It Once Was My Life (Van Morrison)

Van Morrison – It Once Was My Life

Spring In My Heart – Live At Montreux 1997 – CD 1 – Track 7.

You can download the score from the video: It Once Was My Life (Van Morrison)

Van Morrison – It once was my life – live 2001

Van live in Poland with this song from “the Healing Game” cd. Copyright lyrics and music Exile.

How can I really focus on college? i really want to do good in college, but i have always had a problem with studying, in high scool i didnt do bad i had about an 80-85 avg. but i never really studied i tried but i just ended up like not doing it. how do i make sure i dont do this in college? dont say i wont get anywhere in life without college, i know that, any study tips?

You can download the score from the video: It Once Was My Life (Van Morrison)

I was the same way in high school and I never really did my best. I started developing an interest in finding new music a few years ago when I started college and I find that it really helps take away the boredom from homework for me personally. I’m doing much better in college than high school with much harder material. Other than that tip I would say that you should keep a list of what things are coming up in each class and then make a conscious decision to just put your head down and do what you know you need to do. Cross each thing off the list that you complete.It’s usually best to be familiar with music before you use it to do homework just because it is difficult to focus on homework when you are listening to unfamiliar music. I often have marathon homework sessions where I spend hours completing assignments and I honestly don’t think that would be possible without having a bunch of awesome albums ready to listen to on my iPod.I don’t know what type of music you like, but developing an interest in finding new types of interesting music may help to relieve the fear of having to doing a lot of homework. I find that it is difficult to study while listening to rap, so my study music of choice is rock, but not metal or anything too aggressive.Here are some bands and albums that have all slowly become favorites of mine and I find perfect for studying:The Beatles- pretty much any and all albumsPink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The WallRadiohead- OK Computer, The Bends, In Rainbows, Kid ANeil Young- Harvest, After the Gold RushSimon and Garfunkel- Bridge Over Troubled WaterVan Morrison- MoondanceArcade Fire- Funeral, Neon Bible, The SuburbsNeutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the SeaThe Flaming Lips- The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles the Pink RobotsThe Strokes- Is This ItWilco- Yankee Hotel FoxtrotThe Cure- DisintegrationThe Stone Roses- The Stone RosesQueen- A Night at the OperaThe Zombies- Odyssey and OracleThe Who- Who’s NextNick Drake- Pink MoonSlowdive- SouvlakiSpoon- Kill the MoonlightPhoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus PhoenixDavid Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy ZardustSigur Ros- Agaetis ByrjunYou can research and/or get these albums online and once you get to know each of them albums you may find them to be good for homework. There are other great albums out there as well, but this is a list of most of the best albums that I have found over the past few years and I have listened to a lot of music. I’ll give you a link to a site so that you can look up each of these album’s ratings and the song ratings from each.

What band from your home town do you like most? I am from Philadelphia, PA. and my favorite Philly band is the Pagan Babies.
Greetings! there are too many in Joshua Tree to choose from, so here`s a local lineup:the thriftstore allstars every sunday at Pappy and Harriets in Pioneertown, ca.A true all-star inspirational Southern California desert band and Pappy’s Sunday House band!! THE THRIFT STORE ALL STARS all live in the city of Joshua Tree and manage themselves to a life of High Desert Energy bathing and a strict diet of thoughtful engagement in the finer things. The band itself is a core group of nine with special guests, and play mostly songs written by it’s performers; except a few favorite covers. The music could be described as bom-chicka’ish western folk, but also borders on loose drunken square dance country gone electric fantasmo!! Featuring the amazing musicianship & camaraderie of Travis Cline, Victoria Williams, Bingo, Solid Ray Woods, Carol-Ann Crandall, Tim Easton, Tal Hurley, Dee-Lo & many special guests.. if you can watch this band play and not smile, stomp, and laugh- then something is far amiss. Ted Quinn’s Open Mic!*Ted Quinn’s Monday Night Reality Show IS the Open Mic of the High Desert. Quinn, an accomplished songwriter and artist, has been called Mayor of the Joshua Tree Music Scene, but “he belongs to the world” (The SunRunner Magazine). Having presented thousands of performances, from the ridiculous to the sublime, sometimes all at once, young and old musicians, local folk heroes, touring bands, traveling minstrels, divas and chanteurs get their fifteen minutes of fame (or three songs) before Quinn even thinks of taking the stage himself. Sign up begins at 7 pm and the music begins soon thereafter. annual BUZZFEST! A tribute to Buzz Gamble! Nov.28Original members of the Daily Blues come together each November to celabrate the music and tell stories of the late, great local singing legend Buzz Gamble. Rojer Arnold, John “Juke” Logan and Clive Wright are just some of the guests scheduled to appear. It’s always a great night of music and fun and you never know WHO will join the band for a song or two. Bring a smile and join in.The Solid Ray Woods Raw Soul Review!Drummer/Vocalist Ray Woods is Grade A Joshua Tree local honey. Woods has impressed audiences at home and abroad with his impeccable rhythm, intuitive style, and golden voice, lending his talents to The Jayhawks, Victoria Williams, and the Thriftstore Allstars. A Solid Ray Woods show is a high-desert experience not to be missed. Spanning everything from Van Morrison to Marvin Gaye to Ray’s own original compositions, a variety of Joshua Tree’s finest musicians lay down the groove, and harmony singers add rich soulful dimension. You will be moved.Rockin’ Blues with THE HUBCAPZ!The Fabulous Hubcapz will tickle your auditory nerve with natural country blues, Chicago blues, ol’ swamp bucket rock and roll from the 50z and some Southern Cal root surf music with Walt Young on guitar, Lee Jeffreiss on upright bass, Dennis McDade on drums, Joel ” Buttercup” Selzer on guitar and hamonica and Blind Comquat Godfrey on guitar and vocals. Raw blues at its best.Really Shooo’s Chank-A-Chank Dance Party!Mix together a tasty blend of JAZZ, ZYDECO, CABARET, POLKA, WORLD MUSIC, FUNK, classic rock and even some country in mostly original songs and you’ve got REALLYSHOOO The band offers up cover tunes as well but with very original spins. The original duo is Ellen and Billy from NYC who’s first gigs together were at Max’s Kansas City, Central Park Bandshell and the first ever rock fest at Irving Plaza. They ventured out to the Edinburgh fringe festival in Scotland for two seasons, played private parties in Paris,France, worked the rock & cabaret circuit in NYC and in LA, were regulars on the final season of the original GONG SHOW, performed at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and have entertained kids and their parents in upstate NY-council for the arts,the St.Judes Children’s hospital in Memphis,Jemez Springs NM-for reservation families, THE RIVER in Rancho Mirage for THE CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY MUSEUM and many, many festivals many times over.


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