I Wish I Could Have Loved You More – Payne

I Wish I Could Have Loved You More – Candie Payne (2007)

I Wish I Could Have Loved You More (Candie Payne) I Wish I Could Have Loved You More : I wish I could have loved you more I wish I could have loved you more …

You can download the score from the video: I Wish I Could Have Loved You More – Payne

Candie Payne, I Wish I Could Have Loved You More, live on Later With Jools Holland

What are some good Motown like songs ? I love those type of songs from that era of music. It doesn’t have to be Motown songs but songs similar to their style. Any suggestions?

You can download the score from the video: I Wish I Could Have Loved You More – Payne

twenty five miles – edwin starrfor once in my life – stevie wonderi only want to be with you – dusty springfieldband of gold – freda payneunder the boardwalk – driftersstand by me – ben e. kingrescue me – fontella basswill you still love me; baby, it’s you – shirelleshe’s a rebel; da do ron ron; then he kissed me – the crystalstoday i met the boy i’m going to marry – darlene lovebuild me up buttercup – the foundationsain’t too proud to beg; i wish it would rain – temptationsbernadette; reach out, i’ll be there – four topsyou keep me hanging on; baby love – diana ross and the supremesheat wave; nowhere to run; dancing in the street – martha reeve and the vandellasbe my baby – ronnie and the ronnettesi’ll be there – jackson 5tears of a clown; tracks of my tears; i second that emotion – smokey robinson and the miraclesrespect; chain of fools – aretha franklincool jerk – capitolssoul finger – bar-kayssweet soul music – arthur conleyexpress way to your heart – soul survivorshold on i’m coming; soul man – sam & davelittle bit of soul – music explosionyou’ve lost that loving feeling – righteous brotherstramp; dock of the bay; try a little tenderness; i’ve been loving you too long – otis redding

What was with the ending of the the Ghost Whisperer series 3? Ok so there were 6 people at the end of Ghost Whisperer, but as Rick pointed out there were only 5 shadows, but I can’t figure out who was possibly dead, if that was the case, because Rick noticed them all.Jim, Delia and Ned were all interacting with each other when Rick noticed the shadows, but was also interacting with Rick before that, Melinda was able to touch her mum so who was it? Or if no one was dead, any opinions on what was going on?
I live in canada & we have the new season started hereI don;t want to spoil anything for you but I will tell you know one dies from the 6 of themcheers

Season 4 opened with nobody dead, but it is believed to be an omen. I think if Jay Mohr’s new show takes off getting impressive ratings to continue, they may kill him later on in the season or remove him permanently some how.

The Season 4 premiere takes place 4 months later and everyone is still alive. They are concluding (at the moment) that it was a premonition of someone close to Melinda dying (although unsure of who it is). This also goes back to the ghostly writing on Jim’s back.Rumors are that by the end of the season someone will be going to the light.

I don`t want to spoil it here but remember to be watching on Nov. 14/08 If you really want to know email me.

You really want to know ? OK you asked lol but look away if you dont wish to know .It was an Omen of a possible death to come , so that convinced Melinda that it was Professor payne as he is the one that saw only 4 shadows etc.Professor Payne leaves for some expedition overseas (a very emotional goodbye between him and melinda) which is also his exit from the show – if his other tv show flops then I would say he will return to GW , if the other tv show is a success then GW will possible kill him off whilst he is overseas in some kind of accident.As I said Melinda is busy worrying thinking that the warning signs and omen etc are of professor payne when in fact she is wrong .Episode 6 and/or 7 of season 4 is the decider on whether or not all the gossip around the net of the leaked scripts etc are true and that it is infact Jim that dies !Melinda is also Pregnant – see episode 05 – season 04 !!My theory is that Jim dies , leaving Melinda pregnant and so professor payne will come back to support her as we all know how in love with her he really is !

How many songs did one direction did? Hi, I would like to know how many songs one direction did and how many albums. And also if possible a small biography of all of them pleaseThanks xOOxo
not enough to make any biographies. Trust me in 5 years no one will know who they are.listen to some GOOD music 🙂

i may be wrong, but.36 songs. 2 albums, (up all night and their latest album take me home)One Direction are an English-Irish boy band formed in London in 2010 on x-factor UK (coming 3rd place and getting signed by simon cowell), consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. i suggest look them up on Wikipedia/google and read about them their if your not familiar with them.xo

None worth knowing. I’m a nice person so I’m willing to help you.Listen to:AerosmithThe BeatlesThe StonesPink FloydAlice CooperNeil YoungBob DylanPearl JamVan Halen The Who

One Direction has 33 songs (I think) and two albums.Their first album is Up All Night:1. What Makes You Beautiful2. Gotta Be You3. One Thing4. More Than This5. Up All Night6. Tell Me A Lie7. Taken8. I Wish9. I Want10. Everything About You11. Same Mistakes12. Save You Tonight13. Stole My HeartThey also have three songs that aren’t on either album. Those are:1. I Should’ve Kissed You2. Na Na Na3. Another WorldTheir second album is Take Me Home:1. Live While We’re Young2. Kiss You3. Little Things4. C’mon, C’mon5. Last First Kiss6. Heart Attack7. Rock Me8. Change My Mind9. I Would10. Over Again11. Back For You12. They Don’t Know About Us13. Summer Love14. She’s Not Afraid15. Loved You First16. Nobody Compares17. Still The One

one direction have around 32 songs out, on their Up All Night and Take Me Home albums, which doesn’t include covers.songs are:Up All Night Deluxe Edition:1-What Makes You Beautiful2-One Thing3-Gotta Be You4-More Than This5-Stole My Heart6-Save You Tonight7-Taken8-Up All Night9-I Wish10-I Want11-Tell Me A Lie12-Stand Up13-Moments14-I Should Have Kissed You15-Another World16-Everything About You17-Same Mistakes18-Na Na NaTake Me Home Deluxe Edition:1-Live While We’re Young2-Kiss You3-Little Things4-C’mon C’mon5-I Would6-Rock Me7-Over Again8-Summer Love9-She’s Not Afraid10-Still the One11-Nobody Compares12-Last First Kiss13-Heart Attack14-Change My Mind15-Back For You16-They Don’t Know About Us17-Loved You FirstOne Direction is a 5 boy boy-band which was formed on X Factor UK in 2010. They came 3rd that year, but Simon Cowell, their mentor, signed them to SYCO, his record company. Their first album, Up All Night, came out November last year, and their second album, Take Me Home, came out a couple of days ago in Australia. The five boys are Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik. They all auditioned as soloists of X Factor and got put through into the group category.Harry Styles- curly haired, born in Holmes Chapel on 1st February, 1994Zayn Malik- sports a quiff, born in Bradford on 12th January, 1993Liam Payne- head is shaved at the moment, born in Wolverhampton on 29th August, 1993Louis Tomlinson- brown hair, born in Doncaster on 24th December, 1992Niall Horan- blond, born in Mullingar on 13th September, 1993, ONLY IRISH ONE !by the wayTHEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING BAND EVER !! ALL SO HOT AND SEXY AND AMAZING SINGERS ! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE


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