Madden (In This World (Murder))

pics Of Joel madden – seasons

Its awesome but not the whole song.

Digital music scores source: Madden (In This World (Murder))


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What musicians early death was the biggest loss to the music world?

Digital music scores source: Madden (In This World (Murder))

kurt cobain – number onetupac – number twojim morrison – number threejimi hendrix – number four

Mozart. He bridged into Classical, made fabulous changes that we still use in all forms of music composition and if he had only stopped working to get better after being sick . He worked a lot but we also have masses of amazing music because of him.

It was a sad day when Vanilli died.or was it Milli that died.Either way – it was a sad day.

All wrong! Kurt Cobain didn’t experience an early death- he was murdered by Courtney Love. Elvis, Jimi and I are frying balls, singing church hymns and discussing it right now. Buddy Holly got reincarnated as Weezer- he’s out! James Morrison- he would have been our prefered 4th in our Madden tourney. yeahJames Morrison

Elvis. People still can’t believe. Some still want to believe he’s alive. People are still dressing like him and they are still crying.

What makes the Watchmen Comic book Series so good? It is said throughout all comic book histories ‘there will never be another comic book series like The Watchmen series,’ why is this? What makes the watchmen series so special? I know some of you will argue it isn’t the best or it is the best, but a large group agree it is special for some reason, why?
1) Seniority. was one of the first comics, certainly on this scale, which took the superhero genre by the ‘nads’ and gave a good ol’ twisting.2) Characterization. Each of the characters gets a thorough working-through so you can understand how they feel, and which makes their interaction all the more poignant.Was the Comedian a completely depraved bastard? Was he the natural response to a world which is innately messed-up? In short, was he a hero or a villain? Or both? Or neither? Rorschach admired his unwillingness to compromise (itself an indictment). Laurie hated him, although he was her father and she was implied to accept this in the end. Sally loved him, although he had raped and abused her. And he himself, despite having shown himself able to murder a woman who was pregnant with his child, had a point beyond which he could no longer accept total moral depravity, crying at the death of millions, but at the same time unable to stop it, because he, too, realized it was necessary. Or had he merely grown too old to be merciless? People change. Even Rorschach.3) Characters themselves. Alan Moore (PBUH) took the Charlton characters, and did to them basically what he had done to Swamp Thing: he showed us that we had never seen what they really are.How could a man with the power of God cling to a semblance of humanity, and (how) would the loss affect him? How can anyone inflict their own brand of justice on society – how does one do that without compromise? Can a human heart and mind bear this, and can they really be called human if they can? The Rorschach/ Nite Owl comparison displays this.How do you deal with discovering your father is a rapist? 4) Tragedy. The irony of the story is that it is a story about failure: the heroes ultimately fail to stop the horrible tragedy, the “villain” wins, but reveals that what he did was absolutely necessary (ah. but was it? Even ‘God’, in the form of Dr.Manhattan, refuses to judge) and that, at the end of the day, it was humanity itself that is the villain. And the final kick in the pants: Due to the intervention of one single man – now dead – who believes in justice without compromise even in the face of armageddon, it might all be for nothing, and that final flip of the coin is placed in the hands of an idiot.5) Fear. The book’s setting is one of constantly looming apocalypse. All-out nuclear war is a heartbeat away, and somebody, an unknown assassin, seems to want it to happen without anyone to stop it. Everybody in the story is affected by this anxiety, and it works especially well because we, after all, live in a very similar world.6) Tragedy (2): Several complex subplots resolved in the most brutal way possible – so many people we have gotten to know obliterated in the brilliant glare of quantum explosion and mental destruction of seemingly alien, but fully human devising. And yet, in the end, all these characters were drawn together in profoundly human motivation – the lesbian cab driver, heartbroken, furious and crying, the psychiatrist trying to help her, his estranged wife who, in the end, cannot leave him, the comic-book reading boy and his namesake the news stand man, in the face of oblivion reaching out to each other, the final vignette is that of one human embracing another in a vain and yet victorious attempt to protect them.And the heroes never even find out – this is for the reader alone.7) The art. Oh god, the art. Not just the art per se, but the layouts per panel, the visual reflections like in an incredibly intense dream. The spiralling cycles of infinite recurrence, the significance of each. It’s maddening.The image I mentioned, of two embracing people being annihilated by a quantum blast, is the ultimate reflection of the sinister graffiti which disturbs Rorschach, even as it resembles his own face. And the use of a character like Rorschach – the reference to the psychological test which, after all, is based on the assumption that what you see in a given image says a lot about who you are. The whole book is a Rorschach test. The chapter “Fearful symmetry” is symmetrical – the last page is a reflection of the first one, the second-to-last one of the second page, and so on.And I could go on and on about why this book rules. It’s also completely self-contained, it needs no addition at all, and yet it’s only a maxi-series of twelve issues.This book is all the evidence you need to understand why Alan Moore is venerated as Zeus among comic book writers.


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