I Love To Praise Him (Folk)

Church Folk Better Leave Me Alone – Praise Gangs/Teams

How you gonna tell me God must not have done anything for me because I ain’t praising Him like YOU think I should be praising Him? It’s Praise & Worship to G…

Downloadable music scores: I Love To Praise Him (Folk)

Brooklyn, Jersey, Hezekiah Walker Praise Break

Just Praising Him,Pastor Walker and Love Fellowship together with True Vine in a fellowship service Pastor Marvin Sapp preached the Word of God that night in…

Why do all country songs have simple lyrics? They’re all about working hard in order to drink hard, love Amercia and praise Jesus? Isn’t that a little repetitious and boring? If you’ve heard one country song, you’ve heard them all.

Downloadable music scores: I Love To Praise Him (Folk)

Just like all those simple “oh, baby baby baby baby” lyrics in rock? And those songs all about sex and drugs? Stereotypes really stink, don’t they?
Those simple folk who listen to country need simple lyrics to have a chance at understanding them.
Are you kidding me?? its the same in every music there is.. begging music, baby please come back. you should listen harder.

There are some country songs that are about partying and having a good time, not all are patriotic and religious.I listen to all types of music. Some hip/hop, rap, rock, pop, have the same topics as country songs do. To me, as long as you feel what the artist or song writer is trying to get across in their song to express their feelings then it doesn’t matter what the beat is. Look at Johnny Cash, he lead a rock star life and turned to religious singing and then to some country and then to some rock,( NIN song he recorded was amazing). He felt what Trent was saying with the song and interpreted it in his own way. It’s all about how the song makes you feel. If you don’t like it don’t listen. Seeing as how you know what some of those country songs are about you’ve listened to your fair share I would assume.

OK first of all not all country music is the same not even close! you wanna know whats the same is all those rap songs that say derogatory things about people that aren’t like them and the rock songs that you cant even understand, and the pop songs that have no meaning and are just stupid, those are the songs that if you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all country music is classic and the songs are very different and have wonderful and teaching messages in the words so you know what you need to read between the lines and shut up!

They are simple lyrics with a powerful meaning, unlike rap, where you can have a top 5 song by repeating,”Oh Yeah!” for three minutes.

What’s the best chinese patriotic songs to sing at a contest? I’ve joined this Chinese Singing Contest. But was shocked to know that love songs were restricted. Now, I have no idea what to sing because I have absolutely no knowledge of old patriotic songs. And frankly, I don’t want to end up singing those old dreary songs that people have sung all throughout history. I want to sing something that sounds current and contemporary. I need a song that can knock the judges’ socks off. I know I have the abilities at hand to do so, I just really need a decent song. Thanks.
Well you could sing China’s national anthem.Or check out this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_Chinese_anthemsWhich has a couple diff chinese anthems Really you should check out the web page cuz it has alot of songs 😀

1. Descendent of the dragon sung by Lee Hom Wang, a pop+rap song, which states that an American Chinese is proud of being the descendent of the dragon and misses China whereever he is. singchinesesongs.com/sing.php?singid=532. Wide-toed shoes sung by Han Xiao, a pop song, which states that a guy thinks of his grandpa who fighted the enemies during the war when he wears the wide-toed shoes. It implies that we have a peaceful and modern life now because of the sacrifice.singchinesesongs.com/sing.php?singid=1653. Heavenly road sung by Han Hong, a folk song, which praises the established railway built between Qing Hai and Tibet by China Government. singchinesesongs.com/sing.php?singid=224. Chinese (language) sung by S.H.E, a pop song with tongue twister, which states learning Chinese is one of the popular things in the world.singchinesesongs.com/sing.php?singid=365. Chinese (people) sung by Andy Lau, a pop song, which talks about how proud of being Chinese along with 5000-year history and spectacular view.youtube.com/watch?v=as6R0t4t8Kg

How dare you not thanking Obama for a good job he has done for us common folks? We need to thank Obama for taking our paycheck and giving it to the politicians and bureaucrats who then spread it around like confetti to their friends and special interests? Another $26 billion for the NEA, another $26 billion dollars to bail out teachers and pensions? They want to us to thank and praise him. Bow to him you common folks. They are able to take your money, give it to the SEIU, the NEA, community activists, federal bureaucrats, state bureaucrats, and you dare complain about it?
You need to stop listening to MSNBC. It’s polluting your mind. Obama is a terrible president. He is running the country into the ground.

Yeah, since when was the government allowed to spend tax dollars? This isn’t the America I grew up in

I must admit that this is one of the better questions with a twist that most do not get.It is funny and thank you for this good belly laugh that I got from it and the answers that you have gotten.

After much thought, I did find it appropriate to thank Obama for a whole litany of accomplishments and deeds performed by the Self-Anointed One.Thank you Obama for an unemployment of 9.7%, and real unemployment (workers who stopped looking, marginally attached workers, and underemployed workers) of 17.5%. etfguide.com/research/275/8/The-Sobering-Truth-Behind-Unemployment-Numbers/Thank you Obama for siding with Marxists Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez when Honduras President Manuel Zelaya decided to throw out the Constitution of his country and stay in power past his term before being unceremoniously marched out of the country by the military which fulfilled its oath, stepped back, and allowed the Honduran Congress to appoint a successor. Those inconvenient Constitutions sure can be a ***** to budding Marxists. mcauleysworld.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/obama-sides-with-fidel-castro-hugo-chavez-refuses-to-recognize-legality-of-impeachment-former-honduran-president-zelaya/Thank you Obama for your America apology tour.And for trillion dollar bailouts, budgets, deficits.Let’s not forget heavy government regulation that further stifles our economic recovery. Thanks a million Mr. President.And we can’t forget to thank you for supporting tax increases at all income levels.Or indicating you have no idea how basic economic theory works.And a big shout out for insulting our intelligence. We know if you increase taxes on small business (what you call the wealthy), big business (such as oil), then everyone, including middle class America, end up paying the tax. Which means we should also thank you for:Showing us you would be a horrible contestant on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? fox.com/areyousmarter/Thank you Obama for selling out our children’s future and attempting to enslave them to a bloated government.For the nationalization of many industries, including automotive and health.For undermining the CIA and our military by publishing documents that reveal our interrogation techniques.For canceling important weapon systemsFor bowing, and bowing, and bowing ad nauseam to world leaders like an impotent second class citizen unworthy of manhood.For weakening this country by providing terrorists the same legal protections as U.S. citizens.For omitting “Islamic Terrorism” from security documents while allowing the Department of Homeland Security to publish reports labeling soldiers and conservatives as potential right-wing extremists.For stonewalling on the Fort Hood massacre investigation: nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/04/16/2010-04-16_hill_fight_over_fort_hood.htmlFor creating a shadow government of czars who are radical Marxists and crooks.And lets not forget to thank you for alienating Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, while fostering a potentially explosive situation in that region. Bully for you.An I am sure that many in Iran would love to join us Americans in thanking you for turning your back on Iranian protesters while they were slaughtered.While we are at it, thanks in advance for assisting Iran in creating a nuclear warhead. Awesome!And thanks for helping me win that bet. It is possible for a President to be worse than Jimmy Carter.But most of all, thank you for pulling this country together in opposition to your policies; for making us stronger and setting the stage for a comeback of epic proportions for fiscal conservatism as happened after we were subject to four years of Jimmy Carter. Of course, you won’t be thanking us for that, not when your explicit goal is weakening and destroying the greatest nation on this planet.So thank you in advance for failing – something I guarantee will happen. o_O


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