I Got A Sure Thing (Jones)

Kristal Jones Choreo to Miguel’s “Sure Thing”

Dedicated to Dancing Grounds 1 Yr Anniversary! 3.20.13 dancingrounds.org.

See and download I Got A Sure Thing (Jones) music score

2011 MTV VMA’s Black Carpet: Interview with Miguel “Sure Thing”

2011 MTV VMA’s Black Carpet: Interview with Miguel “Sure Thing”

Should I start Chris Ivory or Dwayne Bowe This week? Chris Ivory had a big week last week and is playing the not so great Browns this week. Dwayne Bowe had a big week last week as well and is also playing a not so great team in the Jaguars. Who is more of a sure thing and who has more potential?

See and download I Got A Sure Thing (Jones) music score

Ivory carried the ball 15 times for 158 yards, an impressive 10-plus yards per carry. Although Ivory did not find the end zone, you should still put him in your lineup. be sure to do so this week as he and the Saints take on the Browns.Chris Ivory – at least until Pierre is back fully. Ivory is adding the crucial run element for the Saints, and look for him to rack up 60+ yards a game, and a touchdown at least every other game. Woodhead is more of a utility player, and is used in the passing game more. He might get you a touchdown every once in a while, but its no where near consistent, nor is it controlled on his parts. Ivory will split minimal carries, but he will definitely be the primary back. Not to mention, Ivory is on a very creative offense. I say roll with Ivory until Pierre is back, and enjoy the points

I would say Ivory is more of a sure bet, because while Bowe can obviously catch a ball, it still requires Matt Cassel throwing it to him. Plus, after last week’s performance he may see tighter coverage. KC also has such a great run game that if they get ahead they can grind it out.Ivory, however, is the #1 back in NO right now, and while they pass as much or more than run, you still have to run the ball, and who else would they give it to? Julius Jones I don’t think will steal too many touches yet, maybe 5, or 10 tops, and Ladell Betts will be lucky to see the field except in short yardage or blocking situations.

What does a security officer usually do on his shift? I just got hired as security (unarmed). I am going to have on the job training for 4 days. I personally feel its kind of excessive because all we really do is observe and report right? I imagine we just walk around, check for unlocked doors and intruders, and make a hourly call in for safety reasons. Anything else that I am missing?
Depends on your post. Some post want you to sit behind a desk and watch cameras all day long other post want you to walk all day some post want you to deal with every person that enters the buliding.You will find out when ever the post you go to is.About how long the training is get ready because you spend a lot of time training because we live in a sue happy time and they want you as trained as the can get you. You also might be getting more training then just the regular this is how you do your job training. They might train you in First Aid or in AED or CPR all those are really good to get and I would say if they don’t train you in that you should get the training on your own

I have no idea of what duties you will be assigned. Your assumption that every unarmed guard in the world has the same duties is incredibly stupid.

Your General Post Orders and Site Specific Post Orders will give you detailed information on what the Client expects you to do during your shift.Otherwise, ask your Field or On-Site Supervisor.Since every post is different, I can give you only that general information.In your log goes (briefly) Who, What, When, Where, How and (if possible) Why. Make sure all those things are included.If you must call in a report, get the name (and badge if applicable) of who you reported to at what time. The same goes for face-to-face report. ‘I called Dispatch and reported the incident to Sergeant Paul Jones Sh #285 at 2117 hours.’Note Site, Day, Shift, your Name, Partner’s name (if you have one), Weather.Get correct spellings of names and contact information. Print clearly, do not hand write. Your Log and Reports may well be used in Court and might mean the difference in someone going free or to jail.Never speculate or suppose. You may only write down facts, whether you saw and/or heard them or it was reported by someone (name and contact information) else.Become familiar with the people on your post, but never contact anyone about site information except your Supervisor unless specifically instructed to do so.RULE ONE: Anything you are not sure of, ask and follow orders. Do not take initiative until you have years of training and experience. You have a Supervisor, follow orders. Anything goes wrong, you followed orders.Stay Awake. Stay on Post until relieved. Do not use Cell Phone, Ipod, MP3 or whatever. You are there to work.Remember, you can’t see all the cameras, and some are pointed at you.Once again, because it is the downfall of so many of us, when unsure, ASK and FOLLOW ORDERS.

Why isn’t baseball treating dopers the same way track and field is treating Marion Jones? She’s had all medals and records taken away from her since her positive drug test in 2000 and now they’re even trying to take away her prize money. Why in the world isn’t baseball considering doing the same thing to guys like Bonds, McGuire, Palmeiro, etc.? Why does Marion Jones get held accountable for cheating while baseball players don’t? Sure it’ll be bad for the sport but doesn’t it deserve to be punished for deliberately not testing for steroids for 14 years?
because marion jones was put on trial in front of a federal court which is a federal offense. she was part of the Olympics and that commitie is international unlike MLB

because baseball is a succesful sport that generates BILLIONS of dollars every year and those no good cheats that do take steriods/HGH are big draw guys. nobody cares about track & field or any other of those olympic sports because all you ever hear about those sports are that someone got busted for cheating

baseball has its own little world ,there s the players union and the owners remember to they have all the tv rights ,so they have billions of dollars to help there star players who i dont blame.i blame the comish bud selig when he needed big mac and sosa to have that homerun race.i bet he knew what was going on ,and prob even told them so it would help baseball back on its feet

Reason 1: Doping was illegal in world competition which is governed by it’s own entity. It was legal at the times in question for the mentioned players other than Palmeiro.Reason 2: They (the Olympic Commitee) have thier own rules which allow them to pull medals and records upon conviction. They run under a different set of rules.Reason 3: None of the aformentioned players have EVER had a positive test (except Bonds MAYBE and we will see about that during the indictment) So you can’t pull records and stats w/o evidence.Reason 4: Baseball is a self governed entity and can chose it’s own path of punishment be it that different from Olympic decree. To compare the 2 is apples and oranges. To expect the same punishment w/o similar proof is ignorant.Final thoughts: You are ASSUMING these players cheated w/o any evidence. Maybe you’re using #’s to back this up and I am not saying I agree or disagree w/ you. I think Mark cheated, I think Bonds cheated, I am on the fence w/ Sosa and lean towards him being legit, Palmerio is interesting here since he is the ONLY one to test positive (Bonds indictment withstanding) and he is the only one you could go after, but you always go after the big dog first and then threaten the lessor of the gang so that they fold. It’s strategy here on the legal front. Having a minor in law I can tell you that this isn’t what it seems to be. they are going to play public sentiment into their case and push hard for a total overhaul of the system by bringing down the biggest name. Once they do that the little guys like Palmeiro will get scared and start coughing up more names. Its the same as a drug bust. You get the supplier and then you go after the bigger fish, or you can also work it backwards and nail all the middle men to rat out the bigger fish. They are going after bigger fish either way. Don’t take anything as concrete right now. We are only in stage ONE of a 5 stage plan that is going to rock the baseball world. Hopefully it will have some good too. other than just putting people behind bars.All in all it’s too early to talk like you are. we are in the bottom of the 1st inning and you want to declare a winner. We have a LOOOONNNNNGGGG ways to go.EDIT: Steve is WRONG on one point. The intials of BB. They have DNA tests that are 99/9% accurate now. There is no way they would confuse it w/ another player. To say that is just ignorant.

i think the punishments are very similar. in track and field you have a sport thats 90% training and 10% competing, baseball is the exact opposite. When baseball players get suspended they lose their game pay, just like Jones would have to give back money. You can’t take future winnings away from her considering she’ll probably never compete again and you can’t take current winnings away like they do in baseball because she doesn’t have a contract that determines her pay on a daily basis. Remember also Marion Jones gave her medals back before anybody asked for them.

Cause there were no tests back then and it wasn’t against the rules in baseball until the government came into play. Second you can’t go back in time and say well this person did it and this person did that and so on. At the time McGuire used Andro because he had Plantar Fascitis and it wasn’t a banned substance then. Marion Jones has pleaded guilty to whatever the case was against her. Bonds is holding his own and more then likely will never be found guilty of perjury and all the other charges that the federal prosecutor has against him. It took 4 years for the indictment and two juries and a suspect supposed drug test that had initials on it. Hmmmmm I’m sure there are plenty of people with the initials BB. Doesn’t really matter what track and field does it’s smaller then baseball doesn’t have enough money that baseball has and no one really cares about track or Marion Jones. Marion Jones has nothing to do with Barry Bonds or baseball for that matter.

also sports like baseball and football in the US have very strong supportive players associations that help fight and give the players rights. marion jones doesnt have that, what she had was an international counsel that took her to court and had her stripped of these medals and records. she should of known better, then again maybe she wouldnt have the records w/o having cheated.

Marion Jones’ career was over anyway. They can’t prove that the baseball players were taking steroids because they lied or refused to answer the question. Marion Jones admitted it and implicated herself. She received extra money for breaking world records by taking an undectable substance. Those records were taken away because she cheated and other people who should have been awarded that money should receive it.

It should be. There should be 2 you-do-this-you’re-banned rules. Betting and PEDs. But the Players’ Union won’t let that happen. No millionaire should be held to a higher standard, I guess is their reasoning. Selig could have pushed for it but, of course, a ‘yes’ man doesn’t push. It should be such a rule if for no other reason than that kids do what their heroes do and these guys SHOULD be held to a higher standard. Do you realize that A-Rod (not a knock against him — against the owners if anyone) gets paid more than any entire staff of any high school in the world? The entire staff!


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