John Lennon: Instant Karma

Instant Karma – John lennon

This , up there with imagine is one of John’s best songs . Personally Intended or not , I don’t think he ever wrote anything that wasn’t a profound message t…

If you like this piece you can download John Lennon: Instant Karma sheet music online in digital format.

John Lennon – Instant Karma!

Instant karmas gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head You better get yourself together Pretty soon youre gonna be dead What in the world you thinkin…

Are these commercials available on YouTube? The Nike commercial from 1992 that features the song, Instant Karma by John Lennon.And the Nike commercial that features the song, Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve.If these commercials are available on YouTube, please provide the the video links. Remember, I’m looking forthe commercials, not the music videos of the artists.Whoever following the exact information in this questionwill receive a bonus of ten points.

If you like this piece you can download John Lennon: Instant Karma sheet music online in digital format.

Go to in the spot it asks you for you’re friend id, type in 7-8 random numbersHope I helped 🙂

John Lennon Karma Commercial – Sweet Symphony Commercial these are the ones you were looking for!

Instant Karma: sure if this is the one of not, but I’ll give it a

What is the name of the John Lennon album I can find the song – Instant Karma(We All Shine On) – available ? I am a Lennon fan and I need to know which John Lennon album I can find the song Instant Karma on ! Please help !
What songs/artists have an exclamation point in their names/titles? Besides Wham!, Instant Karma! (by John Lennon) and Stop! In the Name of Love (by the Supremes)
There was a band called Yipes!! back in the ’80s.”Hey! Baby” – Bruce Channel”Help!” – Beatles”Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)” – Def Leppard”(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)” – Beastie Boys
Los Campesinos!
What are your top 10 songs by John Lennon? 1.#9 Dream2.Oh My Love3.God4.Intuition5.Real Love6.Imagine7.Instant Karma8.Working Class Hero9.Woman10.Watching the WheelsThose are mine BQ:Favorite John Lennon album?
im assuming no beatles songs so then theyd probably be:imagineinstant karmabeautiful boy #9 dreamWomanWatching the WheelsIntuitionWorking Class HeroReal LoveCold Turkey

1. Mind Games2. Imagine3. Give Peace a Chance4. Whatever gets you through the night5. Cold Turkey6. Watching the Wheels7. Jealous Guy8. Working Class Hero9. Beautiful Boy10. Out of the blueBA: Imagine

My favorite song ever imagine,let it be those are my favorite songs by him i dont know 10 becuase im not a huge fan also i love the song what a wonderfull world by luis armstrong

1. “Meat Hook Sodomy” 2. “Gutted” 3. “Living Dissection” 4. “Under the Rotted Flesh” 5. “Covered with Sores” 6. “Vomit the Soul” 7. “Butchered at Birth” 8. “Rancid Amputation” 9. “Innards Decay” 10. “Covered with Sores”BQ: Butchered at Birth

1. “Cold Turkey”2. “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)”3. “Imagine”4. “Mind Games”5. “Whatever Gets You thru the Night”6. “(Just Like) Starting Over”7. “Woman”8. “Watching the Wheels”9. Jealous Guy”10. “Stand by Me”

What are your favourite songs about Spirituality or Religion? Mine are:Presence Of The Lord – Blind FaithMy Sweet Lord/George HarrisonSpirit In The Sky – Norman GreenbaumKyrie – Mr. MisterInstant Karma – John Lennon
Any Skillet, Anberlin, TFK, Flyleaf, RED, or As I Lay Dying Songs :)Haha. I guess the one non-rock song would be Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns.
oneferful., besides Kumbaya, it would be “Kyrie” by Richard Page and Mister Mister, ok ok?
Darn Floor Big Bite, Banquet at the worlds end, My Frontier – Daniel Amos (look it up!)Do it for love – The 77’sTip of my tongue, some folks worlds, dancing at the police mans ball, these plastic halos, washed to the sea, what kind of friend, orphans of God- all by Mark HeardThe Executioner song, Love God (and everyone else) – Tonio K

precious angel – bob dylanslow train coming – bob dylangotta serve somebody – bob dylanmy sweet Lord – george harrison

“Imagine” John Lennon”God’s Love” Bad Religion”Religious Bumf**ks” Dayglo Abortions”Why Walk on Water When We Have Boats” A Day To Remember”F**k Armageddon-This is Hell” Bad Religion”Fight Song” Marilyn Manson”Religious Wars” Subhumans”Feed the Children (Book of Lies)” Leftover Crack”Sacrilegious Scorn” Dimmu Borgir”Atheist Anthem” Leftover Crack”Reality Asylum” Crass

“Everything” Lifehouse”My Sweet Lord” George HarrisonI also like(not exactly rock or pop)”You Raise Me Up” Josh Groban”Awesome God” Michael W. Smith”Shout To The Lord” Darlene Zschech & Hillsong

1. ‘If 6 was 9’ – Jimi Hendrix.spirituality<—he really likes your choices though.:)Stevie, George, Norman, and John rock!

Disturbing the Priest by Black Sabbath – I love this line, "Force of the Devil is what we are told to fear, but watch out for religion before it gets too near, near."Govinda by Kula Shaker Seruan by Lefthanded – Malaysian rock group , song about the call to prayer

Spirit In The Sky – EaglesJesus Children of America – Stevie WonderSpirit In The Dark – Aretha FranklinYou Will Know – Stevie WonderBetter Days – Dianne ReevesMary Don't You Weep – Take 6,

Well as you know, I listen to a lot of gospel music. I guess one of my favorite songs would be Jersulem by Jim Neighbors. I believe for every drop of rain that fallsA flower growsI believe that somewhere in the darkest nightA candle glowsI believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will comeTo show the wayI believe, I believeI believe above a storm the smallest prayerCan still be heardI believe that someone in the great somewhereHears every wordEverytime I hear a new born baby cry,Or touch a leaf or see the skyThen I know why, I believeEverytime I hear a new born baby cry,Or touch a leaf or see the skyThen I know why, I believe Elvis Presley

thank you god for one more chance-howard hewittmy sweet lord-george harrisonday by day- the 5th dimension version

I am the wrong person to ask as i am big into rock and roll as well as contemporary christian music as well. I can literally go on for hours alone on the old hymns as they are being re-found by the kids or youth of today. We can then go onto the country music scene and find so many more great ones also. I will simply put down two as it sums up my believe in GOD, Jesus and Religion as a whole. They are Amazing Grace and The old rugged cross. My reaction to all of this would be: I can only imagine by Mercy me! However when i find groups or songwriters that make God as a shallow creation that failed or doesn't exist at all are actually people that never really tried to understand or contempalate his existance at all. They look at the short comings and think GOID has his hand in our failures and limitedness. They blame GOD not man's lack of passion, compassion and tollerance of the world system and it's wanton greed and material gain. In that we seem to put ourselves as our own GOD instead of actually trying to reconnect with our heavenly father. GOD did not fail, we did! GOD did not stop talking to us, we stopped listening. God did not stop loving us, we stopped caring at all.

Lean on Me – Bill Withers (it's actually a spiritual song)Amazing Grace – Judy CollinsPresence of The Lord – Blind FaithMy God – Jethro 43 – Jethro Christmas Song – Jethro Messiah –

What immediately came to my mind, upon reading your question was a song that includes everything that life is about, positive outlook, peaceful mind and a love for all.Louie Armstrongs – What a beautiful World.


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