M. Gore – Depeche Mode: I Feel You

I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Remix) – Depeche Mode live in Nice 4 May 2013

Depeche Mode live in Nice 4 May 2013 01. Intro 02. Welcome To My World 03. Angel 04. Walking In My Shoes 05. Precious 06. Black Celebration 07. Policy Of Tru…

You can download the sheet music from the video: M. Gore – Depeche Mode: I Feel You

Motherless Child~Martin Gore

A beautiful version of this song from the very gifted Martin Gore of Depeche Mode fame from his brilliant solo effort from 1989 entitled “Counterfeit ep” I m…

Do you ever feel an overwhelming, intense momentary obsession with something? It may be a book, a character, a famous person etc. You keep thinking about it continuously for a few days until that phase goes away.

You can download the sheet music from the video: M. Gore – Depeche Mode: I Feel You

Absolutely. I sometimes feel like I have it bad too. Sometimes I will find a new song and listen to no other song for an week on end, then not touch the song for a year or two. It’s normal. We all do that to a certain extent. 🙂

Yes of course! For me it was the band Depeche Mode, I discovered them about 3-4 years ago? I couldn’t stop discovering all their songs andwatch their videos on Youtube. I even joined their forum on their website. I also started to get really obsessed with their songwriter, Martin Gore. Yup, definitely went through an obsessive phase of them 🙂

Who else feels that Martin Gore of Depeche Mode should win HERO OF THE YEAR? in the Kerrang polls 2010?vote now as polls close soon poll.kerrang.com/vote.aspx?category=hero+of+the+yearyou don’t even have to registerjust write him in!and repost this everywhere. THANK YOU ❤ ❤ ❤
I vote every day and HAVE been reposting!Have you seen the cute video of Martin’s daughters Ava and Viva singing?I especially love the Eminem cover they did. Very unusual and extraordinary.

Scorpio; top 5 things that show you love someone? How we could understand that you madly love us in a relationship?
1. We trust you. If we are able to open up to you and expose our hearts you know we must love you. It takes someone special to make us risk getting hurt.2. We are jealous. It seems strange to say but jealousy and possessiveness are really only used when we really love someone.3. We protect you. A Scorpio in love will want to keep their lover from feeling pain emotional or physical.4. We do random little things for you. If you even just once mention some time long ago where you saw a certain movie and you loved it or whatever, the Scorpio will incorporate that into a little gift when the time comes for gift giving, they are very sentimental and good at remembering details if told by someone they love. 5. They will rock your world. They will make you feel the butterflies, they will tease and tempt and kiss you passionately. They use sex to express love and devotion and they are the best at it.Really it is all or nothing for a Scorpio, if you feel loved by one, then you are.

How do I show: 1. The FACT THAT I AM WITH THEM IN AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP (should be a huge sign) 2. my Smile – is different around that person3. when I am comfortably peaceful & silence around that other person 4. cook for them ! Special ! I would only cook for a guy who truly appreciated & respected me, because “just dating” ( I deserve to be taken out to eat) ! 5. giving a key to my place & the fact that person is even “allowed” inside my home should be a second clue that I had a level of higher than average Trust for that person. Love is a Verb to me & honestly now, if a guy told me he Loved me “OH I LOVE YOU” those words. I would Ruuuuun fast. Because the word “Love” is thrown around too easily. Show me love in Actions & look me in the Eyes – Much ! & I show you because I treat others the,way I want to be treated. Today, I walk away from Red Flags & I listen. Dating is like CHILDS PLAYGROUND behavior today. Is sadly true in most cases that I find . There are real honest positive humans out there, I just know & hav faith in higher octave spiritual selfless humans who are givers vs takers “words are meaningless & forgetable” (martin gore “depeche mode) ENJOY THE SILENCE____ I want, truth & honestly, loyalty, & faithfulness. I will have that or stay single for the rest of my life %This is why I have stay single for last 5 1/2 years. (trust issues I have with others- its not that I donot give guys a chance, is that I see » through to their intent & motive. &/or I feel their manipulative energy. Trying to “work” me. Is easy for me to pick up on a guys motives. & guys do fall for sly questions I ask & I get my silent or verbal questions answered quickly. By listening & feeling Guys are Easy to read & see through. Real simply = sex & Without a committment of AnY kind . Guys like the “Chase” & like “mystery” of the unknown- guys like to Explore new territories & guys luv lust the “Hunt” Think\How do we catch a Bass fish? (Takes some SKILLS) & FANCY BAIT (LURE) What is ALLURE MEAN? hahaha How do we catch a Catfish ? Easy to catch = Because they are BOTTOM FEDDERS & just about ANY BAIT YOU SET- a Catfish will “Go For” hahahaha (catfish settle for anything) Bass fish Wait!

1) Buying stuff for you or the idea of supporting you 2) Being very protective 3) Just wanting to always be around you or talking to you alot 4) Lighting up when we see you again 5)Putting up with some things I usually would not

I heard that scorpios don’t take relationships lightly, so the fact that they’re in a relationship with you means that they really love and trust you.

Guys (Girls feel free): Do you wear nail polish? There is (I know wrong gram.) actually straight guys who do it (duh).But I wonder if I can find them here on P&S..So answering the question, yes or no?
I’m a girl & no.But I used to know a straight guy who painted his nails black.It wasn’t “emo” looking, but he reminded me of the guy from Linkin Park.Haha,

Yes. It’s a way to express yourself just as hair and clothes. I definitely love Sally Hansen’s Insta -Dri Nail Polish. I pretty much have half of the colors.

Yeah I do wear nail polish. Well, I’m bi but I like chicks WAY more than guys so technically you can say I’m Straight..

I use to all the time..But since I’m in the food service the health dept won’t let females wear nail polish while working in the kitchen because it might chip off into peoples food..But yes i do sometimes

If you a goth, or you are Martin Gore of Depeche Mode or a fan of his, or some “death metal” rocker than you may have black nail polish.I believe a guy may ware a see-through nail polish for practical reasons (protection)

I’m a girl, and i do wear it SOMETIMES.but not always, because in our school, they don’t allow nail polish, which is frustrating -.-

I’m a girl and yes I do. When my sister and I were little we would paint my brother’s nails and my dad’s nails. My dad use to let us paint his toe nails when we were really little.


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