I Will Follow – U2

U2 – I will follow

U2’s first video.

Sheet music for I Will Follow – U2 is available for downloading in digital format.

U2 I will follow (with lyric)

U2 From the album Boy: I will follow, with lyric.

Does your taste in music change as you get older? I am now 22 years old. I do not listen to one specific category of music. as I have got older my musical taste buds have changed. in my younger days it was micheal Jackson then on to Radiohead. after that it was Tupac eminem etc followed by u2,oasis,sterophonics and coldplay. But now i just cant get enough of Sigur ros.seriously people give them a try, real emotional stuff. do other people go through such a wide transformation.or am i wierd?

Sheet music for I Will Follow – U2 is available for downloading in digital format.

well when i was 8 i liked s club and now i like ACDC so i guess?when im 60 ill most likely be into symphony and that hahaha
It doesn’t change per se; it expands. (hopefully)
I’m also 22 and it all started with techno, than slowly moved to rap, hip hop. Than at the same time I was in love with music of Michael Jackon, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, SOAD, and Cradle of Filth. Now it changed again. At this moment my favorite singer is Phil Driscoll and basically the only music I listnen too is worship songs (religious) But once in a while I go back to MJ, Elton John.

BEFORE:- Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls- Ashanti, Usher, etc.- Eminem- Whatever was on the radioAFTER- Alternative rock, pop-punk bands.- K-Pop (CURRENTLY MY FAV.)- Techno, electronica.

Having a wide knowledge of music is pretty awesome. I’m also 22 and I have been in your situation several times. I listen to so many bands or genres it’s crazy, from 30’s Jazz to 70’s Disco, from 60’s Rock and Roll to 80’s New Wave and so on. so no, you’re not weird. ( :

Well yeah I dont sing along to barney anymore.I guess im the younger you Im a 15 year old michael jackson fan

How many songs have the word follow in them? It has to appear at least once in the song. List all the songs that you know with the word follow in them. Here is one:Follow me-Uncle Kracker
Which of the following sentences does not adhere to the rules of parallelism for items in a series? A. The groupie asked Bono to sign his guitar, was rejected by the rock star, and decided to ask the bass player. B. The groupie slipped in early, was wondering if he would get to see Bono, and when he finally saw Bono, he got rejected. C. The groupie slipped in early, got taken to U2 Jail, and waited for Bono. D. The groupie got taken to U2 Jail, waited with the other groupies, and asked Bono to sign his guitar.
Why do they sometimes have cars follow aircraft on a runway as they are taking off? I saw video of a U-2 taking off and two cars with flashing lights followed it as it was taking off. What’s the purpose of doing this?
The U2 has outrigger wheels that fall from the wings as the airplane leaves the ground on takeoff, and the ground crew follows the airplane to collect them.On landing, the chase car provides accurate altitude information to the pilot, and reinstalls the outriggers after the airplane stops

I(f I remember correctly, the U-2 needed wheels to support the wingtips as it taxied into a takeoff position. As these wheels would be dropped on takeoff, perhaps what you saw were the vehicles assigned to pick them up.

In addition to picking up the outrigger wheels that fall off once the plane takes off the chase car also is a spotter to help the pilot know what’s around the plane. Its very difficult to see out of.

to pick up the temporary wheels attached to the wing tips, they’ll also track it when it lands to help the pilot bring it down properly (since he can’t see very well)

What is your favourite Radiohead, U2 and Oasis songs? What are your favourite songs from the bands Radiohead, U2 and Oasis?Any suggestions as to what other bands have the same music?Thanks
Radiohead: “There There”U2: None..Oasis: A toss-up between “The Importance of Being Idle” and “Champagne Supernova”.

Radiohead – The Drugs Don’t WorkU2 – Miracle Drug Oasis – SongbirdMy favorite band is Third Eye Blind, another favorite – not terribly popular in the U.S – Mogwai, from Scotland. They’re instrumental but I swear it’s some of the best.

Radiohead- Karma PoliceU2- Sunday Bloody SundayOasis- Don’t Look Back in AngerSuggestions: Mogwai was given as a suggestion and I agree with it. Great band. Also: Last Shadow Puppets, Stereophonics, Blur, The Stone Roses, Cesear, Sigur Rós, Red House Painters, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Jet, Wolf Parade

Radiohead-Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Reckoner, All I Need, Creep (cliche but a great song), The National Anthem.. This list goes on and on though.U2-Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.Oasis-Don’t Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, The Shock of Lightning, I’m Outta Time, Live Forever, Stand By Me, Lyla. This list goes on forever also. Bands simliar :)MuseStarlightFeeling GoodSupermassive Black HoleStockholm SydromeApocalypse NowHouse of the Rising SunKnights of CydoniaSing For AbsolutionShrinking UniverseColdplayYellow42ShiverThe ScientistGreen EyesStrawberry SwingClocksViva La VidaViolet Hill

CreepWith Or Without YouDon’t Look Back In AngerOther bands: Muse, Sigur Ros, The Smiths, The Cure, Keane, Porcupine Tree

Radiohead and Oasis are my favorite bands. I love U2 as well.Radiohead:”Fake Plastic Trees””How to Disappear Completely””Idioteque””Reckoner””Paranoid Android”Oasis:”Don’t Look Back in Anger””Gas Panic!””I’m Outta Time””Live Forever””Stop Crying Your Heart Out”U2:”All I Want Is You””Angel of Harlem””Desire””I Will Follow””With or Without You”I also recommend these bands to you:Arctic MonkeysBloc PartyColdplayKaiser ChiefsKasabianMuse


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