something short simple and t the point.Hope this helps Tom

I need a good Male song/piece for an audition for Thoroughly Modern Millie. Have any suggestions? Auditions are next wednesday! I am a Tenor/Baritone! Thoroughly Modern Millie is uptempo and jazzy, so something similar to that. Also a Classical Ballad would work! Please help!
WHY do you people all wait until just a few days before an audition to learn a song for that audition? Just sing something you already know because you don’t have the time to learn ANY song good enough for an audition in just a few days.. let alone TWO. There is a big difference between SINGING a song and PERFORMING a song.. you do know that. right? Anyway, here are some great MALE SOLOS for AuditionsA FELLOW NEEDS A GIRL.. AllegroA MAN OF HIGH DEGREE. Strike up the BandAFTER SHOCKS. Next to NormalAIN’T LIFE FINE.. Adventures of Tom SawyerALONE IN THE UNIVERSE. Seusical the MusicalALWAYS A WOMAN. 9 to 5ANATIEVKA.. Fiddler on the RoofANOTHER CURTAIN GOES UP.. Fame becomes MeANTHEM. Chess in ConcertAPPLAUSE. ApplauseARTIFICIAL FLOWERS.. TenderloinBE MY BRIDE.. CelebrationBEING ALIVE. Company BRING HIM HOME.. Les Miserables\BLUE MOON.. Words and MusicCALIFORNIA SUN.. EnronCAMELOT. CamelotCAN’T TAKE MY EYES IFF YOU.. Jersey BoysCHARLIE MY BOY. Big DealCLAP YO’ HANDS. Oh Kay CONSIDER YOURSELF.. OliverDENTIST (THE. Little Shop of HorrorsDIXIE’S LAND. Little house on the prairie musicalDOCTOR JAZZ.. Jelly’s Last StandDON’T WALK AWAY. XanaduDOWN TO THE WATER SIDE.. KristinaEASE ON DOWN THE ROAD. The WizELECTRICITY. Billy ElliotEVERYTHING SCATTER. RaceFALLIN’. They’re playing our songFREEDOM . ShenandoahFIFTY MILLION FRENCHMEN..You don’t know PareeFEELING GOOD.. The Roar of the GreasepaintFOR NOW.. Avenue QFORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE.. AidaFREAK. TabooGIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY.. George MGOD, THAT’S GOOD.. Sweeney ToddGOLDEN RAINBOW.. Golden RainbowGOOD BYE OLD GIRL.. Damn YankeesGOOD OLD RELIABLE JAKE.. Evil DeadGOV’MENT. Big RiverI CAN’T RECALL. Tale of tow CitiesI COULD WRITE A BOOK. Pal JoeyI MISS THE MUSIC. CurtainsI MUST GET ON THAT SHIP.. TitanicI WANT TO GO HOME. BigI WON’T SEND ROSES.. Mack and Mabe;IF I KNEW. The Unsinkable Molly BrownI’LL SHOW YOU GUYS.. The Cradle will RockINTO THE FIRE. Scarlette PimpernelIT DON’T MEAN A THING. SwingIT JUST AIN’T ME.. The Adventures of Tom SawyerIT TAKES TWO. HairsprayI’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING.. Come Fly AwayI’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER. Little MeJUST TRUE. YankKNOW YOUR ENEMY.. American IdiotLET IT SING. VioletLET’S GO FLY A KITE. Mary PoppingLITTLE JAZZ BAND. Lady be GoodLOST.. HonkLOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING. Aspects of LoveLUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD.. Pardon my EnglishLUCKY TO BE ME.. On the TownMACK THE KNIFE.. The three penny operaMAN OF LA MANCHA.. Man of La ManchaMARATHON Jacque Brel is alive and wellMARRE ME A LITTLE. Putting it TogetehrMARTA.. Kiss of the Spider WomanMIDNIGHT RADIO.. Hedwich and the angry InchMINE ALONE.. Acorn AntiquesMOVIN’ OUT. Movin’ Out’MY FAVORITE VALENTINE. Babes in ArmsNEST TIME. Closer than EverNO STRINGS. No StringsNOSE SONG. CyranoON THE CORNER OF RUE CAMBON. CocoONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY.. Where’s CharlieONCE UPON A TIME.. All AmericanONE SONG GLORY.. RentPARIS BY NIGHT. Victor VictoriaPART OF IT ALL. Title of ShowPINBALL WIZARD. Pinball WizardPUT ON YOUR SUNDAY CLOTHERS.. Hello DollyQUASIMODO.. When Pigs FlyRAZZLE DAZZLE.. ChicagoREQUIEM/WHAT A CIRCUS. EvitaSCRAP. The Full MontySCRATCH MY ITCH.. MemphisSHOES UNDER THE TABLE.. Blood BrothersSILLY LOVE SONG. Moulin RougeSIXTEEN TONS. Forever PlaidSMOKE GET’S IN YOUR EYES. RoberttaSOME GIRLS. Once upon this IslandSOME GIRLS CAN BAKE A PIE.. Of thee I SingSPANISH HARLEM.. Smokey Joe’s CafeSPRINGTIME FOR HITLER.. Ther ProducersSTAN’ UP AND FIGHT.. Carmen JonesSTEPPIN’ OUT WITH MY BABY.. Easter ParadeSTRIKE UP THE BAND. My One and OnlySWEET TRANSVESTITE.. Rocky Horror Picture ShowTAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.. Cabin in the SkyTHANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS.. Gigi THE BRAIN.. The Young FrankensteinTHE CALLING. Altar BoyzTHE COLORS OF MY LIFE.. BarnumTHE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.. Man of La ManchaTHE MOON AND ME.. The Addams Family MUsicalTHE OLD RED HILLS OF HOME. ParadeTHE SONG THAT GOES LIKE THIS. SpamalotTHE YANKEE DOODLE BOY. Yankee Doodle DandyTHIRTEEN/BECOMING A MAN 13 the MusicalTHIS IS THE MOMENT.. Jekyll and HydeTILL I HEAR YOU SING.. Love Never DiesT-R-O-U-B-L-E. Urban cowboyWHY GOD WHY. Miss SaigonYOU COULD DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY.. PippinYOUR FEETS TOO BIG.. Ain’t MisbehavinWARN ME WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS.. Green DayWELCOME HOME. FannyWHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I. Stop the world


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