Inspector Clouseau Theme – Mancini

The Pink Panther – The Inspector Clouseau Theme

fantastic music from the movie (The Pink Panther Strikes Again)

You can download the score from the video: Inspector Clouseau Theme – Mancini

02. The Inspector Clouseau Theme – Henry Mancini

From ‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’, 1976.

Can anyone tell me the name of this piece of music please? the video is a bit naughty!My OH insists it is an adaptation of the Pink Panther theme but I think otherwise.

You can download the score from the video: Inspector Clouseau Theme – Mancini

It is called ‘Shot In The Dark’ by Henry Mancini.Henry Mancini did the Pink Panther theme but, that was not it. Same composer though.

Was going to advise humming it in HMV to see if anyone knew (as I dont unfiortunately) but seems someone on here does!

That was great and after a while you forget the music. However I can confirm that it isn’t the Pink Panther. It’s the kind of music you get in the circus when the fire-eaters are on. Sorry I can’t help but thanks for the experience.

Your other half is half correct, it is from the Pink Panther , but it’s not the main theme. I remember it as the Inspector Clouseau music from the TV cartoon, so you’d have a Pink Panther sketch, then an Inspector Clouseau sketch followed by another PP sketch, and it was that middle sketch that used that music. It’s by Henri Mancini, and it ‘s called “A shot in the dark”P.S. Loved the vid ;-P

i just used shazam on my mobile. it is by henry mancini and its called a shot in the dark. cheers for the vid though


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