Noel Gallagher – I Will Believe

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – It Makes Me Wanna Cry (Unreleased Demo) “It Makes Me Wanna Cry” is an amazing unreleased demo from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Lyrics: I keep on r…

Digital sheet music source: Noel Gallagher – I Will Believe

NOEL GALLAGHER – Stop the clocks (Cover by Sammy)

“Stop the Clocks” is a song by English rock band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Written by guitarist and vocalist Noel Gallagher in 2001, the song was o…

Does ANYBODY know where i can get an mp3 version of Noel Gallagher singing Waiting For The Rapture? I believe he sang it backstage at the iTunes festival in a shower or toilet?! The video is/was on You Tube and the oasisinet webpage but can’t find audio of it anywhere.please help!

Digital sheet music source: Noel Gallagher – I Will Believe

go on youtube and find the videoCopy the URLGo to google and type “youtube to mp3.”click the first one.Put in the URLConvertdownload BAMMM

How many awards and nominations has Noel Gallagher recieved? Need it for an English essay about him x TY
Brit Awards:Year Nominated work Award Result1995 Oasis Best British Newcomer Won1996 “Wonderwall” Best British Video Won(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Best British Album WonOasis Best British Group Won1998 “D’You Know What I Mean?” Best British Video NominatedBe Here Now Best British Album NominatedOasis Best British Group Nominated2003 Oasis Best British Group Nominated2006 Oasis Best British Rock Act NominatedBest British Live Act Nominated2007 Oasis Outstanding Contribution to Music WonGrammy Awards:Year Nominated work Award Result1997 “Wonderwall” Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group NominatedBest Rock Song Nominated1999 “All Around the World” Best Music Video, Short-Form NominatedIvor Novello Awards:Year Nominated work Award Result1995 Oasis Songwriters of the Year Won2003 “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” Best Song Musically and Lyrically NominatedMercury Prizes:Year Nominated work Award Result1995 Definitely Maybe Mercury Prize Nominated1996 (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Mercury Prize NominatedMTV Europe Music Awards:Year Nominated work Award Result1994 Oasis Best UK Act Won1996 “Wonderwall” Best Song WonOasis Best Group Won1997 Oasis Best Rock WonMTV Video Music Awards Japan:Year Nominated work Award Result2002 Oasis Best Live Act Won2006 “Lyla” Best Group Video NominatedBest Video of the Year NominatedDon’t Believe the Truth Best Album of the Year NominatedN.M.E Awards:Year Nominated work Award Result1995 “Live Forever” Single of the Year WonDefinitely Maybe Album of the Year WonOasis Best New Band Won1996 “Wonderwall” Best Single Won(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Best Album WonOasis Best Live Band WonBest Band Won1997 Knebworth Best Musical Event WonOasis Band of the Year Won2003 Oasis Best Live Band NominatedBest UK Band WonArtist of the Year Won2005 Definitely Maybe Best Music DVD Won2006 “The Importance of Being Idle” Best Video WonBest British Track NominatedDon’t Believe the Truth Best Album NominatedOasis Best British Band NominatedBest Live Act Nominated2007 Oasis Best British Band Nominated2009 Oasis Best British Band WonBest Live Band NominatedBest Band Blog WonDig Out Your Soul Best Album Nominated”The Shock of the Lightning” Best Video NominatedNoel Gallagher Hero of the Year NominatedBest Dressed NominatedQ Awards:Year Nominated work Award Result1994 Oasis Best New Act Won1995 Oasis Best Live Act Won1996 Oasis Best Act in the World Today Won1997 Oasis Best Act in the World Today Won2000 Oasis Best Live Act Won2002 “The Hindu Times” Best Single NominatedOasis Best Live Act NominatedBest Act in the World Today Nominated2005 “The Importance of Being Idle” Best Video NominatedBest Track NominatedDon’t Believe the Truth Best Album WonOasis Best Live Act NominatedBest Act in the World Today NominatedPeople’s Choice Award Won2006 Oasis Best Act in the World Today WonNoel Gallagher Classic Songwriter Award Won2008 Oasis Best Act in the World Today NominatedVodafone Live Music Award:Year Nominated work Award Result2007 Morning Glory – An Album Under Review Best Live Music DVD Won

Is the majority of England atheists? I’ve been seeing alot of british celebrities that atheist. John Lennon, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Eddie Izzard, etc. Are their alot of atheists in England?
Don’t judge a country by its celebrities, if we did we would have nuked the US by now because of Paris Hilton. Although Eddie Izzard is pretty awesome.The UK is mostly Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish but there are lots of atheists too. Very diverse.

I have a friend who lives in England who says that there are a lot of Atheists in her country. She is a believer but believes there are more non-believers than there are believers.

Yes there are a lot. Most Christians here only get married in a church because they like the romance of it. They don’t really believe in it.

i wouldnt say so, depends on the area u go to , but most are Catholic or CoE.And Jeff , ur wrong, 71% are Christian,15% have no religion(including those who believe in a higher power)14% are from different religions

Lots, but not necessarily the majority, depending on exactly the question you ask.At the last census about 70% described themselves as “Christian” but hiding behind that figure are vast amounts of nominalism.About 6% of the population go to church on an average Sunday, and one poll recorded 63% of people in the UK describing themselves as “not religious”, while another returned that less than 40% of the population believed in God.Confusing, but this can happen with a state religion almost identified with nationality.

I think there are a lot. Many are christians when it comes to getting Christened, married and buried. The rest of the time they do not go to church or pray etc so really are either bad Christian’s or just an atheist.I am one, I was Christened but had no choice in that, I got married in a registry office, then later a second marriage was done in a church for my second wife who believed. I never believed but saw no reason why I should deny her her wish and even told the vicar this fact. I do not want a church funeral just the crematorium with a humanist ceremony.

What book series are the best for teenagers? I want to read at lest 5 series this summer so please tell me!
twilight seriesthe uglies seriesamong the hidden seriesprincess diaries serieskitchen princess series

Twilight Series (four books)Harry Potter Series (seven books)The Uglies series ( three or four books)I’d Tell you i love you but then I’d have to kill you (only two books in this series)Dead is the New Black (three books)

These are my personal recommendations for books:(You can find my personal opinion of the one’s I’ve read at my blog House of Night series—It knocked me straight out of my Twilight obsession. Even though I am still hyped about the DVD and New Moon movie. The ending of the last book drove me nuts and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.The Morganville Vampire series—This series is pure amazingness. Love, Love, Love it! It’s really at a tie with House of Night with amazingness.Vampire Academy series–I just finished this and I can’t wait for the next one! It was awesome and totally made me cry like a million time and make me angry. It sure does keep you on your toes.Evermore by Alyson Noel- Very interesting. I could not put it down!Society of S—This book is very interesting. I believe it may be an adult book, but I’m not sure. It’s about a thirteen year old girl, but her vocabulary and English is advanced. It’s a good read though.Peeps—very interesting (in a guys point of view.)Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen—awesome book!The Gallagher Girls series is interesting.It’s about a girl that goes to spy school. The first book is “I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you”.The two books I actually enjoyed reading in school were Speak and Holes. Speak is a really good book.A few other books I have read recently and enjoyed are: Kissing Kate, The Bermudez Triangle, and Empress of the World.Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.Some series that others have told me to read that are in the Young Adult/ Supernatural genre are: The Mortal Instruments series, Darkest Powers series, Maxium Ride, Vampire Kisses series, The Vampire Diaries, The Uglies series, Chronicles of Narnia, Blue Bloods, Sookie Stackhouse series, and Sweep series.Then these more classical books: anything Jane Austen, To Kill a Mockingbird, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, Little Women, Odyssey, The Scarlet Letter, and Treasure Island. All of those are part of Barnes and Nobles Classic Collection.Any of these books listed can be found on Barnes and Noble to know what they are about.

Fablehaven series, by summer there will be four books out.Nightmare Academy (two books out)Uglies is god-awful. Avoid it.


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