Gerrard: I Want It All

Gerard Butler All I Want For Christmas

I know I will not get Gerard for Christmas, but it is fun asking. Sorry this video is blocked in most countries.

Download sheet music online: Gerrard: I Want It All

All I Want for Christmas (Nolan Gerard Funk Video)

A Video I made for Nolan Gerard Funk using the song All I Want for Christmas by Big Time Rush. Thanks to the sites i got the pics and videos from.

Do you think Gerrard and others would play in the second league if Liverpool got relegated? Hypothetically speaking, let’s say Liverpool get relegated, do you think Gerrard, Torres and all of them would stay? Or would they have to regain their Premier League spot with a new squad?

Download sheet music online: Gerrard: I Want It All

Yeah, I think that Gerrard, Torres and all of the bg-named foreign stars would go, Jamie Carragher might stay though, and liverpool have a good youth system who would probably all stay.

I don’t think Torres would stay but Gerrard would.Look at all the players who stayed with Juventus when they went to Serie B (Del Piero, Trezerguet, Buffon)Newcastle was a different story as part of their problem was buying too many old overrated players so they were more then happy to see them leave

liverpool might be doing bad but they have too much tallent and are too big of a club to get relgated even if they do crap thel finish in the top 8

no they wouldnt stay.dont forget this is the money bags EPL your talking about here.they’d end up like Leeds Utd.but with Liverpool,they’d lose a majority of their support.

How come Gerrard is not listed anywhere as scoring 100 or more goals in the Premier League? I watched a video on youtube entitled “Steven Gerrard’s 100th goal vs PSV”.. The commentators cosigned this. I’m confused? I am sure Gerrard has scored 100 or more goals for Liverpool. Care to enlighten me?
Erm since when has PSV Eindhoven been a team in the Premier League?? He scored that goal in a European competition.PSV is a Dutch team.Gerrard has scored a total of 84 goals in the league.

Simple answer – because he hasn’t.He has scored over a hundred goals in all competitions for Liverpool, but not 100 yet in the Premier League – I think that he still has about fifteen or sixteen to go.It’s a bit like Liverpool winning the Premier League title . maybe one day.Cheers.

What on earth is Liverpool FC going to do when Stevie Gerrard retires? I’ve been a Liverpool supporter since I was a kid and am depressed with the current state of affairs. What is Liverpool going to do when Steven Gerrard, who has generally been a great force for us, retires in a couple of years time? We rely on the poor fella far too much to bail us out of trouble!
Probably score more goals – at least when they play Chelsea. There’ll be no-one to feed Drogba easy goals.

Well then we better hope that in a few years, the manager will already have a couple new players to take Gerrard’s place And Keep Liverpool up to They’re Maximum Potential

Jonjo Shelvey is the next Gerrard!His vision, his tactical awereness, his pace, his shot power, his tackling, his passes, was all the same like young Gerrard 10 years ago! – and that kid got leadership skills!He need to grow some hairs though so he look more Gerrard’s figure.But seriously no one can replace the real Stevie G!

We’ll have new hero’s.Most people say that because of Gerrard other players don’t play to their full potential.Once there was Robbie Fowler and Micheal Owen.Now there’s Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt and Cara.Hero’s come and go.

Based on performances only and consistency, does Steven Gerrard deserve to going to the World Cup ? do you neutrals feel England + Gerrard is stronger than an England – Gerrard ?do you rate him on the international circa ?for you, has he shown you enough that hes world class and deserves his placein the England starting XI or even squad , or should Capello surprise the nation by giving somebody else a chance over Stevie G ?I feel he should be in the squad, whether Capello ought to play him in the starting XI in each game is another question.thoughts and opinions on this please folks.
Although Gerrard consistently under-performs for England, I would still take him. It’s either him or pass it sideways Barry.

Capello has to take Stevie G, no doubt about it. How players are gonna perform once they get there is another story. Let’s just hope that they are all on song.

Liverpool fans – are you concerned that the new owners are reported to be considering selling Gerrard ? Media reports say that the new owners are seriously considering selling Steven Gerrard at the end of the season to bring the club into a better financial position.Perhaps Chelsea would consider buying him, as he and Drogba seem to have a good working relationship when it comes to scoring goals.That’s funny Dan, it was John Henry that was quoted as saying that if they had taken over earlier, Gerrard would have been on his way already.You’re probably right – who would sell a player like Gerrard in the middle of a season ?JackK, settle ‘petal’, don’t shoot the messenger – I’m only asking for your opinion on what the media reported.
John Henry has said there are no plans to sell gerrardPure media rubbish as usual. To be honest at his age he probably only has three four years left in him at the level he is at so the fee would not be as high as some would maybe think.Do you have a source for it? Its just I watched a interview with the man himself saying no plans to sell him. There is no need to sell him and Liverpool want to keep there stars

noo we need to sign players not sell them. i dont think he would even plan that if he wants trophies at Liverpool

As Dan said, its pure rubbish invented by the mediaGerrard is a Kop legend and is literally the heart of Liverpool Just like Scholes, Giggs and Neville (to some extent) is for UnitedFerguson said himself that other managers never used to put in bids for Scholes because they knew he was United through and throughSo think before you open your mouth and spout bs.

As a die-hard Reds supporter, it would be a great shame to lose our rock Gerrard, however, we must actually consider that he wont last forever for whatever reason.What many Pool supporters seem to forget is that we had to rely on others b4 Stevie blessed our team, and from the current crop its not looking too promising that we will replace him immediately.Home grown stars will be coming through the ranks at some stage, lets just hope other teams don’t poach our next Stevie’s, before they can devastate goals in the same fashion.Don’t worry Poolians, we will return to the top soon..:)

I think it is just rumour as usual. Henry said before he want to keep our important players, and in order to do that, Liverpool need to buy in quality players that can help the team to challenge the title.

As much as i like Gerrard, the answer is no, i am not concern. Reason is i feel that the entire team needs to be overhauled.

which idiot tabloid has made this one up then ?JH has said nothing of the sort. He has said they may have reconsidered the Carra contract given the age of the player however. days ago.keep up!


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