David Baker – Ism

Iasta at ISM 2011

CEO David Bush addresses purchasing issues at the conference.

Download digital sheet music: David Baker – Ism and play it off-line

Tonos Triad ISM Studio Sessions

Indianapolis Jazz band Tonos Triad play for Brian and Denis during ISM Studio Sessions. Yevgeny Baburin: Classical Guitar & Violin Aaron Ransdell: Double Bas…

Is this Chris Baker dude trying to be a Glenn Beck #2? Sure looks that way. Does he boo hoo and cry on the air like Beck too?”Glenn Beck Stand-In Tries to Out-Racism Beck, Says Obama Hates “White Guys and Capitalism”Last summer, a number of advertisers boycotted Glenn Beck’s FOX News show after he accused Obama of being a “racist” with a “deep seeded [sic] hatred for white people or the white culture.” Since then, Beck has avoided overt race-baiting, focusing instead on Obama’s affection for Marxism, progressivism, fascism, totalitarianism, and many other unsavory “isms,” not to mention a few unpleasant “y’s” like oligarchy, tyranny, and the Democratic Party.But Beck was off the air today. His stand-in was right-wing radio host Chris Baker, who has a long history of airing “colorful” accusations. In addition to participating in the birther conspiracy theory, Baker has called Obama a Muslim, the anti-Christ, and “a little b*tch”.Send in the guys in the white coats pronto! Geez!dagblog.com/persecution-politics/glenn-beck-stand-tries-out-racism-beck-says-obama-hates-white-guys-and-capitali?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dagblog+%28DagBlog.com%29

Download digital sheet music: David Baker – Ism and play it off-line

What is this that Faux News is trying to prove with these homophobic undereducated hate-mongering self-loathing uninformed idiots who spew bile and tripe? Roger Ailes should be FIRED for even hiring them, if Rupert Murdoch cares one fig about reputation or being known by the company he keeps. Beck lost more than 30 sponsors, so one hopes this will reoccur until Faux News gets the message and starts trying to behave like a real “news” station instead of the puppet-product of the cult named The Family (Sharlet, 2008) that has insinuated itself into every level of Republican mean-spirited politics. Just because the psycho-pseudo right-wing “christian” cult has chosen for itself a benign-sounding name (they also use Youth With A Mission, YWAM, The Foundation, The Federation, or Christian Mafia–the latter their private pet name for themselves) does not in any way lessen their dangerous control over the Republican party or their secretive insurgency into our media, our military, our defense contractors (Trijicon, Blackwater/now Xe), Capital Hill, or even in the Bush/Cheney White House (Goldberg, 2006), where eight “Generation Joshua” from Michael Farris’s home-schooled-since-infancy indoctrinated dominionists (biblical literalists) worked as aides. Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute (AEI) are part and parcel of this “vast right-wing conspiracy” (true, but not believed when Hillary Clinton used the term)—as evidenced by David Roth (Republican speech writer for GW Bush and Fellow at AEI) getting FIRED as AEI Fellow this week for simply DARING to criticize Faux News and the GOP, saying “Republicans think that Fox is working for them, but the truth is that they are working for Fox.” David Brock, another former right-wing Republican insider (now with Media Matters) exposes the types of prejudices and vitriol of which you speak:


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