I Will Follow Him (I Will Follow You) (Altman)

Canterino Vegyeskar – I will follow him (N. Gimbel, A. Altman, J. Plante)

Koncert a Magyar Nemzeti Galériában – 2013.02.17. – Budapest — Budai Vár.

You can download the sheet music from the video: I Will Follow Him (I Will Follow You) (Altman)

Canterino Vegyeskar – I will follow him (N. Gimbel, A. Altman, J. Plante)

Karácsonyi koncert – 2012.12.16. – Budapest – Rózsák tere – Szent Erzsébet templom.

What’s the meaning of the verb “to haunt” in the following sentence: “A woman haunts the wings”? At the last Robert Altman’s movie, A Prairie Home Companion, there is a woman (Virginia Mandsen playing her) who it is said she is an angel. It seems the character is ambiguous and mysterious, to say the least. And HAUNTS the wings.

You can download the sheet music from the video: I Will Follow Him (I Will Follow You) (Altman)

That sentence doesn’t make any sense if “haunts” refers to the angel’s wings. If it means she haunts the wings (like the side areas of a theater or other arena) then it probably means she hangs out on the sides and doesn’t get involved in the main action.

To inhabit or visit frequently especially as a ghost or other supernatural being. I take “wings” in your sentence to mean like the wings of a house or other building.

Wings are the areas directly to the left and right of a stage, the immediate “backstage” bit of a stage space unseen by the audience. In this instance, “haunt” means “to frequent,” or “often hang out in.” The woman “haunts the wings” by being in that area a lot.

How do you get a custom cursor on myspace? How do you make a cursor that looks like this members.cox.net/marty.altman/Page%20-%20JAVA-Expanding%20Text%20&%20Crosshairs%20Cursor.htm?Thanks (ps this is my first question)
Just go to cursors-4u.com/ Look around for your cursor, click on the myspace tab on the cursor page. Read/follow the Myspace 1.0 or 2.0 instructions

What movie best represents/epitomizes los angeles? I need to write a 10 page essay on this, comparing and contrasting several different movies and then ultimately decide which one best represents this city.In your opinion, which movie just hits the nail on the head? And PLEASE explain why.10 points for best answer
I’ll start by saying that Killer of Sheep and To Sleep with Anger would be a very close second and third to the movie I’m going to pick. However, I’ll pick one that isn’t so obvious to some. The movie I picked is the movie Short Cuts (1993) Dir. Robert Altman. Altman is known for his ensemble casts and in this one, much like his previous film Nashville, he does a survey of a city by using an ensemble cast to portray the many different classes of people that live in Los Angeles. First off, I’d like to note that I have never seen a movie that has captured the essence of Los Angeles like Altman did here. There’s an uneasiness in L.A., at least in my opinion. It seems to be a city that is waiting for the next monumental to happen. And Altman captures this feeling through his pictures. His characters seem caught in the present and seem to be waiting for this monumental event to happen. Walking in L.A. I’ve felt this before. It follows 22 Los Angelinos as they live their lives out and as they intersect with one another. This Allows Altman to portray many different classes and their feelings and viewpoints in life. All through the viewpoint of a common city. Of course, it all ends in a monumental event. A earthquake. And unlike most movies where that event takes center stages, Altman makes life go on. And that’s what happens in a city like L.A. once that monumental event happens, life goes on. And the city waits for the next one to happen. That, in a nutshell, is why I would Choose Short Cuts. And it’s got some nice cinematography that really adds to the feel of the city.

Which director has directed the most oscar winners? Which director has directed the most oscar winners in the categories of best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress in their films?Not each category individually, but an overall tally. Thanks.
John Ford has won the most Best Director Oscars – 4, followed by Frank Capra and William Wyler, with three apiece. Wyler has the most nominations – 12. Robert Altman, Clarence Brown, Alfred Hitchcock, and King Vidor are tied for the most nominations without a win, at five each.

What are some characteristics of Hollywood blockbuster films of the late 1970s and 1980s? Film 2700 for school
The idea of the “blockbuster film” is one of the ideas.The ideas that you released popular films in the summer and held your “Oscar contenders” until the fall were both ideas that started in the mid-1970s.

The “so-called” Renaissance of Hollywood was built upon perfecting some of the traditional film genres of Hollywood’s successful past – with bigger, block-buster dimensions. Oftentimes, studios would invest heavily in only a handful of bankrolled films, hoping that one or two would succeed profitably. In the 70s, the once-powerful MGM Studios sold off many of its assets, abandoned the film-making business, and diversified into other areas (mostly hotels and casinos). Much of the focus was on box-office receipts and the production of action- and youth-oriented, blockbuster films with dazzling special effects. But it was becoming increasingly more difficult to predict what would sell or become a hit. Hollywood’s economic crises in the 1950s and 1960s, especially during the war against the lure of television, were somewhat eased with the emergence in the 70s of summer “blockbuster” movies or “event films” marketed to mass audiences, especially following the awesome success of two influential films: 27 year-old Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975)33 year-old George Lucas’ Star Wars (1977)More of the successful films were those based in the harsh truths of war, rather than the excesses of the 1960s. Films like the Francis Ford Coppola-scripted Patton, starring George C. Scott as the World War II general, and Robert Altman’s MASH, about a Korean War field hospital, were major box-office draws in 1970. Honest, old-fashioned films like Summer of ’42, and the Erich Segal adaptation, Love Story, were commercial and critical hits. (Love Story and “Summer” remain, as of 2005, two of the most successful films in Hollywood history. “Summer”, costing $1,000,000 USD, brought in $25,000,000 at the box office, while “Love Story”, with a budget of $2,200,000, earned $106,400,000).


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