Hawley: I Love You So

Which is more irritating, having your braces on or having to wear a retainer for most of the day? I’m getting my braces off soon and am worried that the retainer will be more annoying than the braces! I would love to hear from someone who has experience with a retainer and can tell me what it is like. Thanks a lot!

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Hello! I just had my braces removed 1 month ago and I go back to my Orthodontist tomorrow for my first retainer checkup. I was so excited about having my braces removed and getting a retainer that it never crossed my mind to be worried about getting a retainer. When I got to my Ortho’s office and sat in my chair I saw the little retainer box and was excited. When she gave it to me and had me put it in I was shocked because it felt SO HUGE. I could NOT talk with it and I was really embarrassed. I usually speak very well and to not be able to speak properly was really hard for me. I came home kind of depressed because although my teeth looked gorgeous, I didn’t really get to enjoy the moment because the retainer stole that joy from me. At first I gagged every time I tried talking and I would catch myself just taking it out every time I wanted to talk to someone. If I pulled up to a drive through window, out came my retainer. I just didn’t trust my ability to speak with it. Now that it has been a month I honestly don’t really notice it in my mouth anymore and sometimes forget it’s there until I go to eat or drink something and then remember that I need to take it out. The most difficult part of having a retainer is keeping it properly cleaned, so I’m attaching a link that should give you some great advice for that. So, be prepared for a big adjustment with getting your retainer but try to remember that it’s temporary and that you’ll be able to speak correctly at some point as long as you practice a lot. They recommend singing to yourself or reading books out loud in order to get your tongue trained. Of course, it also depends on the type of retainer you get. I got the Hawley ones which are the metal/acrylic ones that go on the top and bottom of your mouth. If you get the clear ones I believe those are easier to speak with, but they come with their own set of problems too. Regardless, it’s one step closer to having your perfect smile so don’t forget to wear your retainer every day so that you can keep that perfect smile! Congratulations on having them off soon!

What do you like / dislike about horse racing give aways? They haven’t made card sets for years. There have been a few smaller card sets, but they have been sporadic at best. I love jockey bobble heads, but they don’t make enough of them to be really collectible. There are 1000’s of MLB baseball players, many of which have bobble head figures. Even some of the crappy players get them made. There are also 1000s of jockeys, so why is there only about 20-30 jockey bobble heads? IMO, every track should release a bobble head of the leading rider that season. Delaware Park has covered their past 10 or so years of riding titles with Ramon Dominguez, Jeremy Rose and Anna Napravnik bobbles. Will they release a R. Santana bobble this year to honor his title last year? I doubt it. The worst part of stadium give aways are.trainer/owner bobble heads. With so few jockeys being covered, do we really need some old white guy bobble head that nobody outside horse racing fandom has ever heard of? Do we really need Beulah twins bobbles? or Sam / Bonnie the Bugler? or announcers? or generalistic boy/girl kentucky derby bobbles? There are just as many crap horse racing bobbles that will never be worth anything as there are jockey bobbles.
Edit 2- Guess I got wrapped up in you details rather than question.. I agree with JSC, having something to remember even if it a trinket is nice, lot of those. I enjoy the calenders too, which I actually collect and the card sets when available. Have a few horse racing items worth some dough handed down to me..nowadays many items are made of junk metals etc..so worth is null and is not as precious to some.*******************************************************************Yeah, it is what it is.. bobbles are not worth that much ..actually the most expensive sports related doll is said to be Warren Buffet’s Omaha Royals for $249.99 and Non Sports isTom Brokaw, price of $264.24 even that’s not much.. it’s a fun thing is all.Bobbles in Horse Racing..and growing.. Horses: Affirmed Black Ruby Funny Cide Seabiscuit Seattle Slew Secretariat (1st) Secretariat (2nd) Secretariat (3rd) Xtra HeatJockeys: Bailey, Jerry Cauthen, Steve Court, Jon Day, Pat Douglas, Rene Fires, Earlie Fogelsonger, Ryan Hawley, Sandy Hong Kong Krone, Julie McCarron, Chris Pincay, Laffit Pino, Mario Pollard, Red Prado, Edgar Turcotte, RonTrainers: Allen, Ferris Baffert, Bob Zito, NickIn 2010 they last introduced the full 2010 set includes cards representing 46 current riders and 15 members of the Hall of Fame. Each 11-card package includes 10 current riders and one Hall of Fame rider.Hmm wouldn’t bobble caricatures be fun.. exaggerates and or distorts the essence of a person .. wondering if we can get our own faces on a bobble head, don’t think anyone has come up with that yet..bobble from a photo..lol..now there’s an idea.. :)Don’t think bobbles will ever be worth much..but ya never know.Edit..Interesting topic..:)

I agree.. “it is what it is” I have a few items I like..pins, polo shirts, key chain, and a anniversary hat..oh and a few calenders.. I like the calenders the best. I like to bring home something to remind me, no matter what it is.. Sandra is correct on the bobbles..can’t see them ever being worth much. However, collectors collect out of interest as well as hoping to profit.


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