Rose – It Happened In Monterey

It Happened In Monterey (Mabel Wayne-William Rose)

This song, which emanated from Universal’s feature film ‘King of Jazz’ became a long lasting standard. The composer was Brooklyn-born Mabel Wayne, with a lyr…

You can download the sheet music from the video: Rose – It Happened In Monterey

Adrian rose Conn trinidad 4 it happened in monterey

Are there any good parts of Los Angeles? I might go to LA in a year or two for acting. Are there any good areas in Hollywood or right near it? Or places to not go to?

You can download the sheet music from the video: Rose – It Happened In Monterey

No, there are no good parts to Los Angeles.All the celebrities and multi-millionaires that call Los Angeles home, live in slums and ghettos. All the nice areas of Los Angeles that you see on tv and in the movies is just another one of those Hollywood facades.

I live in LA and I love every part of it, I don’t know if you would though. If you want to live here, I would suggest not living downtown. I would move somewhere maybe in the LA County. Some counties are Pasadena, Glendale, Arcadia, Santa Monica, Malibu, Sierra Madre, etc. DON’T GO TO HOLLYWOOD. Hollywood is terrible! People who have never been to Hollywood think it’s a dream place but honestly it is such a bad area. I only love it here because I grew up here. Basically if you didn’t grow up here, you’d probably hate it, but I love it.

The Westside is considered the “good part” of L.A. It includes West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, the Hils, etc. Here’s a webpage with a list of the neighborhoods/communities of the Hollywood, which is adjacent to Hollywood, is a very good area. down the coastline, Santa Monica is a good area. Verdes is possibly the best residential area in up the coastline, Malibu is beyond,_CaliforniaThe areas to avoid: downtown, East L.A. the south, central, and south-central areas and any area with a heavily ethnic population.

95% of LA is great. The bad part are very small compared to the size of the city. And they are obvious just to look at them.As far as trying to break into acting there is no one good lace. There is only one major studio in the Hollywood area. The rest are scattered all over. The single largest production area is actually the city of Burbank.And Burbank is a nice safe place to live.

Cruise along Motor Ave. south of Century City. Cruise down Esplanade through South Redondo. Cruise most anywhere through South Pasadena. Especially take Monterey Road from there through San Marino.

Most of LA is good.but LA is so overrated. Everyone wants to become an actor/actress/singer/’s not should have something to fall back on..go to college first

Naah, it’s like Detroit with sunshine.Just kidding. There wouldn’t be nearly 4 million people living in the city if it didn’t have some desirable spots.

Hollywood is really ugly and you could get stabbed by the hobos there (no joke look it up it happened and its a problem). Go with protection or in groups. LA is mostly beautiful but it does have its areas. Avoid Skid Row as well. And the Figueroa/Olympic areas. Most of Olympic Blvd is ugly.@ Dresden Rose: Just because its an ethnic place doesn’t mean its unsafe. East Los Angeles (after Indiana) is very safe and there are lots of ethnic communities throughout LA like Little Armenia, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Monterey Park that do not suffer high crime. Los Angeles is an ETHNIC CITY.

Anyplace with hand-pumped well water. That’s the best place to be.Everything else is a desert supported by distant water sources and machine powered pumps. Welcome to the end of a Cheap Oil Age.

Any suggestions on affordable wedding locations in and around Los Angeles? Hello everybody, I am turning into the crazy bride to be over a location. We do not have a big budget, we do not even have an okay budget, and looking at places around Los Angeles has been really painful. I just cannot afford $18,000 even though it includes the food, and the cake. That is just not going to happen. I am looking for gardens, parks, halls, anything nice. I have many plans on cutting the expense with decorations and cake and all that, its just this location that is driving me crazy. thanks for all your help!
my cousin got married last year in Santa Fe Springs in a park like reception. They had the ceremony at the same place.It wasn’t bad.. i don’t think they had the money’s called Clark Estates in Santa Fe Springs Ca.near Norwalk.hope this helps and good luck.

You should ask on There are local boards for all over the country and specifically Los Angeles. Those girls know it all!

Yeah, LA is expensive when it comes to wedding locations. The cheapest we found was the Grace Simons Lodge in Elysian Park. I particularly didn’t like it, it was a little too casual for the price ($2,000). But there are areas in the park that’s nice. Another cheap place is the rose garden in Exposition Park. They have a lot of rules, so that might be an issue. I would also look into restaurants. I know Patina has a restaurant downtown that has space for a ceremony and reception, which is the ideal thing to do in order to save money. You should also check out Wattles Mansion and the Oviatt. We ended up splurging on our location: the Marvimon in Chinatown. It’s expensive, but the location is perfect for our style and what we want to do. And it’s close to our apartment!It’s great that you’re already thinking of ways to stay within budget. Here are some tips I’ve learned:1) Look on everyday for wedding supplies. I got all my reception decor for $40 by doing that. Just do a search on “wedding”. You can also find a wedding dress, too.2) Get real familiar with the flowermart downtown. The flowers are wholesale and you’ll be able to find just about anything. Also, instead of spending $100 on a bouquet, I got instructions online on how to do this. I’ve been practicing and it’s pretty easy to do!3) Depending on the style of dress you want, consider getting it made. There are shops in Monterey Park that can replicate any dress starting at $500. Luckily, I got my dress from one of those Ebay shops in China for $40 and it’s gorgeous! That’s also an option.4) Use online forums to get recommendations on vendors. and are much better than know this is a lot more info than you wanted, but every bit helps, right?

Ashleigh, can you narrow down what PART of L.A.? City specific? Obviously, it makes a big difference in our recommendations. I think you’re on the right track with Dept. of Parks and Rec. – good way to go. Think outside the box, for sure. How big a wedding are you trying to do? Is outside okay? Do you have to have booze? Is afternoon okay? does it need to be at night? Must it be a Saturday? If you can narrow down some of these things it will help a LOT with finding he RIGHT place, believe it or not. I KNOW you can do it, The Southland is full of places – we can find you one! I need to know if I’m looking in Reseda or Redondo though.Rev. Robert here has lots listed – also look at

This park is by me in Long Beach and they have lots of weddings –


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