Megadeth: I Know Jack by D. Mustaine

South Park Guitar Heroes *Read Description* check video response

YES I KNOW I SCREWED UP ANGUS YOUNG IS LEAD GUITAR, NOT VOCALS I MADE THIS LATE AT NIGHT South park version of guitar gods zakk wylde esp gibsom bullseye cam…

If you like this piece you can download Megadeth: I Know Jack by D. Mustaine sheet music online in digital format.


Tema: Conozco a Jack Info: “Senador, usted no es Jack Kennedy” fue una frase pronunciada por el candidato a la vicepresidencia de los Estados Unidos por el p…

Which of these vocalists do you like most? Maynard James Keenan (Tool, APC, Puscifer).Chino Moreno (Deftones).Johnathan Davis (KoRn).Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil).Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit).Marilyn Manson.Shaun Morgan (Seether).Brent Smith (Shinedown).Corey Taylor (Stone Sour, SlipKnot).Jack Black (Tenacious D).Dez Fafara (Coal Chamber, DevilDriver).Charlie Simpson (Fightstar).Izzy Hale (Halestorm).Serj Tankian (SOAD).Daron Malakian (SOAD).Dani Filth (COF).Zakk Wylde (BLS).Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden).Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath).Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Rainbow).Scott Kelly (Neurosis).Dave Mustaine (Megadeth).James Hetfield (Metallica).Max Cavallera (Soulfly, Sepultura, Cavallera Conspiracy).Devin Townsend (SYL, DTP).Rob Zombie (White Zombie).Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy).Alexi Laiho (COB).Chad Grey (HellYeah, Mudvayne).Anders Friden (In Flames, Passenger).Randy Blythe (LOG).Robert Flynn (Machine Head).Phil Anselmo (Pantera).Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid (Soilwork, Disarmonia Mundi, Highball Shooters).Wayne Static (Static-X).Ryan McCombs (Soil, Drowning Pool).Dallas Green (Alexisonfire).Matt Shadows (A7x).Andy Sixx (BVB).Oli Sykes (BMTH).Matt Tuck (BFMV).David Draimen (Disturbed).Dave Williams (Drowning Pool).Paul McCoy (12 Stones).Benji Webbe (Skindred).

If you like this piece you can download Megadeth: I Know Jack by D. Mustaine sheet music online in digital format.

I’m gonna have to go with. (hmmmm)David Draiman (Disturbed)I also do like from the list, in no specific order :Matt ShadowsRob FlynnAlexi LaihoRandy BlytheJames HetfieldCorey TaylorJonathan DavisOzzy OsbourneI like a few others as a whole band, but the vocalists not so much, not particularly (Megadeth, BMTH, Arch Enemy, etc)

OK, where the is Mike Patton? Anyways, I would have to say Maynard or Chino. I fcking hate Serj Tankian, he has absolutely no variety to his vocal sound, incredibly annoying.

Off of the list you have presented id say exactly the same as firesral. Although you have missed off Jim Gillette, Rob Halford and Steven Tyler, whom are my favourite 3.

Who is your favourite Metal vocalist out of these? Ronnie James Dio (Elf,Rainbow,Black sabbath & Dio)Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian/Demons & wizards)Ozzy osbourne (Black sabbath/Ozzy osbourne)James Hetfield (Metallica)Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)Biff byford (Saxon)Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)Rob halford (Judas priest)Jack black (Tenacious D)Lemmy (Motorhead)Udo dirkschneider (Accept/UDO)I know their isnt many on the list but I am just wondering peoples opinions out of this list.
Even though I’m a huge Megadeth fan and I love Dave Mustaine..I’d have to go with Bruce Dickinson on this one..when he sings,his voice is just so powerful!
Dio with Lemmy close behind
OMG TOMMOROW NIGHT, PANICKING HELP? Okay, anyone heard of the band twenty twenty ? ( the teenager one)well there lead singer, and guitarest, jack and sam,are goign to be phoneing me up tommorowmy mum got in contact with there manager, and there gonna ring me up cos i have to have a operation and he said they can just ring me up to cheer me upso im freaking out now,i love twenty twentyso ill prob end up screaming or just laughing for all the time :Lso any ideas what to say / do?also, how could i hint/ ask if i an get tickets or vip tickets to there show ?thank you !!
I thought it was an emergency the way you capitalised the question -_-.Just straight out ASK.Mikhaela

Why are you speaking with them again? I’d understand if it was Metallica, or Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, but a teenage boy band? Really.

What are your 5 top most hated bands and/or singers? Mine areGreen Day (new)Pink FloydJack JohnsonMetallicaAvenged SevenfoldI am asking your hated bands not for you to comment on mine. Thank youOh I hate NICKELSUCK too I forgot to add them on my list.To Royal Archetype (The Czar) there is many reasons why I hate them 1. James Hetfield is digusting and ruins every song, I can stand master of puppets until that hack starts singing.2. They don’t like to do solos on guitar anymore, Kirk Hammett thinks he is too good for that.3. They killed Napster, like anyone really wanted their music anyway.4. The whole Dave Mustaine thing, I like him, yes he is a whinny baby but he really needed them and they kicked him out of their lives.5. The fact that they have dolls wtf?6. They are all ugly, and if you have nothing good to look at why go see them?7. Lars is Danish. need I say moreyou know I really could keep going but I don’t have anymore characters left on I hate them, don’t need to troll anything about that. Wouldn’t waste the time when I could use troll powers for much more
NickelbackLimp BizkitKornSlipknotAtreyuthis may cost me a few TD’s and possibly a best answer, but I feel obligated to counter your Metallica points:1. I don’t see how he is disgusting. He doesn’t have a great voice or anything, but it is certainly tolerable2. very true, if we were back in 2003 and St. Anger had just come out. since then, Hammet’s solo’s have returned, just listen to Death Magnetic. Hammett actually also wrote solos for St. Anger, but the dumbass producer, Bob Rock, decided to throw them away, and make the album without them.3. they never killed Napster, they just sued them, but I agree, that whole episode was shameful4. Dave Mustaine NEEDED Metallica? You must be joking. After getting kicked out of the band, he formed Megadeth, a Thrash band just as good and successful as Metallica.5. Dolls? Please elaborate, I don’t recall any dolls.6. Image means nothing. Its the music that matters, not the image. Image is good for pop artists, like Lady Gaga, but it means nothing in rock or metal. You could have the ugliest, most foul artist, and if they made good music, people would still listen to them.7. So what? There are a number of good Danish bands and artists, such as King Diamond, Artillery, Hatesphere, and Rageborne

ahaha 3 of my fave bands are on yours1. Kings of Leon2. Aerosmith3. Blink-182 (posers)4. Fall Out Boy5. Axl Rose. Love his music. Hate him.

These are most hted BESIDES Disney stuff, etc.ParamoreJohn MayerScott Weiland (from Stone Temple Pilots)My Chemical BromanceMy last one that’s gonna get me some thumbs down.I HATE Eric Clapton

I’m going to cheat and put in whole genres.Pop-punkCrunkcoreCountryRapGrindcoreWow, that wasn’t hard.But now I’m curious, why do you hate Metallica? Megadeth fan or something?Hm. Wasn’t expecting a list. Although, now I’m just convinced that you’re trolling and I’m fairly certain that you’ll change my opinion of that and of me taking you seriously.Anyway, good day to you Trolololo.

1- My Chemical Romance2- Fall Out Boy3- Dave Grohl4- New Silverchair5- Museonly reason Eminem isn’t here is because he’s not a f*kken singer lol

MetallicaBring me the Horizon, but oli is okay.Craig Mabbit! but i loveeeeee escape the fate 😀 ..Lady Shittin’ Gagaand Lil Wayne.

1. Nickelback2. Nickelback3. Nickelback4. Nickelback5. Creedps. Pink floyd is an amazing band. if you actually listen to their full albums (preferably on vinyl) and not just the hit radio songs, they have thought provoking lyrics, epic basslines, and amazing production quality.

Alrighty. I’m prepared for the worst.1. Nirvana: I never liked his music or his voice, so there’s nothing there for me.2. The Beatles: My best friend tried to get me to like them, she loves everything they’ve ever done. I heard nothing that pleased me. So, yeah.3. The Rolling Stones: Can’t stand that man’s voice and they bore me to tears.4. Metallica: I loathe James’ voice, but I like them in the sense they kicked out Dave Mustaine. Because now there’s a Megadeth.I’d do five, but there’s no other bands I feel that strongly about. I have appreciation for the bands I listed above because I know they were well-known bands who had influences on their styles of music. (And that’s not to say I don’t like whatever genre they’re in, just obviously don’t like the bands I named)Edit: The reason I didn’t list people like Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, etc., is because I didn’t think that’s what you meant. I thought we all didn’t like them and it went without saying. XD

Here are my personal ones:5. A tie for Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers. She is the epitome of an out-of-control brat. On top of that, she’s not even the best singer. She’s not the worst. but definitely not even close to being the best. And for the Jonas(s) brothers. they can’t sing, they barely play their own instruments. really, they rely on their live performances because they have so many other people playing their instruments better than they do in the studio.4. Lady Gaga. Honestly, I believe she’s only popular because people consider her a “freak show.” Nobody’s seen anyone like her before, so unafraid or whatever. I’m not a fan of Marilyn Manson, either, but it’s funny how people insult him for being weird but they love Lady Gaga for being weird.3. Metro Station. Thank God they broke up this year, just one less sh*tty band flooding the airwaves.2. Nickelback. They’re all like, “We’re so hardcore,” yet Chad grunts his contradictory into the microphone like a moose without a head. Just another corporate band trying to fit between mainstream and whatever their definition of heavy metal is, because it sure as hell ain’t really heavy metal.1. A tie for Justin Bieber (Just a Beaver) and Taylor Swift. Two tweeny-bopper stars making it big with tone-deaf tweenagers. Justin Bieber makes the girls wet, and Taylor Swift. I don’t even KNOW what she does, but it sure is working, because she’s still got a recording contract. Maybe it’s the appeal towards girls. I don’t know, but she doesn’t deserve it.So there’s my list. And personally, I don’t think Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold are too bad. But to each their own. 🙂

I love music so why would I hate any kind of music? To be a real music fan, you have to be open to all kinds of music. Music is like clay we can mold it to our own taste and shape. But because you use the word hate, I don’t think you have any respect for music at all. Why you or others hate some music is way way way beyond me.take caredave

Jonas Brothers (I throw up every time I hear them)Fall Out Boy (likewise)Mariah Carey (whinging bint who needs to get over herself)Linkin Park (who peddle softcore mellow rock and market it as metal just because they have a little bit of screaming)Avril Lavine (she is about as punk as a pink teddy bear with a bow around its neck).

mine arenickelbackgreen dayparamorelimp bizkitlady gagai hate them so fuckin` much i don`t even capatilize their names


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