Clare (Into Your Arms)

Claire Tchaikowski – In Your Arms

Claire Tchaikowski – In Your Arms Written by Claire Tchaikowski, Al Mobbs, Mike Hedges From the album “These Thousand Seas”

If you like this piece you can download Clare (Into Your Arms) sheet music online in digital format.

Into Your Arms KC and Clare Request!

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What are some good fantasy adventure books? I Love Cassandra Clare series. And in her books there’s usually some romance but the story isn’t around that romantic connection.I love big book series with a male protagonist, or have one in a small group. Thanks ;P

If you like this piece you can download Clare (Into Your Arms) sheet music online in digital format.

Christine Feehan writes really great books in my opinion. They are very much romance books but her story line is never lacking. I would suggest either the ghost walker series or the carpathian series.

The sword of truth by Terry Goodkind.11 books seriesa 12th one added later on that has same protagonists but is completely a part from the seriesAlso has a mini book with one of the protagonists that is interesting but does not really have anything to do with the main story.

i’m not sure how old you are so these books could be a bit juvenile for you because they’re designed for teen audiences, but I liked the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series with 16 books. The main character is Soren who is an owl and has a group of friends i guess. There is also the Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson which is about 6 kids who have wings and can fly and are running away from the corporation that created them. It has romance but is not centered around it and the series has 8 books. Lastly there is the Warriors series with 30 or so books and has several different main characters, all of which are cats. Romance is a small but still relevant factor in this series.

I have written a fantasy adventure series, which I have published as ebooks at Barnes and It is an adventure of exploration and discovery, surprise romance, intrigues and military exploits. There are steampunk and science fiction elements, as well. It was fun to write and I think fun to read, and recommend it to you.

If you want some deep, involved reading I’d recommend ‘Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn’ by Tad Williams it has a slow build-up but is one of the best series I have ever read. If you’d like something a bit campier but still well written, Barb Hendee’s ‘Noble Dead’ books are some good vampire hunting novels (centered around a woman however). ‘The Sword of Truth’ novels (mentioned above) are pretty good, they run a bit to the ridiculous around the 4th or 5th book (I mean how many times can a guy almost get laid then something bad happens) but still a solid series. ‘The Night Angel’ trilogy by Brent Weeks is a fantastic mix of fantasy, adventure, and a bit of a love story thrown in as well. And Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Mistborn’ trilogy is excellent as well.

Phase One: author Rose Wynters, comes a new zombie horror series set in Pleasant, Louisiana. Can this checkout girl learn how to survive in a world full of zombies?Tabitha Alexander is an 18 year old that has just graduated from high school. Working as a checkout girl in the small town of Pleasant, her long-term goals for the future don’t go beyond enjoying the upcoming summer and enjoying her freedom. Maybe even possibly finding a boyfriend.Fate has something else in store for her, though.One night, right before closing time, her world is turned completely inside out with the first screams and sounds of gunfire that tear through the darkness. Nothing will ever be the same again. If she even survives.This is book one in a new series called, Territory of the Dead. Best suited for ages 16 and over.This book tells you how the nightmare began. Pleasant will never be the same again. Excerpt:I pulled into the driveway in my little car, but didn’t stop there. Instead, I made a sharp turn to the right, pulling right up in the grass in front of the door. Our residential neighborhood was a lot quieter than the main part of town, but I’d still passed zombies on my way here. I wasn’t chancing a late-night stroll from the garage.The headlights of my car was a dead giveaway to any zombies close by. Quickly, I shut them off and surveyed the area. So far it was quiet, no red eyes glaring at me in the darkness. Turning off the interior light before it could come on, I grabbed my purse and threw the door open.As I ran up the steps, the front door opened. Someone had been watching and waiting for me to get home. As soon as my foot hit the top step, my mother grabbed me and pulled me in.“Thank God, you’re alive,” she said, her voice thick with worry. She pulled me into her arms and hugged me tightly. “We were trying to call you, over and over again. When we didn’t get an answer, well, we thought the worse. Your dad was about to go out and start searching.”I thought of the last place I saw my phone. It was lying underneath the cash register at the store, and there it would remain. It wasn’t like I’d be returning for it. Having a cell phone was the least of my worries now. I had no intentions on being separated from my parents again.I watched my dad shut and lock the door before turning around to look at us. He was tall and stocky, with graying hair and a round face. He was pleasant looking, with a cheery, boisterous personality to match. So it made this night all the more horrific when I looked down and saw the rifle gripped tightly in his hands.The nearly invisible age lines on his face were creased with stress. His face was pale, dreadfully so. I disentangled myself from my mom and walked over to him. “Dad,” I said, my voice sounding as terrified as I felt. I hadn’t cried until now, but suddenly I couldn’t stop the tears that flooded my eyes and face. “What is happening out there?”He released a long sigh, the noise loud in the silence of our home. It was obvious my parents were on their way to bed when all hell broke lose. He was wearing his usual cotton pajamas, but had a robe on. My mom was wearing a long nightgown. It was what she called her granny gown, but she definitely wasn’t a grandma. I was their only child, and I didn’t have any children. After all, I was only eighteen.We heard a loud crash from somewhere close by, and my mom jerked in reaction. It was followed by screams and the sound of gunshot. Dad went into the living room quickly and turned the lamp off, casting the room in shadows.Silently, Mom and I followed him over to the large, picture window that looked out over our front yard. We didn’t live in the elite part of town, but we didn’t live in the worst part either. Houses here were anywhere from twenty to forty feet apart. I couldn’t see anything moving in the darkness, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anything out there. The zombies were just .

If you are serious about wanting a good book to read, it up to you, but you should try reading Gardens and the Warrior of Heaven. I am going to put the authors website at the bottom. Actually anything by this author is good.


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