J.P. Kee (John P. Kee: In Your Name)

Harvest by Pastor John P. Kee featuring the Williams Brothers

I’m back with another YouTube gospel video. In 2004, the Prince of Gospel, Pastor John P. Kee, came out with his first single album in 20 years. To do so, he…

Download sheet music online: J.P. Kee (John P. Kee: In Your Name)

Clap Your Hands by The New Life Community Choir featuring Pastor John P. Kee

Here’s another gospel video uploaded. This time, I’m taking us back to 1997 with his album, “Strength.” The song is “Clap Your Hands” Just a little FYI, the …

Can you recommend some good books about British heraldry?

Download sheet music online: J.P. Kee (John P. Kee: In Your Name)

Yes.of course can make recommendation regard book. Ho make quick.copy.also paste.since wish recommend plenty book. Good idea.eh?* Have also include book regard Scotland.Hooray![1]The emphasis of British books (especially slightly older ones) is also very often on enouncing rules, rather than on describing actual practice. A remarkable exception to both traits is Woodward’s Treatise, which is more concerned with how things were done in practice, and which is interested in Continental heraldry as much as in British heraldry. More recent books (Beningfield and Gwynn-Jones), while retaining the British focus, take a more varied and observant approach than, for example, Fox-Davies’ manual (which sometimes reads like a penal code).Bedingfeld, H. and Gwynn-Jones, P. Heraldry. London: Magna Books, 1993. Splendidly illustrated book, by two English heralds, drawing from the College’s archives. Excellent introduction to English heraldry.Boutell’s Heraldry, revised by J.P. Brooke-Little. London: Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd., 1983. One of the standard, basic books on heraldry. Originally written by Charles Boutell in 1863, it underwent many editions and revisions: * A Manual of Heraldry, historical and popular, London: Winsor and Newton, 1863. * 2d ed: Heraldry, Historical and Popular, 1863, 3d edition 1864. * English Heraldry, 1st ed. 1867; 3d ed. 1875. London: Cassel Peter and Galpin. 5th ed. 1883. London: Reeves and Turner. Revised in 1890, 1892, 1898 by S. T. Aveling and included in Heraldry, Ancient and Modern, London: Warne. Revised by A-C Fox-Davies in 1907 (9th ed), 1908 (10th ed), 1914 (11th ed), all London: Reeves and Turner. * Boutell’s Manual of Heraldry, revised by V. Wheeler-Holohan. London: Frederick Warne and Co., 1931. * Boutell’s Heraldry, revised by C.W. Scott-Giles. London: Frederick Warne and Co., 1950. Other printings 1954, 1958. * Boutell’s Heraldry, revised by C.W. Scott-Giles and J.-P. Brooke-Little. London: Frederick Warne and Co., 1963. Other printing 1966. * Boutell’s Heraldry, revised by J.-P. Brooke-Little. London: Frederick Warne and Co., 1970. Other printings 1973, 1983.Dennys, Rodney. The Heraldic Imagination. New York: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1975. A very useful study of the origins and development of heraldry, with many illustrations both medieval and modern. Particularly worthwhile for its examples of the more fabulous aspects of heraldry. (JG)Fox-Davies, A. C. A Complete Guide to Heraldry. New York: Dodge Publishing Co., 1909. Reprinted – New York: Bonanza Books, 1978. Revised by J.P. Brooke-Little, New York: Bonanza Books, 1985. Paperback printing: Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 1999. One of the standard, basic books on heraldry. This book has much of the text of The Art of Heraldry, but most of the continental illustrations have been deleted. A good general book on British heraldic usage. (JG) 1999 paperback edition: Franklyn, Julian. Shield & Crest. London: Macgibbon & Kee, 1960. Revised edition 1967. An enjoyably discursive, if not rigorous, examination of English heraldry.Friar, S. and Ferguson, J. Basic Heraldry. London: Herbert Press, 1993. As the name indicates, a basic textbook.Lynch-Robinson, Sir Christopher, and Adrian Lynch-Robinson. Intelligible Heraldry. London: Macdonald & Co., 1948. A highly eccentric view of heraldry, this work should be reserved for use by experienced heralds. Take everything it says with a grain of salt and do not try to apply its philosophy to SCA heraldic usage. (JG)Moncreiffe, Iain, and Don Pottinger. Simple Heraldry, 2nd ed. Edinburgh: John Bartholomew and Son Limited, 1978. Probably the best available introduction to heraldry. This book should be at every heraldic consulting table. It is simple and amusing, but its visual mnemonics help make learning the various heraldic terms much easier. (JG)Pine, Leslie Gilbert: Heraldry, Ancestry and Titles: Questions and Answers. New York: Gramercy Publishing Co, 1965. The original FAQ! Written in the classic questions-and-answers format, it covers heraldry (47 questions), genealogy (43) and titles (71). Pine was the longtime editor of Burke’s Peerage (see below) and wrote a number of basic books for the broad public.Rothery, Guy Cadogan. An ABC of Heraldry. London: Stanley Paul, 1915. Reprinted as Concise Encyclopaedia of Heraldry. London: Bracken Books, 1985. An old-fashioned heraldry textbook, in the style of Fox-Davies.Woodcock, Thomas, and John Martin Robinson. The Oxford Guide to Heraldry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988. ppaerback edition: 1990. A modern examination of the development of heraldry in England. It draws heavily on the records of the College of Arms of England and much of the material has not been published anywhere else previously. It is less reliable in its brief chapter on non-British


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