I Got Up (Paul McCartney)

Paul McCartney- Coming Up

En 1980, Paul realiza su tercer disco en solitario”McCartney II”, en ella realiza el single “Coming Up”, en el video Paul tiene distintas personalidades al i…

Download digital sheet music: I Got Up (Paul McCartney) and play it off-line

Paul McCartney – Coming Up-HQ


How do I best protect an autograph on a CD insert? Hello! I had the fortune of getting Paul McCartney’s autograph. On the cover of a CD booklet and on the cover of a dvd and the slip box of a dvd. So I obviously want to protect these and would like to display at least 1 of them (the CD one the most as it’s dedicated to me). Any specific products you can think of and where I may be able to purchase them?

Download digital sheet music: I Got Up (Paul McCartney) and play it off-line

Place all items in a UV glass shadow box with a note about how you came to get the autographs for future generations. It helps to establish provenance at the beginning. Then arrange your items in the shadow bow and display for all time( out of direct sunlight).Congrats on the signatures!

why don’t you take them to a “TEACHERS” type store (sells classroom supplies, etc.) and get them to laminate them in clear plastic using a special machine. Problem is, once enclosed, its hard to remove.

How to get Paul mccartney’s attention at a concert? I am going to see Paul McCartney on august 4th (eeeeeeeee) and want to make a sign to grab his attention, what is something awesome I could write?? I wanna be one of those lucky girls that gets to go on stage 😉
Get a big sign that says “RIP PAUL.” Or better yet, you could flash him. That would definitely get his attention.Haha. I’m just kidding. I don’t really know how to honestly answer this, but I can say that you have good taste in music. Have fun!

No way. Do you know how many of millions of screaming girls he’s played for in his life? Not to mention, he usually plays stadiums and arenas, and can’t see *anyone* from the stage.People who go onstage are usually plants, who have been vetted beforehand. They aren’t really “randomly” chosen, usually. And they aren’t sign-holders.Signs are rude and inconsiderate anyway. Why should you have the right to block the view of 20 people behind you, who also payed for tickets?As a fan of McCartney, why not respect him and his audience by enjoying the show, and leaving the signs he’ll never see at home?

It’s probably not a good idea to make a sign. Signs were used by 10 year old girls at NSYNC concerts.

You could wright something funny like “HI!” really big or “I like your shirt!” or something like that and maybe he will at least mention you or something. lolThere isn’t many people who have actually gotten to go on stage with him but there was this one girl who wrote “sign my arm so I can get it tattooed” and so he brought her on stage and signed her arm! So you never know!Good luck and have fun at the concert! Peace! 🙂

Did Paul Mccartney ever watch the movie “Across the Universe” and say anything about it? I really want to know as much as I can get on if Paul Mccartney said anything about this movie. I think it would be epic to hear his words about it.
Yes and he enjoyed it very much. The director (Julie Taymor) actually had a screening with Paul in hopes that he would approve of her vision, and he did.Sorry for the Oprah link it was the best thing I could find that describes my answer..oprah.com/slideshow/oprahshow/oprahshow4_ss_20070914/3

How is “Hofner Icon Series Vintage Violin Bass” which is $350, different from $2700 hofner bass? is it fake? copied by other brand? or lower quality hofner bass manufactured by “hofner”? It has been my dream to get Paul McCartney model bass and when I found this on the internet, I couldnt believe the price I was seeing.
The parts on the Icon series probably are inferior, and cheap asian labour used, whilst the $2700 would have been done in Germany using the proper materials. Either way though, Viola basses aren’t that great. I mean they’re short scale.

Does anyone know where Paul McCartney will appear next for me to get an autograph? I have been a huge beatles fan for most of my life. I regret not taking the opportunity to meet/ see other celebrities I adore (like Michael Jackson) before their passing. I wanna take the opportunity to meet/ see Paul McCartney before it is too late. I can’t afford tickets to his shows so I wondering if anyone knew where he was going to be appearing so that I could possibly get an autograph. Please HELP!


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