Jah Live (Perry)

LEE “Scratch” PERRY”Jah? Live”- Live @ Reggae On / Cz?stochowa 2012

Legenda reggae LEE PERRY na Reggae On w Cz?stochowie 2012 11.05.2012. Migawki z pobytu artysty w Polsce.

See and download Jah Live (Perry) music score

Lee Perry – Jah Live – Live @ Live Club 3-2-11

Lee Perry – Jah Live – Live @ Live Club 3-2-11.

Rock. and. pop? The ‘Toes made it to level 4! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Aren’t you proud of me. Since the sum total of my existence is to make you proud. There may be a poem about this later. Tee hee hee!BQ: Okey dokey. Let’s say, we all live on Planet Mergenlergenbergendorfle. And on this planet, things that we consider quite mainstream are actually very obscure and vice versa. That’s right, people who listen to virtually unkown artists enjoy Britney Spears, and Lil Wayne, while the vast majority of people listen to. I don’t know. the most obscure indie, metal, altenative and punk bands you can think of. And let’s say you had no knowledge of the way music works here on Earth and were born on Planet Mergenlergenbergendorfle. Would you listen to mainstream music, because you like the music? Or would it be part of you nature to go against the norm and listen to not so mainstream music. meaning you’d listen to Katy Perry and Justin Beiber. Make sense, jah?^^^Tee hee hee. That was pretty good one, right?^^^

See and download Jah Live (Perry) music score

As cute as your question is, and I do get it, I still would rather listen to METAL than anything else.And you did make me proud, Congrats ‘Toes!!

I would listen to the Indie Rock and Metal music on both planets. Because Katty Perry and Lil Wayne and Britney Spears, are so artifical. There not even good to me, and they dont even right there own songs. Metal, Rock n Roll and Indie should rock on forever and forever

Congratualtions Fingertoes!BQ: Interesting question. I think I would probably listen to the same stuff that I listen to now. I listen to both mainstream music and other music that may not be so well known. What other people listen to doesn’t really come into the equation for me personally. Good question though.

Congrats![instert rhyming thing here]D:BA: OOOH, I LOVE THAT PLANET NAME. sorry. I’ll start reading the rest..xD. Interesting.I’d still listen to what I like. I mean, i personally don’t understand the whole “mainstream must suck BECAUSE it’s mainstream” and “Indie is good BECAUSE it’s Indie”. I’d actually give a lot for my favorite bands to become more mainstream.more tours and less vacant looks when I mention them.’twas a good one. :3.

Fin.ger.toes? Congratulations on getting to L4!I am open to 90% of music that’s anywhere, so sorry to bore you, but my attitudes wouldn’t change even if I was a Mergenlergenbergendorflette. I had to C & P that then.Mikhaela

haha check this outanswers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ah4Sq5vOoff.6MnNsTWjU5jsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091221231011AAC9YDtany way. i think i’d listen to what i listen toright now. because i like what i listen toand wish others did tocause that’d be good

😀 super proud! well done! :DBA- I would listen to what I listen to now! I don’t care whether it’s “mainstream” or not; music I love is what I’ll always listen to! Nice question, though!

Congratulations ( =BQ: Well if obscure rock/metal bands were popular, then the majority of the population on Planet Mergenlergenbergendorfle would all be a rock/metal gang of people. I doubt music like Katy Perry and Justin Beiber would even exist because those types of artists only want to appeal to what the audience wants. If that was the case, then Katy Perry and Justin Beiber would attempt to be rock artists and that would create a whole genre of terrible rock music . But, anyway I’d listen to the mainstream music ( =

Real trolls are level 1 due to the constant asking of questions. But then again, you’re not really a real troll.


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