Folk (In Excelsis)

Excelsis New CD Teaser 2007

The new Excelsis Album mixed on Folk- and Powermetal! A story over old helvetic histories! check the Homepage.

See and download Folk (In Excelsis) sheet music

Notre Dame Folk Choir sings “Rosa Mystica” at the Abbey of Gethsemani

The Notre Dame Folk Choir made its biennial retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani on the weekend of the 13th through the 15th of January, 2012. While they were …

What’s better, a Meade Super Plossl, a Celestron X-cel, or a UO Ortho? I am looking to buy a good eyepiece for looking at planets at high power. I need one that is around 5mm. I am considering a Meade Super Plossl (5.5mm), a Celestron X-cel, or a University Optics Abbe Orthoscopic. Which one will give the better image?

See and download Folk (In Excelsis) sheet music

I think the nod would go to UO among those who know. The Celestron and Meade eyepieces can be very good, but with the exception of the 14UWA you very seldom hear talk about the Celestron and Meade offerings in the amateur community. Well OK, the ultima eyepieces from Celestron have a good rep especially the barlow. The Tak LEs are not on your list but I think the Takahashi LE series is something you might want to look at. Higher priced than your UO ortho but not sky high. Used, the Tak LEs come up regularly on Astromart for around a hundred bucks.You might call Teton telescopes and see if any of the Super Monos are left. That is considered a “planet eyepiece.” The UO is too. If it were my money and I had those three choices, it would go to UO, but with my money what in fact I purchased was a Pentax XW 5mm and a Super Monocentric. These options are, however, in the high and low 2s, respectively.Also there is a yahoo eyepiece discussion group. I’ll put it in the links.I also always put in a word for astromart. You pay a ONE time fee of $12 and have access to a huge used market. You can pick up a used UO for about $25 less than the new priced but they tend to sell fast (which says something). There are a number of discussion groups there including one which is JUST eyepieces. That groups is VERY ACTIVE, the one on Yahoo is so-so. There are other forums on, which is free, but I can’t emphasize enough how important astromart is and well worth the once-in-a-lifetime fee of $12. Cloudy Nights has used market too but it is 1/100th the size of Astromart and some people selling there got booted out of Astromart for various forms of misbehavior.I’ll put in a link to Teton telescopes too. I am not a big fan of their “overall philosophy” which is heavily biased (big surprise!) to the products they sell (I prefer other vendors like Highpoint Scientific) but they DO have the super monocentric eyepieces which come out only in very limited editions.Most of the people who CAN’T get a super mono would go with a UO ortho. In this price range I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the Edmund Optics RKE but their shortest focal length is 8mm.You really want to get into a discussion forum where people can do the give-and-take without getting into this best answer nonsense. There are lots of different views and it helps to hear a bunch.5mm is a short focal length and “best used” with a telescope that has a drive. Most dob owners would get some kind of wide field. The Baader Hyperion eyepieces are an option as are the TMB-Burgess “planetary” eyepieces–but I would get a UO over any of those choices. The Hyperions are available at OPT (oceanside photo) not astronomics; be careful, the coatings on the look-alike Stratus eyepieces by most accounts are not as good.Oh yeah the excelsis web site has a LOT of “user and voter reviews” of equipment including eyepieces. A very useful resource even if it does have a flawed voting system.You should be able to look up all the brands I’ve mentioned on the astronomics web site. It’s a huge operation, but when possible, I buy from Highpoint Scientific, a nice small outfit where there is a lot of knowledge and they’re not “pushing a line” like Teton. As you spend money on eyepieces you will discover that folks will chat on and on about the nuances of all of them but the fact is that we’re stuck under a big bucket of slosh called the atmosphere and there’s no real wrong way to go.Hope that helps,GN

The UO ortho is by far the best of the three; the others are just run-of-the-mill Chinese Plössls rebadged to Celestron and Meade. All of these will have extremely short eye relief, so you might do better with a 10mm UO ortho combined with a quality 2x Barlow. If you can spend more money, get a modern high eye relief design like the Tele Vue Radian. I have a Radian 5mm, and its my most used short focal length eyepiece.

Before you decide on buying a 5mm lines figure out which lines you can use with a Barlow lens to achieve the same power.If your telescope can hold two inch lines, I would suggest you get a 5mm Celestron, or and Orion.One more thing, you probably will only get good viewing in real cold weather with that much power, that is because there isn’t as much moisture and dust in the air in cold weather.

What are some good power metal bands? I already know Sabaton and Firewind.
Have you tried:Last Eyes ( they just call themselves Metal..but decide for yourself) (not sure really..they only have 3 songs) (Power-Folk Metal to be concise) (call themselves Pirate Metal..but) are some of the better gems from my personal collection.and then ya got the more common ones like Iced Earth, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Falconer and of course, Helloween.also all very good.

I’ll leave it to the Peaches & co. to answer this one correctly, but here’s some recommendations:- Stratovarius- Thunderstone- Stormlord- Highlord- Sonata Arctica- Sinergy- Seraphim- Primal Fear- Nevermore- Moonlight Agony- Magica- Kamelot- Helangår- Falconer- Epinikion- Dark Moor- CastlevaniaThere’s more, but I dunno how you’d like them. I tried to include mostly power metal, and not symphonic or gothic power ones.

Hrmf, I think I’ve answered this question from you before. Ahwell, I’ll answer it again.Angra – Temple of Hate Pretty much the only power metal band I listen to. Apart from Dethklok which no one takes seriously.

Helloween in the best, periodAfter that try.Gamma RayKamelotBlind GuardianAngraStratovariusAndNightwish


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