I Should Have Known Better by John Lennon

I Should Have Known Better – George Martin Orchestra featuring John Lennon

John Lennon’s vocal track from The Beatles version overdubbed into the George Martin Orchestra instrumental version from the A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack. E…

Download and print I Should Have Known Better by John Lennon sheet score

The Beatles ‘I should have known better’ (Rare Version)

Here’s one they left off of the ‘LOVE’ album… with Strings & Organ! You can down load this track free at myspace.com/polpott.

Does anybody know a good lyric interpretation site? I am doing an exam project about analyzing and interpreting the John Lennon album “Plastic Ono Band”, but I need some help with the lyrics. I have been googling, but I can’t really find what I am looking for. Does anyone know of a good page for John Lennon interpretation?

Download and print I Should Have Known Better by John Lennon sheet score

You can try songmeanings.net you just type in the artist/song name and usually people comment and provide background info. on what the songs about. They rarely have critical analyses with techniques etc. but I’m sure they can help you enough to do it on your own. Sometimes you just need a head start, I think that site would be useful for you. Its worth a shot.

Where can i buy John Lennon glasses in Sydney ? Does any one know where i can buy a good quality pair of John Lennon style glasses in Penrith or some where in Sydney , Australia ?
What is a good starting phrase for my John Lennon Biography? I am doing a biography on John Lennon in class. I don’t know how to start it. Could u give me some kind of starting phrase?
Hello.”Imagine there’s no Heaven” or “Give Peace a Chance”..or something like that.Check out some of his songs or The Beatles and perhaps use some lines from one of them.

Since you’re writing a biography about his “life”, you could start with this line from his song “Beautiful Boy” (which he wrote for his 5 year-old son): “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” And then build on that.

What is a good hairstyle for a guy with glasses? I have a crew cut now but I have a feeling there is a better cut out there. I had a big head of hair before but it was an afro and It looked really bad. My hair is black and I have small john lennon wire rimmed glasses. I also keep a light beard. Know anyone with glasses that looks good? Is it really all about confidence? Please help, Thanks!
a faux hawk, dreads, deathhawk, devil lock its those hairstyles. oh and try change your glasses to those rectangular ones like jon davis from korn it would make you look better
something that goes down to your ears but not too long and make it very very slightly wavy
What is a good song for a Mental-Health Awareness Video? I’m preparing a video that will be shown at my school’s mental health awareness week, however I’m having a difficult time deciding on a song to play in the background.It’s going to be a picture montage with random facts about depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and more.I was thinking of using Imagine by John Lennon.Would that work?Or do any of you know a better song?
Does anyone know a good website where i can find info about John Lennon? Im doing a report on Lennon for school, mostly focusing on his fight for peace. Does anyone know a good website to look on? Thanks, i’d really appreciate it.


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