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Truco de magia: Los 4 reyes – Inspiration V1

Este es un juego que lo explica Jean Pierre Vallarino en el DVD de Inspiration V1. // Tu biblioteca de la magia: // M…

Online source: Inspiration – Reyes sheet music

Carlos Reyes Inspiration Original Mix

How do you write a poem? Can you please tell me everything I need to know about writing one? I’m in 7th Grade, and the last time I wrote one was when I was in 5th grade. It was really silly, and getting it to rhyme caused my main idea of the poem to go out of the window. In other words, I would think of something, then get it to rhyme, and it end up as something totally different–I don’t know if you know what I mean.

Online source: Inspiration – Reyes sheet music

First, if you have to write a poem is, that you have something to say. It is an idea, an inspiration or even a grievance or grief. Then you have to structure it, either in free verse or with meter and rhyme. In free verse, you have to make it in short readable lines. But if you write free verse from side to side of the paper, then that would just be ordinary prose. Make your words thrifty and descriptive.If it be with meter and rhyme, choose the rhyme scheme if it be ABAB, CDCD etc. or AABB, CCDD..etc. That is, the rhyming words must be alternating or in pairs, like in a couplet. Four (4) lines are called a “quatrain” six lines, a “sixtet” or eight lines, an “octet” etc. And there are other schemes of rhyming which may be called a limerick, a sonnet, madrigal and others. Click any website for poetry tutorial and learn more. I am also learning just like you. But I have written many poems. See this

Rhyme doesn’t matter.Write out what you want to say in pithy sentences.Read some studynotes on ‘figures of speech’.Try to convert as much of your writing into ‘figures of speech’.A passable poem should be born.

Well, first, don’t think about rhyming. Try to think more on figurative language, like metaphors and similes, alliteration, etc. That’s a good way to express yourself. Then just try revising sentences and putting line breaks on them. Next, try to develop a good meter, and you’ll be fine. I suggest you read a couple of poems by Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and Carl Sandburg for inspiration. They are all very good poets, and their poems usually don’t have rhyming.

POLL: Who is your greatest inspiration and why? Mine are Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Dave Grohl.
Kurt Cobain and Charles Darwin. Kurt Cobain’s music is the obvious reason. Charles Darwin inspired me to keep an open mind.

My mother..As a divorcee she worked 2 jobs for years to support us 3 children at minimum wage and long hours.She taught me about honesty,love,life’s lessons and spiritual needs.I still remember one Christmas when we didn’t have much money and my mother had worked over 80 hours but bills had built up and all she could afford was a huge bag of popcorn from one of her work places,she didn’t know I had woken up to see her cry over the thought of our Christmas morning so the next day (Christmas) all 3 kids made such a fuss over that popcorn and got her to smile.Just to remind everyone that this lesson is about what you give and not what you get.P.S.Later that day the Salvation Army stopped by and gave everyone in the house 3 gifts,even my mother so we had a blessed Christmas.

what do you think about bruce lee? ive always admired him,one of my inspirations to be a martial artist,lately however(probably cuz im older,16 now),ive heard alot of criticizem for lee,things like “he was only an actor” “he never actually fought” “its all choreography” wat do you guys think?
That dude was stacked!!Did you see Enter the Dragon.That movie was AWESOME!!Yeah he may not really fight in the movies but that really was all him. He really could kick someones Butt like that if he wanted to!He is an amazing fighter!!You should Def go for Martial arts!

well, he worked really hard, and that is admirablesince Bruce was a movie star, he really spread around the weight training, mixed martial arts, getting ripped and all that around the world. at the time (and even today) Lee still inspires a lot of people. he is one of the primary reasons why so many people and kids take their first steps into the realm of martial artshe fought when he was a young, and at 15 was pretty terrible. (it’s on film btw) but in his last high school year, he won a few boxing matches. also, you should know Bruce never fought in mma type tournaments. so no one can really tell what he’s capable of. but if you want my personal opinion? in a tournament? he’d do pretty good. very few people in his WEIGHT CLASS of 130 pounds can project the power he could in his kicks and to an extent, punches. Bruce Lee IS the best pound for pound fighter for sureon the street? he’d have a good chance. he’s fast, and he’s a striker. he openly discussed using downward sidekicks to the opponent’s knee caps. he has no problem using bill jee on the eyes. but then again? it’s not proven, he’s never foughtall in all, he was a hard worker, boosted by his acting career, and an early death. but there are more accomplished martial artists out there for street and tournament. for example? mike tyson is a great boxer (except the ear biting thing) Ali is another legend. when i went to Australia, i met William Cheung in Melbourne, a great street fighter, faster hand speed, and he’s a light heavy weightin fact, when Bruce went back to hong kong the third time, he asked his former trainer Wong Shun Leung, “Do you think I have a chance against William yet?” Wong said: no

There will always be critisim about Lee, though I doubt even in his grave he could care less what people think about him. In a sense, he was the founder of MMA (generally speaking, generally speaking folks) because he taught to open your mind and try out different styles since there are hundreds of them out there. He taught that instead of mimicking your anyone to fight; create your own movements because everyone’s different.It’s funny to see others mimick Lee’s style, the way he screams, the way he kicks or punch. He taught, basically, find your own way and path. That’s why I respect him. As for the others who insult Lee. who cares?

I like bruce I dont think his Kung Fu was the best in fact his kung fu pretty much sucked it wasnt kung fu it was more mixed martial arts and street combatative. HOWEVER his fighting skills were pretty good i know he could beat my ass up. I really doubt Bruce could even come close to being the best fighters I know of some masters back in the day that could royally kill Bruce easily. As a fighter of kung fu he doesnt impress me really that much. As a street fighter i can appreciate his stuff somewhat. As an Icon I can really appreciate him. If Lee hadnt been such a actor superstar very little would have been known of wing chun and kung fu in general he opened peoples eyes in the USA about chinese martial arts in general before that everyone was all about Karate and few other japanese martial arts only.

He was an actor, but also very strong and fast. Of course some of it is overblown. We’ll never know exactly what happened in the fights he had. The footage we do have of him is pretty remarkable. Fact is without him martial arts would never be near as popular as they are today. No Bruce Lee, no UFC, Karate Kid, Ninja Turtles, Jean Claude, GSP.

Bruce Lee was an amazing person and perhaps the world’s greatest martial artist of all time. He was also an actor, husband and a devoted father. Mr. Lee was and is many different things to different people, but he was more than an actor and he actual did fight but the choreography was for the movies.

i think its pathetic-how people think he created mma, —-which is hysterical since it has been around for hundreds of years, the term is the only thing that is knew-people think he developed the one inch punch— he took this from wing chun-people are constantly mis-quoting himi could go on for our about all the mis-conceptions of him. with out even getting into the fact that he never fought professionally, and bring up all the fights he lost, its ironic you people never mention the fights he lost. or that he wouldn’t fight Muhammad Ali, because he would loose. but you people always omit these partsback in the 70’s there where many martial artist better then him. he was not the best back then and was never the greatest. he was very well known, because of his acting, if it wasn’t for that you people would never have heard of him. just like you people never heard of the many martial arts that were much better then him

He was only an actor who happened to know Kung Fu. He didn’t create mixed martial arts. He did fight, but he lost a lot. He had a few good philosophies and people loved him because he was on TV. He was a descent martial artist, but he wasn’t what everyone made him out to be.

You have to look at things through an objective lens. My first exposure to Lee was actually through his writings. “The Tao of Jeet Kune Do” should be in the collection of every martial artist on the planet, as far as I’m concerned. It deals with things like timing, strategy, philosophy, and so on. “Tao” is a compilation of Bruce Lee’s notes, and it’s easy to see that the man was examining aspects of martial arts that not many people do.He was also clearly a hard worker, a driven individual, and an independent thinker, all good qualities to have. He was in incredible shape and broke through certain racial barriers in Hollywood. Just his fame alone garnered more attention for the martial arts than anything before it (and there had been martial arts in movies before him, all the way back to a Judo scene in the James Cagney film “Blood in the Sun”), and he paved the way for actors/martial artists like Chuck Norris, Ernie Reyes, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Billy Blanks, and so on. Without “Enter the Dragon”, I doubt there would be a martial arts genre of films in Hollywood.With that being said, a lot of writings attributed to him were his interpretations of writings by other authors, be they in martial arts of philosophy. And even though the US, Japan, and Europe had an active competition scene in his day, Lee never took the opportunity to prove himself in a ring. His former students are divided on what this means: Joe Lewis has called him a great trainer but not really a fighter, while Dan Inosanto has used the analogy of a beautiful woman who never enters a beauty pagent. She doesn’t need to enter for everyone to know that she’s beautiful. My take on it is that Lee definitely had some skills, but we can’t compare them to his contemporaries because he never matched up with any of them. I think it’s wrong to say that he was the best fighter in the world/in history as some claim, because as Lewis points out, he never actually fought.Many people, in response to this, have said that Lee would never fight because the rules were too restricting. Yet, he entered (and won) a boxing tournament in high school and sparred full-contact with gloves in his back yard. Based on this, I don’t buy the notion that it was his philosophy that kept him from lacing up the gloves. But the man had a rep to maintain. Fighting risks losing.He was more than “just an actor”. He was a true martial artist. In fact, I think his acting kind of sucks.Since his death, we haven’t seen too much philosophy being incorporated into martial arts movies. If you read the story outlines behind “Game of Death” and “Silent Flute/Circle of Iron”, and even notice some of the scenes from “Enter the Dragon” and “Way/Return of the Dragon”, he was really trying to put some deep martial arts philosophy into the films, like having no style, and the subject of martial arts as a feeling instead of a thought.Anyway, he’s probably the most recognized figure in the history of martial arts and is largely responsible for the martial arts boom in the West. It’s still influencing fighters today. Everyone from Royce Gracie to Anderson Silva lists Bruce Lee as an inspiration.

O.K. Bruce Lee started learning Wing Chin from Yip Man when Lee was 14,He fought on rooftops quite a bit.He was in so many fights,that his parents sent him back to the U.S.Bruce worked at a Chinese restaurant in Seattle,WA(the restaurant no longer exists),Lee start to teach people his MAs.That is when he was told to stop teaching non-Chinese,Wang Jack Man was sent to fight Lee,Lee chased him around the mat punching him in the back,the guy gave up.Lee went out back and sat down,angry that it took too long,too many fixed positions and classical mess.So he rethought out his Wing Chun,to come up with Jeet Kune-Do.He had already met Linda and Married her,He did a couple appearances in Long Beach,CA ’64-’65 to demonstrate his MA.He Appeared in the Green Hornet as Kato & a two part Batman & Robin(he fought Burt Ward,it was declared a tie(Bruce would have beaten him).hurt his sacral nerve doing the good morning exercise around ’70.He went back to Hong Kong to make movies.After filming his fights for Game of Death,he was offered Enter the Dragon.When he got back to Game of Death,he was working on dubbing etc.He went to the restroom and collapsed(May 10,’73),they doctors barely revived him.He went to U.C.L.A. Med.Center for a complete work up.They said he had the body of a 20+ year old. Then around 9:30pm,while he was at an actress’ (Bettie Ting Pei)place,they were to go to a party,Bruce complained of an Headache,Bettie gave him an aspirin.Bruce went and laid down.She went in to wake him but found he was dead(July 19,’73).If anybody wants to read the full story,get “The Bruce Lee Story ” by Linda Lee Cadwell,and a version by Robert Clouse.Bruce was a Martial Artist first,an actor second.I wish there was an actual time machine,I would return to Long Beach,CA ,go to Ed Parker’s tournament where Bruce did his demos at.(it may not be good to tell Bruce that he’ll die come July 1973,don’t know what problems that may cause).

Great movie fighter, bad actor, great condition, no real experience(no one can verify that he actually had a figh outside of the movies, it is all stories and anticdotes), given a much higher status then he deserved because of his mysterious death. I honestly feel if he had not been a movie star, he would have been ony a small blip on the martial arts radar.he did inspire many, however people need to sit back and actually do some research on him, rather then believe everything they read,s ee, or hear.

well his movies are great, but I admire him more for his other work. Such as jeet kune do n all of his philosophys

People say that he was actually faster in real life. he was so fast that he had to slow down while filming.


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