I Know Not Why (Hawley)

What is the difference between a Hawley and a Begg retainer? I have braces and was wondering if there was a difference between a Hawley and Begg retainer and if one was better than the other.

You can download the sheet music from the video: I Know Not Why (Hawley)

The difference between the Hawley and the Begg is in how the wires come into contact with the teeth. The Hawley is stronger and more retentive, where as the Begg allows for better settling of the bite.- Dr. Anthony J. Kohler DDS

Was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff a direct response to the stock market crash of 1929? Can the Smoot-Hawley Tariff in any way be looked at as a direct political response to the stock market crash of 1929, and if so where may I find sources that prove the fact? If the Smoot-Hawley Tariff was a response to the stock market crash, why were protectionist policies pursued? Is there a reason the US thought protectionist policies would be good for the economy?
I don’t think so, because the bill was in the Senate before the crash, you can read up on it in wikipedia.

No, not directly. There had been a series of tarriffs created in the 1920’s, and Smoot-Hawley was in no small part of that general policy. That, combined with concerns about labor markets in the late 1920’s, resulted the passage of the law in 1930. To a certain degree, the timing was incidental; it would have likely been passed whether there had been a crash or not. After the Stock Market Crash, however, and the resulting pressure on available capital, probably Hoover saw it as a means of raising revenue that would not directly burden the American economy.How wrong he was.Cheers.

Why is it after I take out my Hawley retainers out and put the essix in the essix get really tight? I have been wearing my hawley retainers for the past 3 days and today i put the essix on and they are really tight. Why is that?
Why would my orthodontist give me both a Hawley retainer and rubber band? I never had to wear braces before in my entire life and my teeth ended up completely straight. The only issue I had was that I have a gap between my two front teeth. I went to the orthodontist to see if he could fix it and he took an impression of my teeth and now I have a Hawley retainer. First, can retainers fix gaps between teeth (the gap is not huge but is definitely noticeable)? Secondly, he also told me to attach these rubber elastics to my two front teeth. I’m assuming these provide extra force to move the teeth together. My question is: does that make sense to any of you? Thanks!
Sometimes, by adjusting the wire on a Hawley retainer, it can close a small space. As to the rubber bands, you first have to remember that a.) I haven’t seen your teeth or xrays and b.) I am not an orthodontist. But if you are putting a rubber band around your two front teeth, this concerns me. When teeth are moved by braces, it’s not just the teeth that are moved, it’s also the roots of the teeth that are moved. A rubber band may move the teeth together, but it cannot move the roots. I would suggest getting a second opinion. Many orthodontists offer free consultations. If you do this, don’t tell the new orthodontist about the retainer and rubber band until you see what he or she would suggest.

Which retainer should I wear during the day and night – Hawley or Essix? My orthodontist gave me both a Hawley retainer and an Essix retainer. She said I can pick one to wear during the day and one during the night. Which should I choose? I’ve been wearing the Essix during the day because it’s more aesthetically pleasing.
I’d say wear the Essix one during the day so it wouldn’t be noticeable, and at night wear the Hawley to go to sleep.

How did the Hawley Smoot Act of 1930 help solve the Depression? I’m currently studying Hoover’s Farm Board, but I’m a bit confused about how the Hawley Smoot Act of 1930 helped the problem of America not being able to sell to foreign countries.Any ideas?OK then. So, it made things worse. But what was the idea behind it? I just don’t understand how raising prices on manufactured imports was intended to help the problem of America not being able to sell to foreign countries.
The protectionist Hawley-Smoot Act actually exacerbated the Great Depression. By raising tariffs on imported goods it resulted in other countries enacting similar legislation thus reducing the market for American goods in other countries just as it reduced the market for imported goods in America. This restriction of trade lengthened the Depression.I highly suggest reading these books by Thomas Sowell:”Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy””Economic Facts & Fallacies”Sowell holds a PhD in economics and has taught economics at the undergraduate and graduate level yet he has written these books without all the charts and graphs and jargon common to economics books. Just a straight-forward explanation of basic facts everyone needs to know about our economy.In “Facts & Fallacies” the chaper on higher education should both shock and anger you.

How to clean a hawley retainer without damaging it? Can i use Steradent denture cleaner on a hawley retainer?On the back it says keep away from metal surfaces, which confuses me?any other ways?thanks.
for my retasiners i soak them in listerine! for about five minutes then i slightly scrub them with my tooth brush. it works

Can hawley retainers be adjusted and tightened? My first retainers broke in half, so I got a new pair. But by the time I had done the teeth impression, my teeth had moved slightly. Now I’ve got a new pair, but my front teeth stick out a bit. Can hawley retainers be adjusted/tightened to move my teeth back? I asked my dentist and he said it couldn’t, but I read online that it could be adjusted. Should I try another dentist?


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