Taylor – Is That The Way You Look

James Taylor – The Way You Look Tonight

JT has the ladies swooning with his cover of a romantic old chestnut. With John Williams & The Boston Pops.

Taylor – Is That The Way You Look sheet music is available online.

James Taylor – The Way You Look Tonight.

This guy can sing the phone book and make it sound great..

How to look like Taylor swift for school? I already have the hair naturally I overheard people saying in my math class I look like Taylor but I want to try cat eye makeup but idk what school would say since it’s a strict school and I want to look Taylor-ish I can curl my 5 hair extensions like hers my hair is just below my shoulders it is brown hilighted light blonde x what should I do? O and I already have clothes sorted x

Taylor – Is That The Way You Look sheet music is available online.

Why would you want to look like somebody else? You should be yourself; not looking like someone just because they are a celebrity.

This section is dedicated to Country music, not to Fashion or Hairstyling.The fact that Taylor Swift fans ask so irrelevant and anodyne questions proves once again that they know nothing at all about Country. You don’t see anyone asking about Patsy Cline’s hairstyle or whether they look like Loretta Lynn or not.

You have to be like 6 ft tall, small breast,long curly blond hair, same eye like TS, etc, etc, and mocking her accent.

I have long wavy blonde hair, and would like it to look like Taylor Swift’s. How do I go about this? I curl my hair frequently, and it comes out looking good but I want it to look like Taylor’s. My hair is naturally super curly, but due to it’s length it straightened out a bit. My hair holds curl really well, but I just wanted to know how Taylor Swift gets her hair so curly on the bottom. I am sure it is naturally that way, but how could I do it?
Wow, people are so ignorant not answering you. I hate when that happens. You will need to get a triple barrel curling iron. Im getting one tomorrow! It will give you that awesome wavy curl. You should blow dry it straight before you curl it to avoid friz. You can get one at Wal-Mart! ❤ good luck!

well, if you buy the july issue of seventeen magazine( on newstands now!) theres actually a a page in there about how to curl your hair like hers! .theres a picture of her and everything!hope this helps!=)

Need some tips about curling your hair to look like Taylor Swifts? I actually just need help about curling my hair in general. The thing is when I curl my hair it never lasts through out the day, and I was wondering what can I do to prevent it from doing that. My hair is naturally pin straight. I would also love it if someone told me the secret about curling your hair to make it look like Taylor Swifts! Thanks!
you rlly want that? i have never known you to want your hair like that. but ok #1 try hair curlers, not the ones you have. but ones like mine. they might hurt but it rlllllly works. #3 if you dont use curlers like mine, then put them in super tight. #2 if you use an iron, hold it in plave for like 30 sec. then put hair spray on. thats all i really have. but if ur hair is always straight it might just stay like that.

Taylor has really unique curls. To achieve them you need a curling wand like this one:sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P268003&categoryId=B60And to get Taylor’s curls you need to start the curl at the root of your hair and spiral it down the iron shaft. With regular irons you start at the bottom and roll up, which gives you an entirely different look.

How can I get my hair to look like Taylor Swift’s? My hair is kind of curly, but I want to know how I can get it to look like Taylor Swift’s style. I already know she perms it but, can somebody please help me?
she doesnt perm it, she just curls her already curly hairuse a very small curling iron or spiral curling iron is better.images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=conair-store.com/imagesEdp/p36303b.jpg&imgrefurl=conair-store.com/product_detail.asp%3FT1%3DCON%2BCD88JCS&usg=__fMyZSsNQXbfgviFe8ofdJZCSfXI=&h=280&w=280&sz=7&hl=en&start=2&um=1&tbnid=cETQd2HXnOlcDM:&tbnh=114&tbnw=114&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dspiral%2Bcurling%2Biron%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN wrap small sections around it. the smaller the sections the tighter the curl. to make it look good take your time and go slow. this is not a hairstyle you can do in 10 minutes. oh and use a heat protectant spray beforehand!hope i helped

she does not perm her hair youtube.com/watch?v=SWQR4Snu-GQyoutube.com/watch?v=WXb-UnZIOws&feature=related( =

How can I look like Taylor Mays? I’m 6′ 200lb and play saftey. How can I look like taylor mays and have the jersey be tight onto my pads?
Those jerseys are made out of an under armor type material so that they stretch over the pads. Needless to say, without the same (expensive) jersey, you cannot achieve the same look.
Do the same kind of steroids.
Just keep lifting. Lifting between 15-20 reps on any lift is called hypertrophy, which means it actually increases the muscle mass and it could make your muscle definition that much better. And for the jersey question.. i would say just get a smaller jersey size or make sure the pads you have are the correct pads for your position.

How do I get my hair to look like Taylor Swift’s? I have wavy, very thick, and blond hair. I really love Taylor Swift’s hair. Is there any easy way to get my hair to look like Taylor’s without using a curling iron. Once, I tried to curl my hair but it only stayed in for one second. And I even used hair spray! Braiding my hair at night works, but I’m very bad at braiding it myself. Any ideas?I’d rather not go to a professional. But thanks anyway.
Can you see a professional hairdresser? You’ll look great with your hair like hers but you both may have different hair structure and not be able to do the same thing. But do keep it long.

The only other way WITHOUT using a curling iron would be to buy rollers that you wear over night , roll them in after you have a shower and sleep in them.


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