I Long for You – Hawley

How long do hawley retainers usually last? I just got my retainers a month ago and have been wearing them as I’m suppose to. I noticed that I have two little holes that meet where the sticker is. The butterfly sticker I chose that’s inside the plastic. I don’t know how it happened. Is that normal? And I hear that you should wear your retainers periodically for the rest of your life, I will but how can you do that, clearly a retainer can’t last that long without wearing away or bending out of shape?

You can download the sheet music from the video: I Long for You – Hawley

A hawley (or any retainer) can last for years if proper care is taken with it.You will eventually have to get it replaced. It is not meant to last a “life time,” but can last pretty damn close.

What happens if you leave retainers in Efferdent Plus for too long? I have Hawley retainers that have the metal along the teeth with the pinkish part inside your mouth. Well anyway, I left them in Efferdent Plus for 45 minutes by accident even though the box said 15. Are my retainers still good to use?
How long will my retainer last? I have an essix clear retainer. I take more or less good care of it and wear it 23 hours a day. How long will it last until it disintegrates? How long do they last on average? Thanks!
It will last about 1 month, it tears very easily and you will keep paying for new ones to be made, ask your dr to make you Hawley retainers, they are stronger

How long after having braces removed are teeth usually sore? I have an Essix retainer for the day and Hawley for night for 24/7 for atleast 6 months and am wearing it religiously. I had myy braces removed two days ago and looked forward to eating normally again but they are too sore for that.I wore braces for 14 months.
You should be good in a couple of days. I am sure you will notice day by day you will be able to eat better.

They should be okay in 2 or 3 more days at most. If you stop wearing your retainer and start again, it will hurt like hell.

Don’t tell me that.Please no more pain.I have had braces for a year now.and I have stayed in pain.I don’t like this information. 😦

How do I disinfect a hawley retainer? Dropped it on a dirty floor! Can I soak it in a mild bleach solution? For how long?
I wouldn’t bleach it, but get dencher cleaner, or Listerine. That’s what I used after i threw it away in a Wendy’s garbage can.


DO NOT BLEACH IT! brush it with toothpaste or mouthwash. and maybe soak it in denture cleaner. when you go back to the orthodontist ask them to clean in it the ultrasonic cleaner with their special solution (tarter and stain remover.)

How did the drought have an effect on the great depression? I have to wright an essay on the causes of the and I’ve already written about the banks failing and stocks crashing and the smoot-hawley act and when people stopped purchasing items now I want to know how this had an effect on the farmers of the great depression and on everyone basicly so help me out here! Thanks!
The economic depression of the 1930s was longer and harder than any other in American history because it was followed by one of the longest and hardest droughts on record. There are cycles of drought, but this was one of the worst ever recorded. The decade started with dry years in 1930 and 1931 especially in the East. Then, 1934 recorded extremely dry conditions over almost 80 percent of the United States. Extreme drought conditions returned in 1936, 1939 and 1940. Walter Schmitt calls this the “double whammy” of drought and depression. The drought made the Depression worse, especially in the Great Plains. The “Great” Depression was a national and international disaster, but the Plains were hardest hit. In 1933, the average person living in North Dakota earned only $145 a year. That compared with a national average of $375, over twice as much.

america demand for food was too great for the farmers to keep up when the drought hit.there were no irrigation equipment availeable or if there was it was too expensive.almost every farmer did not produce any corn or wheat for the next few years.

How long will it take my retainer to straighten my teeth? I got a retainer yesterday. It’s the Hawley Retainer, the metal-wire one that you can take off and on. I’ve never had braces but my teeth are naturally pretty alright beside my left front tooth with goes over my right front tooth. The orthodontist said the retainer will fix my tooth. How long do you think this will take if I wear it full time? And when it fixes into place, can I wear it only at night?
How much will my teeth shift after a week without my retainer after braces? I’m 14 years old, and I got my braces taken off on August 7th 2008 and I wont be able to get my retainer until the 18th, or 19th. Will my teeth do any significant shifting before then? I’m getting the Hawley. I’m getting top and bottom
I had braces when i was about 15. Once i got them taken off i had to wear a retainer also and still do now. I have a small wire at the back of my bottom teeth to keep them in place.This wire will stay there for a long time untill it comes off i guess! My front teeth have moved a little bit and i am now getting a small gap so will probably need a wire up there to.BUT. If your teeth do move a little bit the retainer will put them back into place It may be achy but its bearable.Dont worry your teeth may not even move.Everyone is different

i’m not exactly sure how much your teeth will shift since everyone is different.but i got my braces off months ago and got my retainer, i think a week later. my teeth shifted BIG TIME. at first when i put on my retainer, i was like oh, i have it on. then seconds later, it hurt! i’m not trying to scare u or anything (:P) but my teeth got really sore. my orthodonist told me to wear them every day so my teeth won’t shift, but..i didn’t listen and took them off as soon as i left for the car..and soon enough, i realized that my teeth weren’t so straight anymore. so i reluctantly got my retainer and put it on and again, the pain started. it was so sore! so what i do now is only wear it when i sleep cause i can’t really feel the pain, and your teeth will be straight for the day.

I had braces for almost two years and i got them off at the beginning of this year. i wore my retainer for a while and then I lost it.it was a specially made metal one too because my plastic ones almost broke. anyways, i haven’t worn it in a few months and my teeth haven’t shifted that much just like my side teeth..so its not that bad.

don’t worry, if they shift it probably won’t be that much and if they do shift then you just put in your retainer, it should be really snug the first couple hours you wear it and if it was a significant shift then it should hurt a little bit but it’s always easy to correct, just make sure that after that, you wear it for however long they recommend, especially if they tell you to wear it 24 hours for the first week or so, taking it out to eat and brush, and then just at night, whatever they say do it so you won’t have to go through the painful refitting every couple of months right before you go back! but don’t worry, if you put them in right away then it shouldn’t hurt too bad and the shifting won’t continue.


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