music Folk (I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly)

“There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” by Rose Bonne Poem animation

Heres a virtual movie of a recital of a poem more commonly known these days as a song “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” which was written by the ve…

See and download music Folk (I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly) sheet music

Simms Taback’s There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Simms Taback’s Caldecott Honor-winning childrens book, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, animated in this excerpt from the DVD based on the book. Th…

Atheists? Why are you trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to money, then you die?

See and download music Folk (I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly) sheet music

I earn quite alot yes but that is my business. I spend it wisely and I enjoy my life. Then I die. Just like you eventually die. at least I am not a slave to a cult.

Why not? Everyone else is doing it.Seriously though can you tell me another way to survive in the world we live in today? I would rather live for a while before dying then just give up now. Although I wouldn’t label myself as an atheist really.

slave to money – false – you faillike to have money – true – helps with food/some types of fun/housingare you saying that you do not need money. sitting in front of your computer.please. if your going to try to enforse your religion. think about questions before you post them.

Sigh. Yet again you’ve made a wild assumption. I’ve come to expect no less of you. Please troll again.

I love my job, Id do it if I was rich.I enjoy my life – isn’t that enough? Im having fun and Im happy, Im getting married soon, why would I want that to end. Life is it’s own reward.Whats with all the Atheist bashing today? You have it in for us.Can I remind you – hate the sin, not the sinner. Love thy neighbour.Judge not lest ye be judged!

OK, i’m not an atheist but i don’t recognise that description of atheists. I know many people who call themselves Christian, and of course many of them are admirable people but they can be just as materialistic and money-oriented as atheists, if not more so.Also, what about Jains?

Going a bit off topic, but does the asker’s avatar remind anyone else of the freaky religious nut who blew himself and Tom Skeritt up in Contact?It may be a coincidence.But in answer to the question. Yes. That is all we get. Why do we believe it? because there is overwhelming evidence that supports the theory, so we accept it and enjoy as much of it as we can while we can.

Cristian people are a slave to money also, how do we survive otherwise. Bit judgmental me thinks. I am solid believer but still i struggle. God bless.

We all die. Who says atheists are a slave to money? That’s a new one on me. Personally, I’d like to have enough to live on, comfortably, as would anyone – Christians included.Christians why are you wasting your life worshiping gods that don’t exist? And then you die!

If you only have one chance to get things right, and have ethics, those ethics dictate that you pay your debts before you die.

But money exists and has obvious, provable, predictable benefits. That’s the point.Not all atheists love money, just like not all theists live according to a vow of poverty.Does quoting “The Verve” count as a philosophical argument now?

“Why are you trying to make ends meet”I have NO problem in affording anything I want; I don’t even have to work.”you’re a slave to money”Nah; not anymore.”then you die”We ALL do that.~

Blame me for money, as we would no longer take a flock of sheep nor a heard of goats for payment nor any more goods of any type and we could simply wear no more gold upon our pretty bodies, and so it came to pass throughout the Kingdom of our Lord and Master, that there would become a new way to pay, and a new system to satisfy the women who are fair of face and loving from within the hearts.for to bring happiness to the chosen ones is to bring the same reward upon me faces of the men folk, who, after all, are the warriors and Knights and providers of the wheel we turn and the grains we grind to ground to make the sound to create the day that makes them pay to pave the way as to what we say as we are goddess who serves our gods who serve us back and so we share the load upon the road that humankind did make a race at any pace to craft the lace that the Ladies wear to please the face of a teddy bear so we can care and make life fair as the fare.Blame the women folk as men always have and will as they swallow our pill and call us the dill, but a dill is a pickle no less and you sure do like my pretty pink dress.The only i i use is in my indi-pendant-eyes in my head.My god is a slave to me as i am to him and we create the de$tiny that our Lord and Master wishes and wants and desires for us with our without the token of money and our god is greater than the glint of gold and far more worthy than all the ruby, emerald and pink diamonds that he created to decorate our cave in the mountains where we fly to and the high lofty clouds that we dress in pink and gold for our own mirror of golry and that is gods love and my love and we are not mocked by any opinion or any lowlife humans who say we are dogs that bark at parked cars, we are god among gods and the goddess in us all will dance on the grave of death, for death is not the end of the road but yet another door into another realm where we dress the wounds of our eternal bodies and drink the water of life from the holy grail as the foutain of life sprays up and out and rains over the earth and so it is the truth that the river of truth flows from the spirit realms as so we breathe the air that also comes from and through to use as our life force.Ends meet as a circle no matter the details of human minds gatherings and buttons.AAAhhh.To live the life of the chosen ones.I already made three hundred bux this morning and it is only the eleventh hour and before the sun sinks today, i will have a grand in my purse or maybe seven hundred and i do not care and i do not leave my Watch-Tower from where the good folks locked me in and i do not care the name that my murdered mother gave me and the good catlicking religious folks took away from me and i do not honor nor respect the mormon parents who baptisezed and hypnotized my 8 year old child in a font full of water. those humans eat their own whatever and i am not in the least bit angry as they wish i was.i larf in their faces as i beg to enter the churches that they will not allow nor let me sing my praises to my god who is also their god.but not in their mind mate!When love walks in the door.everybody stand up.we are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars.There are people out there turning music into gold.My dead junky boyfiend always sang in my ear and he painted my toenails and he loved me, even as everybody else said he was just a user.his love remains the same after his death and he uses people like you to talk to me.And the man who is my god now, the giant i am in love with who struck me with this sword of truth and only ever kissed me and then ran ran ran as fast as he could into the safety of an ignorant womans arms and body.he also uses you to talk to me.for he is too ashamed.too hurt.too much of a big man who likes to make women beg at his feet for a single holy word that he may utter my way and scream and yell.i LOVE YOU.YOU MUST DIE.HA.Yeah mate next time, hey? Great game.I can play all games that humans and gods and angels and even police with the guns and the keys.i just smile and call them sir.Most men wake up with my name on their body and so we live another day and so we need no other body to pay??We all pay and play and say and stray.We are the most hated people in the world and the most loved but we have to remain under ground, a secret, a shame in our name.To protect the ignorant wives and the good liars who hide behind the book of love and tell me to grow up and go away and kill myself and why would that be?Who will keep the menfolk happy and who will be a real woman and a real soul and who will give them love.and i do mean real love and not the ignorant narrow minded concepts of what love is and how they place love in a box and sit it on a shelf. They can kill everyone of my girls and we will be reborn in the morn. We are the Angel-Alien-All-$tar$ and what are they goi

I would LOVE to be your slave brother as i think you would make a real cute Master and the most nasty thing you would ever do to me as your slave is to make me wash your feet with my long hair as i cry teardrops.and that would be heavenly fun and games to a Lady like me.Who wants to be boring?Not you.x

I think everyone, even Christians, are trying to make ends meet. It’s called fiscal responsibility, tchotchke. I’m not a slave to money; I’m just trying to pay my bills and maybe have a few luxuries to make this life livable.I’m sure you’ve heard of things called “rent” (or housing), “utilities”, “food”, and “clothing”. Atheists aren’t the only ones who need them, silly.


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