Burke – In The Valley Of The Moon

In the Valley of the Moon – The Fabulous Heftones

Written in 1913 by by Jeff Branen and performed by the Fabulous Heftones at Mighy Uke Day on May 5, 2012 in Old Town Lansing, MI.

Burke – In The Valley Of The Moon sheet music is available online.

In The Valley Of The Moon

My newest work. In The Valley Of The Moon. With my monkey on banjo.

Who wrote the book “BITTERROOT”? He is also the bestselling author of “PURPLE CANE ROAD”?

Burke – In The Valley Of The Moon sheet music is available online.

JAMES LEE BURKE wrote the book “BITTERROOT” and is a rare winner of two Edgar Awards and also author of more than twenty previous novels, including the bestsellers “SUNSET LIMITED, CIMARRON ROSE, CADILLAC JUKEBOX, BURNING ANGEL, DIXIE CITY JAM, and PURPLE CAN ROAD.”He is reputedly living with his wife in Missoula, Montana and New Iberia, Louisiana.James Lee Burke (born December 5, 1936) is an American author of mysteries, best known for his Dave Robicheaux series. He has won an Edgar Award for Black Cherry Blues (1990) and Cimarron Rose (1998), while the Robicheaux character has been portrayed twice on screen; by Alec Baldwin in the film Heaven’s Prisoners (1996), and by Tommy Lee Jones in the upcoming In the Electric Mist. Since 1997, Burke has also written four novels about Texas attorney Billy Bob Holland.Bibliography Dave RobicheauxThe Neon Rain (1987) Heaven’s Prisoners (1988) Black Cherry Blues (1989) A Morning for Flamingos (1990) A Stained White Radiance (1992) In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead (1993) Dixie City Jam (1994) Burning Angel (1995) Cadillac Jukebox (1996) Sunset Limited (1998) Purple Cane Road (2000) Jolie Blon’s Bounce (2002) Last Car to Elysian Fields (2003) Crusader’s Cross (2005) Pegasus Descending (2006) The Tin Roof Blowdown (2007) Swan Peak (2008) In The Valley of Ancient Rain Gods (2009) Billy Bob HollandCimarron Rose (1997) Heartwood (1999) Bitteroot (2001) In the Moon of Red Ponies (2004) MiscellaneousHalf of Paradise (1965) To The Bright and Shining Sun (1970) Lay Down My Sword and Shield (1971) Two for Texas (1982) The Lost Get-Back Boogie (1986) White Doves at Morning (2002) Short StoriesThe Convict (1985) Jesus Out to Sea (2007) AwardsBurke received the 2002 Louisiana Writer Award for his enduring contribution to the “literary intellectual heritage of Louisiana.” The award was presented to him by then Lt. Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, on November 2, 2002, at a ceremony held at the innaugural Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge, LA.

Extremely bored in the valley of boredom so here is a survey for you yahoo-ers 😕 Say whether you like or don’t like the following and which one is your favourite and least favourite. Feel free to copy and paste the questions when you write your answer since there are loads of questions :))Sandwich:Grilled cheeseEgg mayoTuna mayoRoast beefSmoked salmonSmoked salmon with cream cheeseHamHam and coleslawCheese and cucumberPB + JNutellaNutella and bananaChickenChicken and stuffingCheese and tomatoEgg saladHam saladCheese saladCake:Chocolate cakeVanilla cake (plain)Red velvet cakeCarrot cakeDrink:CokeSpriteStill WaterSparkling waterMilkHot chocolateCoffeeOrange juiceTomato juiceFantaTangoLemonadeHomemade lemonadeCream sodaGinger aleRed bullMonsterColour:RedOrangeYellowGreenBlueIndigoVioletPinkPurpleBrownBlackWhiteGreyTurquoisePet:DogCatTurtleHamsterGuinea pigRabbitSubjects:EnglishMathsArtSciencePE-Ball games:-Rounders-Tennis-Netbal/Volley ball-Badminton -Cricket-FootballPE others;-Dance-Cross countryHistoryGeographyFood techDesign technology-computer graphicsDesign technology-woodwork/workshopR.E (religious education)ICT (computers)PD (personal development)Lunch ;)LanguagesTextilesMovies:Twilight;-Twilight-New Moon-EclipseHarry Potter;-The Philosopher’s Stone-The Chamber of Secrets-The Prisoner of Azkaban-The Goblet of Fire-The Order of The Phoenix -Half Blood Prince-The Deathly Hallows part 1Angus Thongs and Perfect SnoggingShrekThe Parent TrapFred the MovieThe Inbetweeners Movie (I know it isn’t out yet but still say if you like or don’t like inbetweeners)Despicable meMusic:Michael BubléCee Lo GreenEllie GouldingPixie LottKaty PerryKathy Beth Terry ;)Demi LovatoAdeleAKONBeyoncéAlexandra BurkeLady GagaTake ThatMichael JacksonAlicia KeysOwl CityThe SaturdaysKings Of LeonKeshaAvril LavigneBruno MarsThe WantedOlly MursKayne WestMiley CyrusTinchy StryderEminemEliza DoolittleTaylor SwiftCheryl ColeFlorence and the MachineJessie JWill.I.AmLol so answer away guys :))
Sandwich: Chicken tikkaCake:ChocolateDrink:OrangeColour:BluePet: TigerSubject:EnglishMovie:Kannazuki no mikoMusic: BFMV

I will just list the things i do like.Sandwich:Grilled cheeseRoast beefSmoked salmonHamPB + JChickenCheese and tomatoCheese saladCake:Drink:Still WaterMilkHot chocolateCoffeeOrange juiceTomato juiceCream sodaRed bullMonsterColour:RedOrangeYellowGreenBlueIndigoVioletPinkPurpleBrownBlackWhiteGreyTurquoisePet:DogCatTurtleSubjects:EnglishMaths-favArtScience-favHistoryGeographyFood techLunch ;)Movies:ShrekMusic:

this is what im supposed to sayteacarrat cake spiked with rumpink yellow blue blackanatomy..match music..art form drawing. detention. her cules??moovies.all im turning everyone into harrry fansmusic..some owls..kathy bath terry sounds yayayay

Sandwich:Grilled cheese= LOVEEgg mayo=hateTuna mayo=hateRoast beef=dislikeSmoked salmon=HATESmoked salmon with cream cheese=hateHam=like (love with cheese)Ham and coleslaw=dislikeCheese and cucumber=never had/dislikePB + J=likeNutella=never had/dislikeNutella and banana=never had/dislikeChicken=likeChicken and stuffing=dislikeCheese and tomato=hateEgg salad=likeHam salad=likeCheese salad=love/never had but sounds goodCake:Chocolate cake=loveVanilla cake (plain)=likeRed velvet cake=loveCarrot cake=is okDrink:Coke=dislikeSprite=likeStill Water=loveSparkling water=um, water is water, right?Milk=likeHot chocolate=only in winterCoffee=occasionallyOrange juice=okTomato juice=gross!Fanta=ok-the strawberry or orange flavor onlyTango=noLemonade=eh. has to be done rightHomemade lemonade=same Cream soda=loveGinger ale=is okRed bull=NO!Monster=NODR. PEPPER is the absolute best (in my opinion)Colour (on a scale of 1-5:)Red-4Orange-3Yellow-5Green-4.5Blue-500Indigo-5Violet-50Pink-3Purple-4Brown-5Black-5White-5Grey-2Turquoise-5Pet:Dog-bestCat-secondTurtle-thirdHamster-worstGuinea pig- 5thRabbit-4thSubjects:English thirdMaths tied second with scienceArt bestScience tied with math for secondPE-Ball games:-Rounders-never played-Tennis-never played-Netbal/Volley ball-hate-Badminton-never played-Cricket-never played-Football-WORSTPE others;-Dance-never done-Cross country-never doneHistory-dislikeGeography-hateFood tech-never heard of?Design technology-computer graphics never doneDesign technology-woodwork/workshop never doneR.E (religious education) okICT (computers)okPD (personal development) never done?Lunch 😉 awesomeLanguages eh. bad at but still think it is okTextiles never doneMovies:Twilight; =hate-Twilight =hate-New Moon=hate-Eclipse=hateHarry Potter;=love-The Philosopher’s Stone=love-The Chamber of Secrets=love-The Prisoner of Azkaban=they did a terrible job with this movie versus the books-The Goblet of Fire=they did an okay job-The Order of The Phoenix =love-Half Blood Prince=love-The Deathly Hallows part 1=love love love! can’t wait till this weekend when I see the next partAngus Thongs and Perfect Snogging=never heard ofShrek=likeThe Parent Trap=dislikeFred the Movie=don’t knowThe Inbetweeners Movie (I know it isn’t out yet but still say if you like or don’t like inbetweeners)=don’t knowDespicable me=hateMusic: (dislike or never heard of all but the ones I commented on)Michael BubléCee Lo GreenEllie GouldingPixie LottKaty PerryKathy Beth Terry ;)Demi LovatoAdeleAKONBeyoncéAlexandra BurkeLady GagaTake ThatMichael Jackson=before he went crazy he was cool, like his stuff from the 80’sAlicia KeysOwl City=liekThe SaturdaysKings Of LeonKeshaAvril LavigneBruno MarsThe WantedOlly MursKayne WestMiley CyrusTinchy StryderEminemEliza DoolittleTaylor SwiftCheryl ColeFlorence and the MachineJessie JWill.I.Am

Sandwich:Grilled cheese-YUM!Egg mayo-EWWW!Tuna mayo-EWWW!Roast beef-EWWW!Smoked salmon-DOUBLE EWWW!Smoked salmon with cream cheese-DOUBLE TRIPLE EWWW!Ham-YUM!Ham and coleslaw-EWWW!Cheese and cucumber-EWWW!PB + J-YUMMY-ISH!Nutella-NEVER HAD ITNutella and banana-NEVER HAD ITChicken-MY FAVORITE!Chicken and stuffing-UH, MINUS THE STUFFING PART ITS GOOD!Cheese and tomato-GROSS!Egg salad-GROSS!Ham salad-ANYTHING WITH THE WORD SALAD IN IT IS GROSS!Cheese salad-DITTO ABOVE!Cake:Chocolate cake-YUMMY!Vanilla cake (plain)-YUMMY!Red velvet cake-YUMMY!Carrot cake-YUCKY!Drink:Coke-OK!Sprite-YUM!Still Water-UH,I DONT KNOW!Sparkling water-YUM!Milk-DOUBLE YUM!Hot chocolate-YUM AGAIN!Coffee-NOT BLACK, BUT YUM!Orange juice-YUMMMMM!Tomato juice-NOT SO YUM, MORE LIKE EWWW!Fanta-YUMMMMMM!Tango-NEVER HAD ITLemonade-YUM!Homemade lemonade-EVEN YUMMIER!Cream soda-YUM!Ginger ale-NOT YUM!Red bull-NOT REALLY MY THING1Monster-ITS PRETTY GOOD!Colour:Red-NAYOrange-YAY!Yellow-NAY!Green-YAY! IF ITS LIME GREEN AND NOT PUKE GREEN!Blue-YAY!Indigo-YAY!Violet-YAY!Pink-NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!1Purple-YAY! MY FAVORITE!Brown-EH, NOT REALLY A YAY OR A NAY!Black-YAY! MY OTHER FAVORITE!White-YAY!Grey-SOMETIMES YAY!Turquoise-YAYAYAYA!Pet:Dog-LIKE!Cat-LIKE!Turtle-LOVE!Hamster-DON’T LIKE!Guinea pig-DON’T LIKE!Rabbit-DON’T LIKE!Subjects:English-MY FAVORITE!Maths-HATE IT WITH A PASSION!Art-MY SECOND FAVORITE!Science-ITS OK!PE-Ball games:-UCK, I HATE THEM!-Rounders-NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS!-Tennis-NOT COORDINATED ENOUGH!-Netbal/Volley ball-STILL NOT COORDINATED ENOUGH!-Badminton-NOPE!-Cricket-NOPE!-Football-IF IM PLAYING WITH FRIENDS AND WE FOREGO THE RULES!PE others;-Dance-I LIKE IT!-Cross country-I DON’T LIKE IT!History-NOT MY CUP OF TEA!Geography-UH, NO!Food tech-SOUNDS FUN, BUT IDK WHAT IT IS!Design technology-computer graphics-MY BOYFRIENDS THING NOT MINE!Design technology-woodwork/workshop-HA! NOOOOO!R.E (religious education)-THEY HAVE THAT IN SCHOOL?!ICT (computers)-MY BOYFRIENDS THING AGAIN!PD (personal development)-SURE!Lunch ;)-MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!Languages-CAN BE FUN, CAN BE BORING!Textiles-IDK WHAT THAT IS!Movies:Twilight;-HATE ALL OF THEM!-Twilight-NO-New Moon-NO-Eclipse-NOHarry Potter;LOVE ALL OF THEM! I KNOW IM A WEIRDO!-The Philosopher’s Stone-YES!-The Chamber of Secrets-YES!-The Prisoner of Azkaban-YES!-The Goblet of Fire-YES!-The Order of The Phoenix-YES! -Half Blood Prince-YES!-The Deathly Hallows part 1-YES!Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging-THATS A MOVIE?!Shrek-MAKES ME LAUGH!The Parent Trap-WAS GOOD, NOW ITS JUST BORING!Fred the Movie-NEVER WATCHED IT, AND DONT PLAN TO.The Inbetweeners Movie (I know it isn’t out yet but still say if you like or don’t like inbetweeners)-NO IDEA!Despicable me-YES!Music:Michael Bublé-SOMETIMES!Cee Lo Green-SURE!Ellie Goulding-DUNNO WHO THAT IS!Pixie Lott-DUNNO WHO THAT IS EITHER!Katy Perry-YEAH, ESPECIALLY T.G.I.FKathy Beth Terry ;)-HECK YEAH! :pDemi Lovato-NOT REALLY!Adele-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!AKON-YEAH!Beyoncé-SOMETIMES!Alexandra Burke-!Lady Gaga-NOT REALLY!Take That-DUNNO!Michael Jackson-HAHA! THRILLER!Alicia Keys-NOT EXACTLY!Owl City-UH, THAT WOULD BE A NO!The Saturdays-MAYBE!Kings Of Leon-NOT REALLY!Kesha-YEAH!Avril Lavigne-HECK YEAH!Bruno Mars-HECK HECK YEAH!The Wanted-MAYBE!Olly Murs-IDK WHO THAT IS!Kayne West-NOT REALLY!Miley Cyrus-HECK NO!Tinchy Stryder-I DUNNO!Eminem-YES SIR!Eliza Doolittle-WHO?!Taylor Swift-YEPPERS!Cheryl Cole-IDK WHO THAT IS EITHER!Florence and the Machine-NOPE!Jessie J-YEP!Will.I.Am-SURE!

SANDWICH favorite: Roast BeefSANDWICH least favorite: Smoked salmon with cream cheese (salmon and cream cheese together)CAKE favorite: Chocolate cakeCAKE least favorite: Vanilla cake (too bland)DRINK favorite: WaterDRINK least favorite: Ginger AleCOLOR favorite: Turquoise COLOR least favorite: BrownPET favorite: DogPET least favorite: CatSUBJECT favorite: Lunch ;DSUBJECT least favorite: MathMOVIES favorite: Despicable MeMOVIES least favorite: TwilightMUSIC favorite: Owl CityMUSIC least favorite: Everyone else apart from the ones I don’t know


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