Glasser (I Will)

I Will Wait – The New Velvet & Caroline Glaser (Mumford & Sons)

Available on iTunes HERE: We had an awesome time working and hanging with Caroline! …

See and download Glasser (I Will) sheet music

The Atheist Experience #822 Russell Glasser Jen Peeples Part 6 Caller Will Denver CO

The Atheist Experience July 14th 2013 This is not the official channel but a fan channel. The Atheist Experience is a weekly, live, call in talk show discuss…

Can I use Glasser safety slugs with a Ruger P95? Still new to this; really like the idea of the Glasser, seem to be the safest option for me living in a dense apartment building. Not sure about their compatibility. Since I haven’t bought the gun, I would prefer to switch the gun more than the bullets, unless there is an even better option than Glasser that can be used with the P95.Thanks!

See and download Glasser (I Will) sheet music

You should be able to just fine. Some guns are quirky, however, so you should try a few to ensure that they function correctly.
Sure, shouldn’t pose any problem at all.
Choice Theory and William Glasser – purpose of questioning from Glasser’s perspective? The questions: “What are you doing? What should you be doing? What are you going to do now?” are often associated with William Glasser and Choice Theory. From Glasser’s perspective, what is the purpose of such questions?
Questions are not neutral or innocent. Behind them are assumptions and theory.Every question is a loaded question, more or less blatantly so.Professionals are very aware of this and call what they do “interventions”. They know that the timing and the phrasing of a question has a specific influence. They are trained to know what they are doing: what they want to address and call into being in their clients.Choice theory assumes people have the ability to choose.They think behaving is not so much responding to external influences; they think behavior is a series of choices.We are able to choose directly how we act and how we think & indirectly how we feel and how our physiology is.When working with a choice theory approach the thing to do is ask for people’s choices, address them as independent “choice makers”. The three questions -you are quoting- wrap that up beautifully.

Whats the best way to finally get off glassers? My little sister had been wearing glassers since kindergarten till year 11 Is there a way to stop wearing them a natural way.Thanks
No.She can have surgery on her eyes,wear contacts,not wear glasses, orwear glasses.There is no natural way to fix your eyes if something is wrong with them.

What and who are important contributors to reality therapy theory? Reality therapy by William Glasser is the developer but I need to know the contributors or practitioners of the theory.
Check these two links, particularly the references at the

Can I use Glasser safety slugs with a Ruger P95? Talking about new to this; really like the idea of the Glasser, seem to be the safest option for me living in a dense apartment building. Not sure about their compatibility. Since I haven’t bought the gun, I would prefer to switch the gun more than the bullets, unless there is an even better option than Glasser that can be used with the P95. Thanks!
The Ruger P95 is a good reliable handgun and it can shoot Glaser ammo no problems however the ammo in the advert you linked to is 9X18 Makarov which is not the correct round , you need 9X19 Parabellum ammo which is more common and easily available. Be sure to read the manual carefully and to carefully check the gun over before use and to get advice from a shooter that you know or from the gunshop about how to use the gun safely and correctly.

I need a good but inexpensive cello bow, any suggestions? I am currently using a glasser Brooklyn style bow on my Bucharest solid top cello. I would like to get a new bow, but i am not sure what to buy. Any suggestions?
Try your local music store, or this website:swstrings.comThe cheapest they have is $34.00. I think.

Try a permanbuco maybe even a brazilian wood can be nice.I also like carbon fiber bows because they are unbreakable and are usually cheap.

Brazilian wood is cheap and durable. Fiber Glass is crap for bowing technique like Mozart atyle bowing. Perembuco is your best option.

Is Strunal a good cello brand for beginners? Model Strunal 40/4 outfit 1/4, it comes with Glasser fiberglass bow. My 5 years old daughter is just starting to play and I read that they were European-crafted. A chinese made violin I bought ended to be much better than European-crafted ones.
They are ok student instruments. They are laminated (plywood) construction which hinders the proper vibrations for proper sound. That being said, a 1/4 size instrument will never have the proper vibrations as compared to a larger sized cello. A 1/4 is also a bit big for many 5 year olds. You are correct, that many Chinese made instruments will be better than similarly priced European ones because of the pay scale. However their are also many very poor quality Chinese as well as European instruments. Generally speaking unless you purchase a laminated instrument, carved cellos under around $800 or so aren’t worth purchasing.

How Citizens can better protect themselves from Police Encounters? I am checked out a DVD from the library which is called BUSTED The Citizens Guide to Surviving Police Encounters. It is narrated by Ira Glasser , who was in charge of ACLU. It’s a short 45 min fim. Describes a police encounter traffic stop and how cops violate citizens rights / assert power. This explains your rights and how to be polite but assert your own rights/power back. I recommend this video for every citizen . This is great training for new drivers and young people. Please do take the inivitative to learn.Here is some video from Citizens/ Victims from Police Misconduct
I’ve lived over a half century and have had only a couple encounters with police. On those rare occasions, they were polite and courteous, probably because I was too and I recognized that I was in the wrong. I don’t need this video because I respect the law and those we hire to enforce it. They are doing a dangerous and thankless job that only a few have the guts to do. My hat is off to them. I am not saying there aren’t a few bad apples, but generally speaking, they do a great job.

Here’s a better idea.. be a decent person and don’t break the law. Yes.. it’s tricky I know, but try it..

I agree with you.People need to use their rights, however.I make car and pedestrian stops all night long and I’m increasingly encountering people who claim to know their rights, but fail to ACTUALLY KNOW them. They get their heads filled with absolute incorrect garbage from idiots on the Internet.They claim this and that and have no idea what they are talking about. Some of these encounters turn violent because the people truly believe they are in the right, when they are not. They resist, physically and violently and I have to use force to gain compliance.I do not commit illegal acts against anyone. I am not one of these overbearing, over zealous cops we see popping up on the Internet video clips. I am simply enforcing the law in the bounds of the law.I too encourage people to know their rights, their real rights. This will keep me from having to apply force to people that are just ignorant of them.

I agree with Eric.I think you also need to reword your question to “How can Citizens better protect themselves from Inappropriate Police Encounters?”Not all encounters with the police are inappropriate.only 10% of all Excessive force claims are legit.People “think” they know the rules of the law but in all honesty they may have been seriously mislead in the “truth” of the law.

I agree with Eric. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told “You can’t arrest me, you haven’t read me my rights yet”. God I love that. Other than thatDON’T BREAK THE LAW YOU MORON

All these intelligent people , including the cops failed to realize that in the video the guy was within his rights all he asked for was a complaint form which by his rights should have been given to him at his request! His rights were violated when the cop got irrate with HIM and arrested him and for what? Asking for a complaint form and to speak with a supervisor! Talk about abuse of power! That police department should be sued and held accountable for violating the mans right to speak to a supervisor, not being given a complaint form and being arrested for a bullsh*t charge and being, seeing he was in the hospital beaten by the very people who are supposed to serve and protect. The cops should be held accountable for their actions they are not above the law only enforce it when there is a crime being committed , which i saw being committed by those idiot cops and the receptionist at the desk.


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