Barry Mason (I Pretend)

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Download sheet music online: Barry Mason (I Pretend)



Is the present government a deviation from the founding fathers? In which direction is Obama taking America?

Download sheet music online: Barry Mason (I Pretend)

hell no. the orginal government was a liberatian paradiseif they where here now, they would think we lost the revolution

The Founding Fathers scrapped the weak Articles of Confederation for a robust federal government under the Constitution. They probably would have done much more but southern terror over losing their “peculiar institution” set limits on the range of compromise available to save the nation from certain destruction.

No. The founders well knew that times change. It’s why they made the constitution a document that could be amended.

What Obama is doing is destroying this country. We are a Republic. Our leaders work for us. That what was set up by the founders. The reason for the second amendment was to keep the electorate armed so they could over throw the government. Jefferson thought it would only last 25 years before the people would have to take it back. It lasted this long. WE are in charge. They work for us.They do not understand the 2nd Amendment. This whole fairness and top down crap is not what got us here. The government is the last thing to be considered when it comes to the rights and freedoms of the people.

The government is what the founding fathers wanted, but the people are not and obama is the worst. The only thing he did was replace jimmy carter as the worst President of all time.

The same direction Hitler took Germany which is authoritarian socialism, although Hitler did at least appear to look good at first by actually helping in the beginning when he pretended to be liberal. If Hitler started out such a fascist then why did all those Germans cheer for him? Was it because they were horrible people who wanted war and mass murder or was he an outright liar like Barry Satero? President Obama’s creating more massive debt, more war and getting more citizens on government subsidies so they’ll become dependent instead of independent and creating a better future for their families. He was put in place by despicable people with evil intentions because he was taught to be charismatic, the same goes for Romney yet he’s a very unenthusiastic person. Hardly anybody knows President Obama’s past except insiders. Why do I know his first job was at a Baskin Robbins, he carries around a Hindu monkey god figurine for luck, has a ring that says no god but Allah, is a member of the Prince Hall Masons, after grauduating college he went to work for republican advisor Harry Kissenger, went to an Islamic school since he was 6, his college professor’s name was Derek Bell, communist Frank Marshall Davis Jr. had helped raised him in Hawaii and had a tranny has a nanny while living in Indonesia? How come I know he campaigned in Kenya for Ralia Odinga while he was a sitting senator? Maybe because I researched his life while his supporters don’t know anything about him other then he made an apperence on Oprah before running for president and spoke at the DNC for John Kerry. Yes the founding fathers were hypocritical slave owners but still designed a form of government that promotes freedom while Obama is creating a government of despair. If it wasn’t for the constitutional freedom of speech civil rights would have never passed but Obama signed HR 347 which makes protesting illegal in front of the White House and anywhere secret service is working, which includes Romney events.

Will a non-Christian ever be president? With Faux News always saying the “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” thing (Basically accusing him of being a Muslim) I started to wonder, could someone who wasn’t a Christian or at least pretended to be a Christian be the President today?
Hopefully not, seeing as Islamic fundamentalists want to see the destruction of America.edit: so you ARE admitting Obama is ‘pretending to be a Christian’; admitting there is a problem is the first step in addressing the problem.

how is saying his name accusing him of anything?he has a muslim name .why pretend otherwisemuslims always have muslim namesmuslim converts have muslim namesif obama is worried about his name he should have erased it like he has much of his dodgy pastand as for whether a non-christian can be president .i don’t know, i certainly hope it doesn’t happen next month

Ever is a long time so I don’t think it can be ruled out – especially if we keep to our separation of church and state principles.In the current political climate, no, I don’t think so. But then, this is a slate of candidates nobody would have expected either.

Yes. Someday. Alot of people had heartburn over President Kennedy’s religion – he was Catholic. However, it will probably be someone Jewish or Buddhist before someone Muslim. But I see no problem with any other religion or lack of religion as far as our leaders go.I truly don’t believe any of our recent presidents were religious in their hearts, they attended churches and catered to the conservative right for their votes and money only – nothing more.

It’s hard to say, and it also depends on how you define Christian. The people claiming there were “many” Deists and atheists who founded our nation need to back up that claim. I don’t think they can. Even Thomas Jefferson was something different than a Deist, if you believe his words about morality and a God of justice.I think it more likely we have already had non-Christians as presidents in the past, because at that time, even non-Christians recognized a Judeo-Christian morality. The reason a non-Christian cannot get anywhere in politics today is because we aren’t ready to discard traditional morality yet, as a people.

We’ve had them. More than a few of the earliest Presidents wee “deists”, a title that no one today would call “Christian”. Lincoln was never affiliated with any church.

Yes because there are more Islamics in the world at the moments then christian’s which means it is VERY possible.

Has a Christian ever been President. I can’t think of any. Many people said Jimmy Carter was a Christian.I’m amazed at the popularity of some of the Satan Worshiping Presidents.

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is an Islamic Indonesian!Some Facts about Barack Hussein Obama in simple words 1. He was born from Muslim blood. (Which in Islam makes him automatically a Muslim) 2. He was educated in a school where as Muslim he was educated on Islam for a minimum of two hours weekly.3. For a better education he attended a Catholic school, which many Muslims do.4. He had nothing to do with Christianity until he married his wife.5. He joined a cult church, a non-Christian church.a) The church teaches separatism (black and white)b) They teach black theology, not Christ Theologyc) The church honors and respects Islam and Muslims to the point they welcome Muslims to be members of the church and gave Louis Farrakhan an award for being the man who will unite the true Christian to the true Muslim to the true Jew. WHAT A CHRISTIAN CHURCH! d) Why would Obama leave Islam to join such a church? He joined skillfully to cover-up, knowing that a Muslim in America would have little chance to become a senator or the president.e) When you believe in Mohammad you deny Christ. 6. He never denounced Islam or Mohammad or the Qur’an. 7. There is no record that he was baptized. 8. From his own words, we can judge him, for he made fun of Christianity, the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, which proves he is not a Christian. 9. When a Muslim leaves Islam to Christianity, there would be a 100% fatwa (decree for him to be killed) issued against his life. a) A Fatwa has never been issued on Obama. But the opposite is true, for the Muslim world is endorsing and supporting him. This includes Louis Farrakkan’s endorsement. Some may say that Obama has distanced himself from his radical minister and from Louis Farrakkan but my response is very simple, it is an act because he, his pastor , and Farrakkan, know if he does not say that. he will lose the vote of the rest of the country.b) He was welcomed to Kenya as a Muslim hero recently. c) Muslims in America support him, even financially “One dollar for one nation under God “(Allah).d) As a senator, he has and continues to employ members of The Nation of Islam. Cynthia K. Miller was the treasurer of His U.S. Senate campaign. Jennifer Mason is Obama’s director of Constituent Services in his U.S. Senate office and is also in charge of selecting Obama’s senate interns. – ( 10. His agenda for the Whitehouse clearly shows he is Muslim.a) Remove our army immediately from the Middle East.b) He sits and eats dinner with Muslim jihadist.c) Removing the idea of the use of nuclear weapons in any circumstance.d) Passing a hate crime bill that will silence anyone who speaks against Islam. 11. His stance on the issue of gay marriage and abortion proves he is not a Christian.


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