Liszt (Impromptu (Nocturne))

What’s a somewhat easy song to play on piano that’s also very impressive? I can play Fantasie-Impromptu by Chopin fairly well, but I don’t want to take the time to memorize it. Do you guys have any ideas for other songs that are much easier but are just as impressive? As an example, I was thinking of Allegro Burlesco by Kuhlau. Thanks for any input.

Download sheet music online: Liszt (Impromptu (Nocturne))

1.Nocturne no.20 or no.19 by F.chopin2.prelude no.4 or no.20 by chopin3.nina by pergolesi4.a waltz by chopin5.ave maria by schubert,or schubert-liszt.

What is a good piano piece to play? I’ve got a music competition coming up soon and I don’t know a good piece to play. I have just finished learning Chopins Nocturne in C sharp minor and I am taking grade 7 soon.I would like a piece with a similar style to:Trees – Keiko MatsuiNocurne in C sharp Minor – Chopinand River flows in you – YirumaIf possible i would also like the piece to sound quite impressive.Thanks in advance!
quite honestly, the nocturne in C sharp minor is perhaps the most overplayed chopin peice, so I would suggest against playing it. Chopin’s own 3 nocturnes in F major are a much better arrangement, and if you’re good enough play Liszt’s transcendental etude or Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptuthe nocturne in F major has an amazing soft/loud dynamic. It starts very reserved and plays off of a simple motif (it’ll probably put the audience to sleep), then, it explodes with life and amazing chord progressions in the middle which just takes away the audience and stuns them with your talent!Any impromptu or polonaise will do, as well as nearly anything by Liszt.

Anything out of Debussy’s Children’s Corner Suite should be about grade 7 I think. Dr Graddus Ad Parnassum is one piece from the collection that sticks out as something impressive and easy to get your head round. Good Luck

aha im doing my level 7 exam on saturday :)if u want a good song for level 6-7 id play moonlight sonata by beethoven (the 1st mvt)its a slow song, but when I played it, it seemed to be many people’s favourites

What are the 50 built in songs on the Yamaha P-85 Digital Piano? I recently discovered that my Yamaha P-85 Digital Piano plays 50 different when you hold the Demo/Song button then press a key from C2-C6#. I know the obvious pieces like Fur Elise and Turkish March, but there are 48 other songs that I like but don’t know the name to. Thanks!
No. Title Composer1 Invention No. 1 J.S.Bach2 Invention No. 8 J.S.Bach3 Gavotte J.S.Bach4 Prelude (Wohltemperierte Klavier I No.1) J.S.Bach5 Menuett G dur BWV.Anh.114 J.S.Bach6 Le Coucou L-C.Daquin7 Piano Sonate No.15 K.545 1st mov. W.A.Mozart8 Turkish March W.A.Mozart9 Menuett G dur W.A.Mozart10 Little Serenade J.Haydn11 Perpetuum mobile C.M.v.Weber12 Ecossaise L.v.Beethoven13 Für Elise L.v.Beethoven14 Marcia alla Turca L.v.Beethoven15 Piano Sonate op.13 “Pathétique” 2nd mov. L.v.Beethoven16 Piano Sonate op.27-2 “Mondschein” 1st mov. L.v.Beethoven17 Piano Sonate op.49-2 1st mov. L.v.Beethoven18 Impromptu op.90-2 F.P.Schubert19 Moments Musicaux op.94-3 F.P.Schubert20 Frühlingslied op.62-2 J.L.F.Mendelssohn21 Jägerlied op.19b-3 J.L.F.Mendelssohn22 Fantaisie-Impromptu F.F.Chopin23 Prelude op.28-15 “Raindrop” F.F.Chopin24 Etude op.10-5 “Black keys” F.F.Chopin25 Etude op.10-3 “Chanson de l’adieu” F.F.Chopin26 Etude op.10-12 “Revolutionary” F.F.Chopin27 Valse op.64-1 “Petit chien” F.F.Chopin28 Valse op.64-2 F.F.Chopin29 Valse op.69-1 “L’adieu” F.F.Chopin30 Nocturne op.9-2 F.F.Chopin31 Träumerei R.Schumann32 Fröhlicher Landmann R.Schumann33 La prière d’une Vierge T.Badarzewska34 Dolly’s Dreaming and Awakening T.Oesten35 Arabesque J.F.Burgmüller36 Pastorale J.F.Burgmüller37 La chevaleresque J.F.Burgmüller38 Liebesträume Nr.3 F.Liszt39 Blumenlied G.Lange40 Barcarolle P.I.Tchaikovsky41 Melody in F A.Rubinstein42 Humoresque A.Dvorák43 Tango (España) I.Albéniz44 The Entertainer S.Joplin45 Maple Leaf Rag S.Joplin46 La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin C.A.Debussy47 Arabesque 1 C.A.Debussy48 Clair de lune C.A.Debussy49 Rêverie C.A.Debussy50 Golliwog’s Cakewalk C.A.Debussy

i want to perform in the next talent show, any ideas for good piano pieces? I already passed the highest level in pianoXD. i can basically play any piano piece. any famous piano piece suggestions? from mozart? chopin? or beethoven?
-any chopin nocturne, check out the one in d flat major (so beautiful!)-claire de lune, very famous-la campanella – very difficult though!-moonlight sonata – bit common but check out the third movement, (insane)-fur elise – too common-fantasie impromptu-river flows in you – if you want to be generic -beethoven pathetique sonata-haydn d major sonata (not that well known but quite cool nevertheless)-raindrop prelude – one of my favouritesbasically anything by chopin or liszt i would recommend if you can play at the highest level because they really were born to play and write for the piano! :)by the way what grade are you??


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