Brian Wilson: In The Back Of My Mind

The Beach Boys – In the Back of my Mind (instrumental)

The instrumental track of “In the Back of My Mind”, the second to last track on “The Beach Boys Today!”. Sheer beauty No copyright infringement intended.

If you like this piece you can download Brian Wilson: In The Back Of My Mind sheet music online in digital format.

In The back of my mind the Beach Boys Sung by Dennis Wilson

In The back of my mind the Beach Boys Sung by Dennis Wilson From The Today Album Written By Brian Wilson & Mike Love.

How many of you ‘cook’ using packeted and tinned ingredients only? I have just had as background noise an American presenter (Brian Wilson?) demonstrating the preparation (prior to cooking) of something called cornbread (or did it include cornbread. The only ingredient that was not previously processed in some manner were eggs! Absolutely extraordinary, using pre-cooked food, no doubt with lower nutritional values to make other food – the mind boogles!

If you like this piece you can download Brian Wilson: In The Back Of My Mind sheet music online in digital format.

If I am using tinned products it would be tinned tomatoes.I am a Brit living overseas and some of my friends are amused that I would use actual spuds for my mash..Not saying I don’t use tinned products, but I cook the way I was taught or watched my Mother cook.Which was mostly fresh produce

I’m in the US and I use as little canned or prepackages foods as possible. The canned crap has way too many preservatives and sodium. I want to eat food not a science experiment.

To eat that food is just totally foul and disgusting. It is funny to see how people think ‘cooking at home’ is to open a pack of something, warm it up, add water, eggs or meat and you have a meal. To me, that is the same as eating out. Yarf.

Cornbread has very few fresh ingredients – it is basically ground corn meal, salt and baking powder (leaven), so it lends itself to a prepackaged mix very easily. The egg would be the only fresh ingredient even if you made it from scratch, and the nutrition would not be much different.Unfortunately, all the mixes I have ever seen are sweetened, and I do not like sweet cornbread (plus the sugar is not particularly good for you). So if I were to make cornbread, I would not use a mix.I generally avoid prepackaged food, as it tends to be higher in salt and sugar, as well as more expensive.

I prefer cooking from scratch but I use canned stuff like beans, mushrooms, beef & chicken broth, tuna, crab, chicken, tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste a lot too because it’s simply not feasible to make it from scratch most of the time. For times when it has to be quick (I need bean soup RIGHT NOW) cans are indispensable.For example, real bean soup, chili, and pasta sauce takes two days to make properly. But I can knock a decent quick pasta sauce, bean soup or white chili together is 15 minutes or so using canned ingredients and spices off the shelf. Beef and chicken broth are better made from scratch but that takes hours, cans take as long as it takes to find the can opener.

I use almost all can “tined” foods in my cooking. Fresh foods cost so much more and organic even more that my food budget would run way over what I can afford. It is not a question of convenience for me to use can products, but one of economics. This is one reason low income people in this country will have more of an obesity problem. Can foods are cheaper than Fresh. Why? because it cost more to transport fresh, store fresh, sell fresh, (you have to weigh it, instead of scanning the label) and fresh goes bad in no time, compared to the shelf life of can products. Nutritional value is lost in can products.Now there is something to say about packaged foods like cornbread. Just add water and egg as opposed to measuring out the corn meal and other ingredients.Also, I like my Quick Grits, another packaged food. (For those of you that don’t understand the food “Grits” it is the heart of the corn kernel, left over after grinding corn into corn flour, or meal. This was a poor mans food) The traditional way of preparing grits is to take the stone ground raw unprocessed grits and boil them for say a couple of days to soften them up. Then they are ready to serve. Quick Grits are like pre-boiled and can be ready in 5-8 minutes. Instant, which no decent Southern Gentleman would ever eat, needs only hot water and 1 minute to be ready. I like mine with fresh butter so thick you would think it was yellow ice cream on the plate. Plenty of salt is to be used. You can add cheese, bacon pieces, and shrimp and grits is great.Keep ClearSpartan Caver.

Apart from Sid Barrett and Brian Wilson did any other musicians have total nervous breakdowns ? Of course all those drugs didn’t help, And Kurt Cobain was definately over the edge too.Any others come to mind ?Thanks.
Mariah Carey seems to have some history in the mental breakdown dept. Not sure how she’s doing now though.
Axel Rose became reclusive and weird, he’s not so bad now.
Gidget Gein – Died of drug overdoseKeith Moon – ” ” ” “Marilyn Manson – came close to a breakdown (nearly killing himself)they didn’t necessarily have nervous breakdowns though..Well Gidget didn’t anyway.

Andy Partridge of XTC. He suffered from stage fright due to paranoia and refused to play live after 1982.

Brian May of Queen came down with serious depression and had somewhat of a breakdown. I heard him talk about it in an interview but he was smart enough to recognize it and get proper treatment fast and not to self medicate as he knew that would only make things worse. May is a very smart man after all I believe he has his doctrine in Astrophysics. or perhaps Masters but I am pretty sure he has his doctrine.

over the years, and with the life stile, there as been plenty,its a hard business to be in, and it does take its toll,it is sad that what they love to do,can be bad for them,it is so sad,for them great guys.

Should I drop Carlos Pena and add Matt Capps? I already have Carlos Marmol, Brian Wilson, Matt Lindstrom, and Chad Qualls. I need one more reliever on my 2009 fantasy baseball team.
You do not need another reliever. 4 closers are more than enough. I only had 2 one of my teams last year. On another, I had a rotation of a bunch of guys over the season. I finished above 3rd in both.If you must have Capps, there has to be some position player worse than Carlos Pena on your team that you can drop.

You only have three closers. Marmol isn’t a closer. Unless you need Hold stats, I would drop Marmol. I don’t think you need 4 closers at the cost of Pena. But without seeing your roster, all we can do is speculate. On paper, it looks like a bad deal.

I agree with the others so far. Dropping Pena to add Capps is a bad idea. Granted, Marmol is not currently the closer for the Cubs, but he probably will be a few months into the season if you don’t mind waiting that long for him to earn the job over Gregg. I see adding Matt Capps as a value for your team, although he’s not a necessity since you own Lindstrom, Qualls and Wilson who are all pitching in the ninth for their respective teams. Once again, there has got to be another player on your team less valuable than Carlos Pena that you can drop to add Matt Capps. If not, I’d suggest dropping Marmol for him if getting saves in the now is your priority, otherwise, you can leave your roster as is and compete with what you’ve got.


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