J. Lennon (John Lennon: (Just Like) Starting Over)

John Lennon – Just Like Starting Over (Demo)

An early version of one of John’s finest songs. Great live sound! šŸ™‚

Download and print J. Lennon (John Lennon: (Just Like) Starting Over) sheet music

Just Like Starting Over John Lennon Martin 1972 D-28 ??? Takeshi Furusawa

f-takeshi.jp/ twitter.com/Takefully facebook.com/furusawatakeshi ??????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????? Martin 1972 D-28 ?????? NEUM…

I want to start a revolution. But I don’t know what to start one about. Any ideas? Like Che Guevara and John Lennon :DAny ideas?

Download and print J. Lennon (John Lennon: (Just Like) Starting Over) sheet music

people start revolutions because they find something that they find a problem with. If you cant think of anything, then why even start one. If you cant think of anything, then something someone else suggests will not motivate you nearly as much or inspire you nearly as much to help push that revolution.

Try flying cars being invented or maybe a machine that purifies the Earth, I don’t know these ideas are on the tip of my tongue.

Think of something you don’t like or have a problem with like racism or something like that but it has to be something you Truly care about.

Ok, i’m going to answer this from two angles, so bear with me.1st angle: Revolutions are started because people find something wrong with their situation, government, or whatever else. Starting a revolution simply for the sake of revolting is not only pointless, it also goes against all that a good revolution stands for.2nd angle: However, if you must revolt for whatever personal reasons you find, a good idea would be to read the book Ishmael and springboard from there. That should give you a VERY good thing to revolt from.Also, no matter how you revolt, peaceful revolution is substantially more effective than violent revolt. So no matter what you decide, make it peaceful (be the next Lennon, not Che)

Contrary to popular beliefs, Che didn’t ‘start’ a revolution. He merely was a starring figure in it. The revolution started without him. It was a ‘peoples’ revolution,they needed a figurehead. He was handsome, intelligent,and a great leader. Dear old Mr. Lennon was assassinated before he could really have more effect. It was one of the last crimes committed by the late crossdressing fascist,J. Edgar Hoover. A revolution is best created by ALL, for the good of ALL , otherwise you are just a lone wolf terrorist. If only half of the people want to fight the other half,that’s a civil war, not a revolution. Yes, a single person could do something so friggin horrendous that it could spark a civil war in America, but what would ‘winning’ look like?

WOW..Big difference.Che Guevara and John Lennon.One a man of peace and a great artist, John Lennon, and the other an idiot!Let’s get a revolution going against people who r ill informed!

Why are the names of most music legends start with ‘J’? John Lennon , Jimi Hendrix , Jim Morrison , Janis Joplin , Johnny Rotten , Joe Strummer John Paul Jones , Jimmy Page . I am not talking about every music legend , just some of them.
Think about the possible past consequences of the following unreal events. In your opinion, what would have ha? Think about the possible past consequences of the following unreal events. In your opinion, what would have happened if .1- the campaign for direct presidential elections in Brazil hadn’t taken place in 1984 ?2- John Lennon hadn’t been killed ?3- Brazil had been settled by the English ?4- dinosaurs hadn’t become extinct ?5- penicilin hadn’t been discovered ?6- Princess Isabel hadn’t abolisged slavery ?7- the Berlin Wall hadn’t been destroyed ?8- terrorists hadn’t attacked the World Trade Center in NYC ?9- Hitler’s idea hadn’t been supported ?10- the telephone hadn’t been invented ?
(needed to truncate, Answer hitches)1–All other things being equal, Brasil would have had direct elections at some point anyway. The broad historical trend with Latin American countries has always been to a) break free of colonial influence, b) enter a “strong man period”, then c) work towards democracy and human rights without giving “those yankees” one bit of credit. Brasil might have ended up more socialist though as Venezuela did.2–Without the deaths of John Lennon or J.F. Kennedy, the 1960s as culture and politics (respectively) would not have ended. Or at least it wouldn’t have died as quietly as it did. With just a Lennon survival, however, this mainly would have made the 1970s _even more_ glaringly hippified and counter-cultural than it was, which in turn would have made the Reagan-Fox News-led backlash in the 1980s all the worse.3–An English Brasil? Slavery might have ended sooner there and later in the United States, if the former American colonies still had trade relations. Basically, it would have amounted to the slave trade moving elsewhere instead of ending in the Western Hemisphere when it did. 4–A world with dinosaurs is a world where mammals can’t really occupy many daylight niches. We would be slow lorises, and slow.5–A world without penicillin would be a world that took two steps backwards with medical care–we’d have the hygiene to prevent infection, but have to give up on patients that had active infections already. More people would die, get disfigured, and have amputations to deal with. The survivors would be uglier, more likely to be missing things.but perhaps otherwise healthier thanks to a lack of anti-biotic resistance in diseases down the line when _other_ such drugs are finally invented.6–If the European abolishment of slavery hadn’t happened, there’d be no pressure for it to end anywhere else. It would more or less be a fact of life all the way until the 21st century, when people would just get fed up and flat-out ask, “Why do we do this? Was the end of the Jews not enough? Was the end of the Native American, Australian aboriginal, native African, not enough? Why do we grind other people underfoot until they drop dead? They’re people, not horses.”And the conversation would happen in a newspaper of an old-fashioned sort because the use of slavery would have kept things _primitive_ technologically for a long time.7–The only way the Berlin Wall could have stayed up, is if Gorbachev had never assumed power, and if Glastnost had never been a thing (opening up freedom of speech). Under those circumstances, and given what we know of how Russians act even _with_ freedom? Odds are we’d be in the middle of a decades-long-nuclear winter right now, and mostly dead for it.8–A world without 9-11 would have made Big Oil and Big Banking sad indeed. But most of America would remain happy and stalwart in their use and defense of the Internet Economy–and eventually the Bush-sponsored “bubble talk” would stop as more Venture Capital hit the system. This would have been a good thing for at least the next 10 years, until some other part of the world destabilized and went mad. If 9-11 hadn’t hit here, it might have hit in China, thanks to India’s nuclear arsenal and radical elements on both Muslim and Rammist sides.9–Which one? He had so many bad ideas that this is too vague to answer. In general though, a world without Hitler makes Europe more Jewish, and possibly more wealthy. It also shifts where the bigotry in society goes as well.10–No telephone means tech stagnates at the telegraph, and including radio. Possibly, interest in tech never starts–cars are ignored. History ends in late 1800s with the Robber Barons.


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